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  1. Leading technology

    at the end what he really wants to say with this video is perkunas were never in ally with china
  2. 3 sided server <3

    what about ally with perks and NF and we all change prime to asian prime? and change clan names to perkunasyong and NonFactorsung? and all our nicknames to notCHNValeera, notCHNSjeks ? new plan
  3. Chain strike

    TKs and pallys will still be fine with 70% or 80% if it is how it should work, and its not all they have. People always make this 2 classes look worst then what they truly are, not every char can be a skirmish CC beast or a olympiad master, some chars are built for other proposes.
  4. Server politics

    what about SM and chinos? they look suspicious to me, they play at times no one else does, i think they 69 to farm tablets. jerry and ikikikikikikiki big love?
  5. Server politics

    NF and chinos was never ally neither, just to leave it here straight to clear all doubts about it
  6. Server politics

    if our farts ally they would be the first ally on this server history.
  7. Server politics

    i can't believe how good my fart smells. wish everyone of you could smell it. i just farted and was astonished and i think this poll is rigged.
  8. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    plan failed this time, we die few times no good CRP.
  9. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    and he complains again while complaining about people complaining that he complains, this kumichi
  10. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    at the end its all that matters, look at NF we are all retards, but we all retards together and we enjoy doing retard stuff together! except kumichi, kumichi is just a normal idiot always complaining about something. And cipka is also 'special'
  11. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    I agree war to everyone would make nf stronger also and make game more interesting but is not so izi. Lot of love for jerry from some of our guys and some FEW more people on sm is stopping this from happening for a long time. about NF we have our forum trash talks and all is a mess but at least we try to make some sh1t rumble in late eu time/america time and go make some fights with perks and try messing up some farms, while other full allies sit and watch and comment from the back. i say if NF get some a bit more daily activity we going to have a lot of fun with perkunas and lot of fights since no one else really bothers to try to create anything like this and enjoy more farming with full parties on sv/fp.
  12. 04-18 baium

    my plan was to farm CRP with die on baium aoe and ress, with rate of 30 crp per 20 seconds i say it was successful. Gotta learn that clan accuracy and clan evasion now
  13. NonFactors

    This topic was not approved by the ministry of leaders in the NF country. ProGressive went rogue. CODE BLUE CODE BLUE we have a rogue Barry over here
  14. Magic tablets

    i buy all for 36kk
  15. 04-02/03 baium

    When baium sleeps again on rock the hp goes full so when perkunas started it baium was full hp. This just shows again that when you have organization and the right group of people you can do well even without 100 people around as sometimes more people brings more mess then it helps. To perkunas good job, i didnt see how it went but since it finished in like 1 hour and half i assume you did well. I have only one request if you guys can stream it next time because i enjoy seeing and studying and analyzing this type of fights. Of course if there is something you dont want to show as some idea or new system you guys found to do it its understandable. From me all respect for yesterday baium. Good organization and a small group of people can make wonders if its the right people as i have been saying for some time and as shown many times before. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for SM, i feel sorry for jerry having to lead all of that, i extend my super patience and empathy to him to keep it going. Failing doesnt always mean you are bad, the only thing it shows is that you try and you can never blame someone for trying.