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  1. Africa

    Busco clan

    No sé si te habrás pasado ya por el discord, pero en el canal español están reclutando. Pregunta y seguro te hacen un hueco. ¡Mucha suerte!
  2. Africa

    Second class change queation

    I think you can just start SK quests and become one
  3. Africa

    Jugador nuevo

    Bienvenido al servidor! Una de las quests mas importantes para la gente nueva es la de lvl 25 "Moon Knight Quest", que te da un set de armadura de grado D (robe, light o heavy) aqui tienes un video tutorial: La economía está bien en mi opinión. Los precios a veces se vuelven locos cuando hay un evento pero en general es estable. La población, para mis ojos, está mejor que nunca. Ve a visitar Giran Harbor, Aden y Giran Levear solo a un Elven Oracle siempre es una tarea dura, pero si estas dispuesto puedes entrar a parties de RB o montarlas tu mismo si sabes la localización de los mismos. ¡Mucha suerte!
  4. Leveling is done through grinding mobs, quest are almost non existent, except for class change quests and a few others. In game, go to map -> hunting zones. There you can see different locations arranged by level. Just solo your way to lvl 20. do your class change quests and then you can join AoE parties, Raid Boss parties or just join a clan, there are some recruiting newbies! Tips? If you don't know something about the game, like any class skill, the different sets or any other concept, search on , really useful
  5. Africa

    Starting on the server, need some tips

    1. There're different kind of buffers in this game. Melee buffers (buffers that aside from buffing, they hit at melee range): Bladedancer (Dualswords) and Swordsinger (Sword/Blunt/Dagger + Shield) These buffers offer short duration buffs that are highly useful, Bladedancer being more on the offense buffs and Swordsinger being, mostly, defensive buffs, among others. Bladedancer and Swordsingers are also highly needed (SWS a bit more than BD), so generally you'll find parties easily with those. Robe buffers (buffers that actually casts the buffs and wear robe gear): Prophet (Great buffer for fighters, archers), Shillien Elder (excellent buffer for mages and helpful for fighters thanks to Vampiric Rage, which lets you recover HP as you hit, only for melee) and Elven Elder (nice tank buffer/healer, really useful buffs later on, see Clarity for example, which decreases MP costs) You'll find that most of these buffers, except for Elven Elder sometimes, are played as boxes. Note that Shillien Elder and Elven Elder are the only buffers that can recover MP. If you go one of these three, you'll find parties but sometimes they won't need you since they have a boxed one. This specially goes for Prophets, which are the most used box imo. Whateveryouwanttocallit buffers (buffers that can wear any kind of gear, those are the two Orc buffers): Warcryer (have most of the physical buffs with a few defensive and magical buffs) and Overlord (most of the magical and defensive buffs, also is a character used to bring different kind of diseases to the enemy, not only in the game. These buffers can offer a variety of buffs, they don't focus on X kind of buff (just like Shillien Elder is focused on mages). They can even go leveling at melee range. Warcyer is welcomed in almost every party, Overlord is a weird character, may be the least used buffer, it doesn't mean it's useless. In fact it's highly useful on Clan vs Clan, since the cancer they can puke can reach Mars (AoE CC, tons of it) I suggest you go Swordsinger > Bladedancer > Warcyer 2. It's always useful to start as a spoiler. As simple as that, you'll earn more money at the start if you are new here. 3. No subclasses on Classic 2.0 4. A lot of guilds are recruiting newbies, check the forum section or go to discord/in game chat 5. A lot
  6. Africa

    You have been disconnected (Login)

    Dunno If I understood correctly but you can't update to 2.0 through updater, you have to download the new 2.0 client + patch
  7. Doesn't Pirate/Assassin transformation hide armors too?
  8. Africa

    Omg rly?

    It's actually shitty
  9. Africa

    Dagger Mastery trigger

    Yep, it was removed on the last fix Check 2.0 log: "- Fixed (removed) trigger skill from dagger mastery skill."
  10. Africa


    Compensation is confirmed, but I don't know which one it will be
  11. Africa

    Thank you for this wonderful server

    I'd care about likes if they were $$$. Sadly this isn't the case, so no
  12. Just wanted to thank you all guys behind this project. Instead of reproaching all that supposedly went wrong with this update, I want to thank you for fixing all existing bugs and for being communicative with the community. I think you deserve a simple post to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you put into this project. <3
  13. Basicly what title says, checked with different items, no way
  14. Africa

    Daily Fisher

    Bump, still bugged (fishing for 1 hour and still not completed)