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  1. Pues sinceramente te aconsejo un Bishop, más que nada porque mucha gente lleva a un PP de box. Ambos necesitan a gente para ir subiendo de nivel. Los bishops son más activos que los PP ya que tienen que estar atentos en todo momento a las barras de vida de los aliados. Lo cierto es que se demandan los dos, pero en mi opinion es mas divertido y más demandado un Bishop en PvP. En PvE quizá lo sea más el PP, aún teniendo a gente que se lo hace de box. Lo de los clanes es mejor que lo pidas in game o que envies mensajes a los líderes de clanes españoles en el foro Saludos
  2. Use mail system
  3. You can level solo or in party, it doesn't matter at lvl 20. Dion Hills is ideal for your lvl (Dion Grizzly, Hobgoblin, etc.) To upgrade your weapon, first try to search on Giran Harbor for a cheaper price; if you are on a hurry, then go to Giran Town and buy it from NPC.
  4. I hate you
  5. 1. 1 year+ 2. 2k+ was the last known number (will be higher when 2.0 arrives) 3. 1.5 4. 2.0 will be coming if not this month, then June (see Test server progress list) 5. 6. Premium only, but you can dual box if you have 2 PC's 7. You can see every class running around. Only a few summoners/destroyers 8. Summoners are ok, a little bit behind until 2.0 arrives 9. I'll let others answer this question 10. P2W? Maybe on lower levels. I don't really feel an impact 11. I advice you to join discord for more questions
  6. just add ss
  7. You can always play the market game Not fun but effective
  8. Reroll to summoner
  9. Agree
  10. Agree
  11. 2. Players may: 2.4 Give access to their account to other players. BUT by giving your account to anyone, you take on responsibility for everything that may happen to it (scam, ban, password change etc). So yeah, you can share your account but just take care about scams
  12. Thank you San0san
  13. Tried from several browsers but no luck