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  1. Dagger class.

    stop boosting working class.
  2. CH Aden next joke ??

    read again kid, u still dont understand, yet u try to flame me. I will write it simply Fun have adena from whole ally. And to be clear idc of Fun, if they cheat again they can be whole banned. I care u to use brain. I will tell u even more retard: There is screen on forum where San0 said how much fun donated of CoLs. So they have adena from alliance + XXX CoLs = big adena.
  3. Clan Hall teleports

    Floran CH? Thats atleast interesting for Classic Club, dunno what benefits it can have yet. Coz TP to Bee Hive may be not rly usefull
  4. CH Aden next joke ??

    "lol" is ur english, cant understand. the point is that u can QQ, but ppl got this adena. Coz they buy as whole ally not just one clan. And gms will check it itself, bcoz they have already eye on auctions, so u dont have to cry here. I dont think nobody that stupid to again cheat on it. Or u expected u will buy it for 100kk? Other important point is that they can bid alot of money, coz they will have also alot back from castle tax, so they dont lose as much as they bid. I hope u understood with ur english.
  5. A new chapter of our journey begins... now

    see? i told u disease like soil leave and u do way better
  6. Summon phantom cubic

    Thats why we love classic. Its just bad luck. Ppl have spend there even 3 weeks for Death Whisper book. Phantom is same.
  7. Wazaaap

    ofc not if u lead, u expect epics w.o epic chars. but maybe pistolas/warpole do smthing good.
  8. 2 SS instead of 1 SS need fix

    Most of weapons is reworked to the less SS system, but there re may be some missing values. Ur job as a player is to make report and say what weapon and whats the problem. Will be checked and fixed.
  9. Wazaaap

    u stupid or wat? soilrageqqtrash left his alliance right before siege w.o CH, clan privigles, no wonder they didnt participate on the siege. On next sieges their online should be better.
  10. Honor

    If we talk about OE items, the only mistake done was giving away free enchants in events. Since last Valentine Event GMs realized that enchants re bad idea and stopped to give it for free. Good point. About adena, in 2.0 PK scrolls for example will cost 540k if it costed 54k so far. Also ppl will pay serious adena for talismans each olympiad. Anyway i hope GMs will focus on how to reduce amount of adena in 2.0.
  11. Honor

    Soil is cancer, imho he has no comeback here. Once again linking Soil pack and friends advertise our server on their L2J w.o even working recharge skill:
  12. Wazaaap

    Since u dont enter forum, everything is perfect.
  13. lf Clan & Maybe CP

    this is wafer
  14. The Honor Story

    Honor of Soil is here, here he speaks about our server on his new one:

    so thats why u re so fcked up, lol, this looks more like raping sign, and u show that to who...?