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  1. A lot of people have this ideology that 'infinite mana' is the freest thing in this game. So lets do some math. Math is fun people! Especially for summoners that have nothing better to do with their life except watch the grass grow. Character Stats: Level 69 Elemental Summoner (I know, I've been slacking) Weapon: +9 Demon Staff Pic includes self buffs / unicorn buffs. Farming Location: Blazing Swamp Party Style Orientation: Solo Consumables Used Clarity: 1 spirit ore / 20 minutes Spirit Sharing: 5 spirit ore / 20 minutes Boxer Summon: 8 spirit ore / 2 minutes. (Yes, with clarity, my boxer runs oom in 2 minutes of me nuking) Seraphim Summon: 1 spirit ore / 2 minutes Heal Cubic: 10 spirit ore / 15 minutes. (Lets just say 20 minutes.) Aqua Cubic: 5 spirit ore / 15 minutes. (Lets just say 20 minutes.) BSSC: / nuke Wind Walk Potion / 20 mins Total Spirit Ore / 20mins: 1 + 5 + (8*10) + (1*10) + 10 + 5 = 111 spirit ore / 20 minutes Consumable Prices BSSC: ~105 adena each / nuke Spirit Ore Cost: 480a Healing Potion Cost: 396a / ~50x every 20 minutes Windwalk Potion: 1440a / 20 minutes 1. How many level 35 nukes does it take on average to kill 1 mob at blazing swamp? 8-14 Lets say 10 on average. 2. How much exp does 1 mob give solo / 10% clan buff exp? ~40-75k (including overhits), so lets take an average of 50k 3. On average how much exp do I get in 20 minutes? 3kk exp / 20 minutes 50k exp average from mob 3kk/50k = ~60 mobs killed / 20 minutes averages 10 nukes to kill 1 mob 600 * 105a bssc = 63,000a 4. Lets say an average of ~50 healing pots are used every 20 minutes 50 * 396a = 19,800a Totals Spirit Ore Cost= 53,280a Spiritshot Cost = 63,000a Wind walk potion = 1440a Healing pot cost = 19,800a Grand Total: 137,520 adena / 20 minutes of soloing with "infinite mana" Fun Facts: I make around 30-50k adena / 20 minutes. Glow wisps dont have drops, which make me really suffer. I average ~1% every 20 minutes. It would cost me a grand total of: 13,752,000 adena for 1 level of consumables. I am losing money with this build, unless I get REALLY lucky on drops. I've actually gone broke 3x, and had to sell my alts gear for shots. RIP. I've recently stopped using major heal pots, and switched to greater heal pots to save adena.
  2. Can.... Can you send me your gear?
  3. Please
  4. Put the United States proxy in the united states
  5. Christ
  6. Can I have your gear pls
  7. It's cus we have to work on Fridays, unlike the rest of the world. Isn't USA the best at dota2? I thought we won the international a couple of times. Dunno about CSGO. Korea dominates league. We are pretty good at the smash melee competitive scene. This is an MMO tho, I don't think it should be comparable. Skill != Grinding. Also I'm pretty sure the us proxy is in central or the east coast. Cus I get a 1 second delay on every action. I'm from us west.
  8. conjurer bat lord in blazing swamp isnt agro towards servitors, but agros towards players same bug that doom knights had
  9. gf bot
  10. I am waiting for the 5 euro unban clownfiesta /popcorn gif
  11. Well if he's not gonna get banned. I might as well start using my "g15 macros" and afking blazing swamp for 15 hours. Apparently the GMs don't care anymore I knew this guy was doing some shady shit for a while now, just was too lazy to report him cus the GMs never log Na time to check bots.
  12. @san0 this is what happens when u dont check for bots na time. zzz
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