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  1. 2.0 update patch notes

    Chose my entire class based off of knowing Id get seraphim buffs. Spent thousands of hours leveling up the appropriate buffers best suited for a es with seraphim buffs. Patch drops. Removed Seraphim buffs. WIT nerfs on top of that. Now have to relevel the appropriate buffers to accommodate for these changes in order to continue playing. Or spend 60 euros to reroll main + buffer(s). Also warlock is in the gutter now. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? lmao.
  2. 2.0 update patch notes

    lmao clown fiesta. just remove custom skills and give summoner classes a free/discounted class change. problem solved, everyone happy.
  3. 2.0 Great contest participation thread

    It did. Which one didnt it match? Wallpaper have to contain logo. ✓ Wallpaper should match 1 of the following sizes: 1024x576 px / 1280x720 px / 1366x768 px / 1600x900 px / 1920x1080 px ✓ used 1024x576 resolution Wallpaper shouldn't contain chat/skill bars and other game windows (You can use Alt+H to turn it off/on) ✓ A skill icon is not a game window or chat bar. Alt H hides the UI for the client, you should of been more specific in your criteria. Screenshot can be edited in any graphic redactor ✓ Screenshot have to be made by you, and not taken from the Internet ✓ Also the art one was perfectly fine too. The work has to be made by the participant. ✓ Parodies are still made by the individual aka me. The work should have our server name ( on it ✓ I put the logo in it, do you want me to go edit it and put in How can I do that without a graphic redactor? If so, here is the resubmission: Pictures of the work can not be edited on any graphic redactor. ✓ (This is honestly the vaguest ruling of them all. I cant use a graphic redactor in an ART contest? Really? Does MS paint count as a graphic redactor???) Beast shots are a valid form of celebrating 2.0, so saying they aren't related to the 2.0 means that you guys should of added them in 1.0? The pictures of the icons were taken from in the 2.0 OBT. I admit my submissions were all shitposts, but they were still VALID submissions. If you didn't want shit posts, then you shouldn't of put in participation rewards.
  4. OBT Hope to see you there

    I dont get it? These mobs are blue. This is the equivalent of a hawkeye grouping elphies at talking island and 1 shotting them all with a burst shot. Im so confused. p.s. still no blessed beast spiritshots 4k matk on summon < 4k matk on any mage with access to blessed spiritshots on top of that, you dont get any % increased damage from enchanting a pony, only a weapon. therefore you lose out on even more spiritshot dmg. rip.
  5. OBT - first impression

    The login screen is ugly and will destroy the d grade market.
  6. Share your opinion about CP potions.

    Theyve been in the game for the past 10+ years for a reason
  7. New to server

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay and our dank memes. Have you been introduced to our lord and savior the all mighty phantom cubic? Also, please refrain from making suggestions that would destroy the d-grade market. Thanks.
  8. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    Only problem with open betas is that people rush to find things they can exploit, don't report them, and then as soon as the server goes live, exploit the crap out of it. I'm looking at every gladiator that played on the 1.5 obt lul.
  9. Another new player thread

    u dont even level ur own characters, lul.
  10. Tattoo changes for 2.0

    i found the person whos never played summoner on this server before
  11. 2.0 update patch notes

    You're going to have 500 crit regardless of cat buff. Therefore, Cat buff level 2 only gives 22% crit dmg. You are losing an archer in your party for cat buff. For comparison: Death whisper level 1 gives 30% crit dmg. It seems like you guys think that cat buff gives something insane like 90% crit dmg or something. Its literally lower than dw level 1, and by 8% on top of that. They can stack, so I digress. Lets say you hit someone for 3k. Cat buff will add ~600 dmg. Therefore 3600 dmg per archer. Lets say you have 4 archers in your party. WC / BD / SWS / WL / BP / archer / archer / archer / archer 600 * 4 = 2400 dmg vs 3k. It would be worth it to have another archer. 600 dmg too much for you? go get your pp to level 80 for 30% reduced crit dmg buff. (or wc to 79) Who am I kidding. You guys arent going to auto attack anyone in pvp. You're just gonna spam that 10k dmg broken pr skill. Skill Description Class Counter Critical For 20 minutes, increases the target's P. Def. against Critical by 30%. When the target receives an attack above a certain amount of damage, increases Critical Damage of basic melee attack for 8 seconds. Hierophant Type Active Level 80 Item Scroll: Counter Critical Casting time 4 sec. Reuse time 2 sec.
  12. New hair accessories

    Come over here, lets have a chat. Ill tell you why kat the cat is the best hat.
  13. Summoner help

    What? I am pretty sure there is a skill in God that shares the armor / weapon with the summon. It's like a level 99 skill or something. We don't have that in classic. So it won't transfer epics or hero weapons. Found it Sharing Equipment 1 buff 77 0 5000000 0 - For 30 min., the ability of the equipped item transfers to your servitor. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore.
  14. Summoner help

  15. Tattoo changes for 2.0

    back like a year ago archers were qqing that mages 2 shot them. so they demanded that dyes get nerfed to original l2 status. now archers 1 shot everything and im still waiting for beast shots