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  1. back like a year ago archers were qqing that mages 2 shot them. so they demanded that dyes get nerfed to original l2 status. now archers 1 shot everything and im still waiting for beast shots
  2. can you add a google drive mirror pls?
  3. Will ZRANGER be allowed?
  4. not blessed spirit shots :^)
  5. Nothing 5 euros can't solve!
  6. No one has mailed "FATAMERICAN any gear yet. I thought you guys were leaving? What happened? I mean if you're leaving the server, you obviously don't need it anymore.
  7. Mail gear to "FATAMERICAN p.s. take china with you thanks<3
  8. i prefer tanky so I get more value out of my ZRANGER in game macros which i use to pop my cp pots.
  9. would literally destroy the d grade market
  10. How can you kill them if they instantly force logout with l2adren? ???
  11. China does this all the time. Still no bans. gg
  12. that red crest does look pretty godawful. i know jungle has a bunch of r tards in it, but id gladly tag up with that blue tag over that red tag any day.
  13. The cancer lies within l2classics garbage pk system, which ncsoft fixes in 2.5 or something ridiculously late. NCSOFT knows it was a problem. They thought "wow lets just increase prices of pk scrolls in 2.0". Spoiler alert! It didnt work. Then they decided to add a quest instead. Dunno if it helped. People hate questing in l2, so it probably did.
  14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯