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  1. feel free to bot to 74 while you're waiting
  2. +12 str and pl or no balls
  3. 7)afk bot blazing swamp for 6 months
  4. So we can bot without consequences and call people N*****s in game now? San0 pls include this in the patch notes next time.
  5. Not sure if you're a memer or autist. i will pretend ur a memer, if you send me 10 euros. hes been banned twice alrdy.
  6. isnt this guy banned?
  7. Ncsoft finally admits their pk system is awful. Only took them 2 years.
  8. The health pot / QHP clicker is real. As soon as his cp drops to 0 and his health starts depleting he pops a greater hp pot INSTANTLY. He also has it to use a hp potion EXACTLY at 10 seconds (For the pot crit chance). Also he never uses a QHP pot past 3600 HP. Then he turns it off when hes running away. I saw one of them do a zranger "login logout" trick a month ago at blazing swamp. Its a script that allows you to disappear for 1-3 seconds from game, and reappear, by sending a ton of packets to the server. All his boxes instantly login and logouts simultaneously. Asians using illegal software and exploiting doesn't surprise me at all. Im gonna laugh when people start playing daggers in 2.0, and these asians roll out the anti-backstab scripts. Side note: Anyone find it hilarious that this dark elf in DOOM LIGHT isn't getting stunned? Gotta love that l2classic level difference debuff balance. Any other chronicle and hed just be stunned and die. Thx ncsoft.
  9. ya me2, heres my list: beast shots pets - strider balanced dyes balanced stuns blessed beast shots balanced horror maj armor archers not spamming skills catacombs balanced pvp beast shots balanced debuff durations resists (dark/fire/etc) actually working zranger mass surrenders not being chain debuffed/ccd shots of the beast decent exp curve being able to make dagger pve parties siegable clan halls not dying for 4-10% exp And last but not least, beast shots. classic is pretty aids, fk 2.0, wheres that h5 server
  10. No pet quests on classic
  11. warlord

    Welcome to classic! Enjoy your stay.
  12. It took you a year to figure this out after ive been saying it over and over again on the forums since 1.0? No, we need beast shots. Not even retail had to wait this long for 1.5 --> 2.0. Phantom cubic procs every second, a second one isnt needed. Aqua cubic doesn't stack. Wind cubic does literally nothing. Mass cubics are literally useless. I took it off my hotbar. If I can get a SP refund, Id gladly take it. Its a waste of spirit ore. The only realistic scenario I can see this mass cubic bug being good in a party would be a necro party vs archers. And why the fk would you have a phantom summoner in your necro party anyways??? No way in hell would a competent summoner would use a mass cubic spell for 23 spirit ore / 15 minutes just to get an extra cubic proc soloing. Go ahead and take them out. Majority of summoners right now are sitting in parties pretty 1 button every 2 minutes. Very innovative and fun. 10/10 l2 experience. Beast shots should of been added early instead of party summons. I asked san0 if I could pay for a class transfer to warsmith. He said no. I play summoner to use my actual summon, not summon a level 35 nuke. Dunno why people who play archers are in a summoner thread telling us that everythings fine. Thats some real incompetence right there.
  13. A lot of people have this ideology that 'infinite mana' is the freest thing in this game. So lets do some math. Math is fun people! Especially for summoners that have nothing better to do with their life except watch the grass grow. Character Stats: Level 69 Elemental Summoner (I know, I've been slacking) Weapon: +9 Demon Staff Pic includes self buffs / unicorn buffs. Farming Location: Blazing Swamp Party Style Orientation: Solo Consumables Used Clarity: 1 spirit ore / 20 minutes Spirit Sharing: 5 spirit ore / 20 minutes Boxer Summon: 8 spirit ore / 2 minutes. (Yes, with clarity, my boxer runs oom in 2 minutes of me nuking) Seraphim Summon: 1 spirit ore / 2 minutes Heal Cubic: 10 spirit ore / 15 minutes. (Lets just say 20 minutes.) Aqua Cubic: 5 spirit ore / 15 minutes. (Lets just say 20 minutes.) BSSC: / nuke Wind Walk Potion / 20 mins Total Spirit Ore / 20mins: 1 + 5 + (8*10) + (1*10) + 10 + 5 = 111 spirit ore / 20 minutes Consumable Prices BSSC: ~105 adena each / nuke Spirit Ore Cost: 480a Healing Potion Cost: 396a / ~50x every 20 minutes Windwalk Potion: 1440a / 20 minutes 1. How many level 35 nukes does it take on average to kill 1 mob at blazing swamp? 8-14 Lets say 10 on average. 2. How much exp does 1 mob give solo / 10% clan buff exp? ~40-75k (including overhits), so lets take an average of 50k 3. On average how much exp do I get in 20 minutes? 3kk exp / 20 minutes 50k exp average from mob 3kk/50k = ~60 mobs killed / 20 minutes averages 10 nukes to kill 1 mob 600 * 105a bssc = 63,000a 4. Lets say an average of ~50 healing pots are used every 20 minutes 50 * 396a = 19,800a Totals Spirit Ore Cost= 53,280a Spiritshot Cost = 63,000a Wind walk potion = 1440a Healing pot cost = 19,800a Grand Total: 137,520 adena / 20 minutes of soloing with "infinite mana" Fun Facts: I make around 30-50k adena / 20 minutes. Glow wisps dont have drops, which make me really suffer. I average ~1% every 20 minutes. It would cost me a grand total of: 13,752,000 adena for 1 level of consumables. I am losing money with this build, unless I get REALLY lucky on drops. I've actually gone broke 3x, and had to sell my alts gear for shots. RIP. I've recently stopped using major heal pots, and switched to greater heal pots to save adena.