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  1. Rly soil u reported aoe? Cos i remember it was fixed after my report ​I'm not saying this, also I told you again about reuse time, I had no idea it's in description cause I used to play old chronicles. I was talking about aoe that you no needed charges and doing full damage. Now to make full damage you need 2 charges. I got full 7 sonic charges, before my report when I was using my aoe you still had 7 and doing full damage, now you need to "sonic" sonic" 2 times to use full dmg, if you get what i'm saying. Whatever wrong i'm seeing even on my char ofc i'll report, now you can shut it please and stop hating, after crying of 6 months for your fc nobody said something to you (at least me). ​ Rly soil u reported aoe? Cos i remember it was fixed after my report ​http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/10486-sonic-storm-reuse-time/#comment-61875 plz bow down to my feet. I did report on that very 1st time. 8 month server old i joined CP and i could first time drive somebodys gladiator, i found this bug within 10min and in next 10min reported it. Plz, stop. Playing mage, dying under mobs on aoe, while trash gladiator in his heavy armor was shooting mobs from range aoe. 8 month not a single glad reported it, just mage that drive glad. Logic.
  2. reflect makes sense i agree with it. Dots should kill too, but its made like its made
  3. ​The moment they keep 3 different cameras on spot for 1 war pt
  4. ​Actually, not correct. If you got perma banned on one char, you still can start over with a new char. You should understand that it's not hard to change IP/HWID, so we won't know that the permanently banned person is on that new char too. Due to that we can't ban one players, which we know who they are, and not ban others, because they managed to hide their identity. Still, it doesn't mean you can now bot on 1-2-3 chars and stay safe on 4th. Not longer than yesterday all accounts from 2 IPs were banned because of several bots on them (not all were botting at that moment tho) ​Hello Kse, thanks for participating in discussion. I have one question that im not sure about. How many times can player unban himself? And its cost of 5e, right?
  5. u so cool, can i touch u?
  6. I agree about restricting. Only one chance to unbann, rest perma ban. Why i can play 1,5y here w.o cheating and others exploit, bot etc. and play still.
  7. Classic chronicle is based on GOD chronicle, so it has some things alrdy to view but not yet rly implemented.
  8. Pro tip: dont be so trustfull. If its she so been propably on facebook and forget to heal in 1,5year havent hear about such "bug" so u better check ur friend
  9. CoCo u re blind or behind ur school classmates. Its not even gone from "Latest topics" on the right side of forum, yet u re creating topic
  10. ​yup, we realized u re liar long time ago. Says bout quit but got no ballz to do it. Nice class roll u did there, tell us more how u re not donating. ​wtf is this bullsht. U expect to stun land 100% on 5lvl lower chars? Looking at ur nolifing u was expecting it but it didnt happen. Characters immune to stun? lol thats new.
  11. ​go rage quit again oh, wait, u have Soil mentality now, u will say u quit, but wont dont have balls
  12. The forum has alot of bugs.
  13. ​Its not.
  14. Elf horse summoner is op. U just dont worry about anything.
  15. Thanks, nice vid, i enjoyed 11:55 min of it. U simply know how to play archer. Cleef ofc wins award for worst archer on L2classic.club, and it doesnt matter if he play HE or PR.