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  2. Welcome to the club
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  4. Forget about summoners until 2.0
  5. I'd watch it but I hate dwarves GL anyway
  6. Me encanta cuando San0 usa el traductor
  7. Sí que los hay: Adventurer title for PA duration time (30 days)Teleports price decreased 2 times for PA duration time (30 days) + 1 more account for PA duration time (30 days) Wind Walk scrolls x20 Hair accessory coupon for PA duration time (30 days)
  8. Edit: I read warlord instead of warlock, nevermind
  9. Just what H3R3G3 said, this is almost as needed as beast ss
  10. Beast ss soon please
  11. I think it's because the summons have a very short atk range. Back in H5 the summons would attack the target even if it keeps running around, but you would notice the higher atk range, which is needed because like MoDoy said, the summon is unable to run to the same place where the target is and attack. I don't know how it is on official server, but they surely needs to take a look at it.
  12. The summoner class has not been fixed yet
  13. ​Whats is the best summoner? and what is the best support for him? ​All summoners lacks dmg now so we have to wait for 2.0. In terms of 1 vs 1 I consider PS>WL>ES. For group utility WL/ES>PS. Best support for a summoner is PP imo. A cool combination would be PP+BD. WC is fine too anyway.
  14. Don't listen to others, go summoner