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  1. Leading technology

    Good intro, enjoyed that 10s, but then sadly appeared mage pov and had to turn off video
  2. Need few tips about class change from SwS

    Sorc for aoe, SH for solo. I would go for Sorc at ur place, coz there is few Sorcs and it has top Aoe burst
  3. Need few tips about class change from SwS

    this. if destro is "cute" for u and u have pp+se u dont need anything else to conquer any farming spot, also toi for solo and for group aoe
  4. Is Spoiler worth?

    somebody asked 2 days ago same thing... just read this. In short u can make it, but u will have hardest times ever.
  5. After such a long wait

    /drunk_mode on yup this is what i waited for Modoyski i wanted roll myself to PW, but i knew u gonna roll it, so i knew i have no chance for success, so im fine cu out there.
  6. Oly points - marks

    ask Olympiad Manager
  7. Gladiator set up

    nothing special. Just randomly google or yt gladiator. Most newbie class out there. Just trigger ur buffs/resistances and spam skills and dont worry about nothing
  8. About the account management system

    1. U can only move char from one account to new one for 10 eu ballance on any of ur accounts, u just write ticket to use it. 2. U can use services only for euro on account balance, u can use COLs only for premium account ingame.
  9. Violent Wind Shurikens

    another mage pov?
  10. Event

    lol i though u re gm not me lolol
  11. Event

    Triggered. Events are here, so what else?
  12. Event

    Do u read mine? I said: all events before were about farming mobs and rewards were more or less good. This is one time different, but still its ur choice if u do it or dont. Nobody force u to go and open chests as rabbit, so every reward u get is up to u. Bcoz u re having fun u cant come and say rewards are crap. U dont have fun? Dont do it.