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  1. Valeera

    FightClub CP opening recruitment !!!!

    please no the hero shout request spam is already enough to flood my pms pm cipka, he likes to talk to people and he is a very charismatic guy #nfisfull #freebump #pmcipka
  2. Valeera

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    i think you miss understand what i wrote i say i am not the one responsible for the zerg part as i am one of anti zerg squad that means i dont defend the zerg option. and then i said that there are not many people left in this anti zerg squad so we end up with all this bunch of people on ally because the people against this decision is not enough to make it go other way. i praise efficiency over 400 potatoes running around like mad bugs in siege ground, sadly only few think same way.
  3. Valeera

    SM recruiting pm Valeera

    dont even get me started on how bad this siege was, if the outcome would be equivalent to the job most of us made we would end up with no castle, we would get all clan halls removed, clans disbanded and some chars deleted because this was by far one of the worst sieges i was ever in. you guys did a good job we sucked big time Outcome was good but the job was horrible about the recruiting part you get it all wrong, i am one of the anti zerg squad but we not many left on this squad Also we cant ally with chinos yet, we need to let perkunas do it first to see how it works since perkunas were never in ally with chinos
  4. Valeera

    Dead Paladin

    what the hell you talk about? paladin is a beast! you just dont have a extra CC like sk or da but except from that, its a really strong char and its love! only thing you can complain about pally is it being very gear dependent. Apart from that, you can solo almost anywhere with basic buffs if its a place monster dont 3 shot you due to free heal, you have a mass root that works wonders on cluster fuck locations like toi or loa, you have a high land rate disable with shield stun, you have a pull like other tanks have and you heal sh1t for free every 3 seconds. it also requires a bit more thinking and fingers and planning ahead comparing to da or sk, overall is a bit harder char to be impact full with, but its by far not a bad char. starting to feel i will have to resurrect Amaterasu.
  5. Valeera

    POV BladeDancer?

    We can clearly see from this video that perkunas and chinos were never in a alliance, myth busted. Good to see someone else using the fishing scrolls i consume those like candy on mass pvp, but so hard to get them in good number now with all the trash scrolls from box.
  6. Valeera

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    That sums up with 100% accuracy how i sound trying to say most of chinos names. it also goes sometimes as wiglywiglyyong and bilibilibilibili.
  7. Valeera

    Leading technology

    at the end what he really wants to say with this video is perkunas were never in ally with china
  8. Valeera

    3 sided server <3

    what about ally with perks and NF and we all change prime to asian prime? and change clan names to perkunasyong and NonFactorsung? and all our nicknames to notCHNValeera, notCHNSjeks ? new plan
  9. Valeera

    [FIXED]Chain strike

    TKs and pallys will still be fine with 70% or 80% if it is how it should work, and its not all they have. People always make this 2 classes look worst then what they truly are, not every char can be a skirmish CC beast or a olympiad master, some chars are built for other proposes.
  10. Valeera

    Server politics

    what about SM and chinos? they look suspicious to me, they play at times no one else does, i think they 69 to farm tablets. jerry and ikikikikikikiki big love?
  11. Valeera

    Server politics

    NF and chinos was never ally neither, just to leave it here straight to clear all doubts about it
  12. Valeera

    Server politics

    if our farts ally they would be the first ally on this server history.
  13. Valeera

    Server politics

    i can't believe how good my fart smells. wish everyone of you could smell it. i just farted and was astonished and i think this poll is rigged.
  14. Valeera

    "My plan was to farm CRP"

    plan failed this time, we die few times no good CRP.
  15. Valeera

    "My plan was to farm CRP"

    and he complains again while complaining about people complaining that he complains, this kumichi