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  1. gfbot added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    dont worry tho, cus some th will just come backstab you when you are pveing, kill 2 doom knight mobs and clear his karma thanks to the wonderful invention of pk scrolls.
    while you dont even have beast shots to defend yourself.
    better join a party and become a buff bot.
    godbless this 9999x server where you can kill anyone without consequence.
    good ol' lineage II.
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  2. gfbot added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    ​yup san0 did a bandaid fix by increasing their movement speed, but nothing was fixed
    who cares about summoners anymore tho
    san0 fucked the class when he added the party buffers
    now some afk warlock/pony buffer will get hero in 2.0
    literally no point to play anymore
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  3. gfbot added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    ​Yeah and some random dumb shit talked about his th/archer the whole time
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  4. gfbot added a post in a topic: Happy 2017   

    ​yeah i dont think adding an item to the database and adding it to the grocery would be hard at all..
    do an alter table in ur database, add the item, then add the images / sfx to the client if theyre not already there (should be). then add them to the grocery for ncsoft's ridiculous beast shot price.
    honestly doesnt seem that hard since everything is already coded in the 2.0 client. hell u dont even have to put the skills in. we'd be fine with them being in the grocery.
    But i guess if ncsoft's code is as bad as their patchnotes/documentation in game, might be kind of difficult.
    theres really not any excuse for them not being in the game anymore. there hasnt been in 6 months. zzzz
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  5. gfbot added a post in a topic: -INT Abyss Walker   

    I just landed hex on a raidboss with souvenir maracas. 
    I have 10 matk and the raid is level 54. I dont think matk has anything to do with debuffs. 
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  6. gfbot added a post in a topic: Happy 2017   

    Still no beast shots
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  7. gfbot added a post in a topic: hi everybody   

    ​Its honestly pretty easy to find a group level 30-50.
    Have you even logged in this server before?? Or are you just assuming since its a year old, you wont get in any groups? lol
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  8. gfbot added a post in a topic: explanation?   

    Nazi Mods have been deleting my dank posts aswell.
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  9. gfbot added a post in a topic: Any news for 2.0 update?   

    I honestly dont even care about 2.0 on live. I just want a test server open w/ some 2.0 stuff in it.
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  10. gfbot added a post in a topic: Any news for 2.0 update?   

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  11. gfbot added a post in a topic: start NEW classic x5   

    yeah lets make a new 5x classic server with +5 max dyes
    Then we can keep our 3x server with +12 dyes. 
    i like ur idea op, gj. ur a hero. 
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  12. gfbot added a post in a topic: Classic Club preliminary 2.0 patch notes.   

    PVP Balance
    ​Yes, however. Cov/Pow/Pof are nerfed to hell. 
    They will not have the same stats are original l2. 
    NCSOFT decided to change the balance of the game from whoever has a prof wins pvp, to a more balanced approach.
    So they they nerfed profs to hell, and kept in +12 dyes. (Not everyone will have COV in pvp, but everyone can have +12 dyes)
    Not only does this make your gameplay/style dynamic on how you want your character to be, but it also makes it so a person without COV has a chance to keep up with a player who has COV in pvp.
    PVE Balance
    Not only does this affect PVP, but this effects PVE aswell.
    Do you really think that a new player will be able to catch up to veterans without +12 dyes?
    I just made 2 characters from scratch in november, and I'll tell you now. I probably would of stopped playing them if it wasnt for the +12 dye power spike. It makes gameplay not as stale from previous servers i've been on, and I've been playing l2 for years now. +12 DYES ARE FUN!
    Players have been farming with +12 dyes for a year+ now.
    This is going to severely hurt new players a lot more than you think.
    If you are going to take this approach and remove +12 dyes. I would like free dye removal, and free giran store dyes for a month.
    I have multiple characters with +12 dye stats, and it will take millions of adena to switch their dyes.
    God, I can just sense the frustration of someone who farmed 30x +4 stat -4 stat dyes.
    I don't think you guys realize what you are doing with this gameplay change. 
    I think you are rationalizing it by, "Oh well there are (really bad) SAs in the game now! Time to remove +12 dyes!"
    NCSOFT balanced dyes with the WIT nerf and DEX buff. Stop trying to make it something its not.
    I might seriously quit over this change depending how bad my character gets post 2.0 compared to right now. This change is VERY demotivating, I could stand the waiting a year+ for beast shots. But this is getting ridiculous. I might as well play an interlude server. 
    WIT is already taking a significant nerf. Now I cant have +12 dyes.
    You're shitting on my character. Literally. NCSOFT nerfed WIT already. Stop the over-nerfs. 
    Fighters love +12 str dyes.
    Mages love +12 wit dyes,
    I even chose my class based off of the +12 dye system, when I first started playing here.
    Just deal with it. This was one of my initial appeals to playing on the classic server. Something NEW and EXCITING! 
    I really hope everyone reads this whole post. Even if it is a wall of text.
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  13. gfbot added a post in a topic: OOC CP   

    no 4000x4000 resolution.
    no random Russians/Brazilians talking w/ broken english, saying a targets name until i get a headache.
    greatest song ever. it perfectly matches this clown fiesta of a game.
    best l2classic club video so far. gj. 
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  14. gfbot added a post in a topic: Baium farm on 2.0   

    kill speed in solo pve is a lot faster with +12 dyes as a summoner. (every +4 str = 200 patk)
    since we will kill slower, we will use more beast shots (if/when we finally get them), since we cant assist our summon as much anymore.
    beast shots are insanely expensive
    +12 dyes open up a lot of build paths for summoners. I can go +12 dex and use a dagger, +12 str and use bow or duals. +12 con/men and just heal my summon.
    Without +12 dyes, I might as well be playing on an interlude server where beast shots only cost 24a each.
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  15. gfbot added a post in a topic: Baium farm on 2.0   

    have fun doing baium with no +12 dyes
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