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  1. You have been disconnected (Login)

    Dunno If I understood correctly but you can't update to 2.0 through updater, you have to download the new 2.0 client + patch
  2. Doesn't Pirate/Assassin transformation hide armors too?
  3. Omg rly?

    It's actually shitty
  4. Dagger Mastery trigger

    Yep, it was removed on the last fix Check 2.0 log: "- Fixed (removed) trigger skill from dagger mastery skill."
  5. Compensation?

    Compensation is confirmed, but I don't know which one it will be
  6. Thank you for this wonderful server

    I'd care about likes if they were $$$. Sadly this isn't the case, so no
  7. Just wanted to thank you all guys behind this project. Instead of reproaching all that supposedly went wrong with this update, I want to thank you for fixing all existing bugs and for being communicative with the community. I think you deserve a simple post to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you put into this project. <3
  8. Basicly what title says, checked with different items, no way
  9. Daily Fisher

    Bump, still bugged (fishing for 1 hour and still not completed)
  10. 2.0 update patch notes

    I have thought it twice +1 for deleting these pets and give summoners a discounted price to change class (like 10 euro).
  11. The cancerous community

    Just because a few people shout **** doesn't mean the community is cancerous
  12. 2.0 update patch notes

    Fair enough, good job!
  13. Ayuda mi pc podra correr otra vez classic?

    No sé si podrás, yo diría que si. De todas formas, cuando lo tengas todo montado lo descargas y lo pruebas, no pierdes nada. Pero vamos, que yo he tirado el Lineage 2 con un ordenador de la prehistoria, así que no creo que tengas problema.
  14. 2nd Anniversary

    Yep, 2.0 on 24th "2.0 anniversary", nice pun