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  1. Agree
  2. Agree
  3. 2. Players may: 2.4 Give access to their account to other players. BUT by giving your account to anyone, you take on responsibility for everything that may happen to it (scam, ban, password change etc). So yeah, you can share your account but just take care about scams
  4. Thank you San0san
  5. Tried from several browsers but no luck
  6. La población está mejor que nunca. Bienvenido. De nuevo
  7. Secret information about 2.0 only on discord. Join us
  8. La verdad es que si decargaste el cliente de 0, instalaste el parche, iniciaste el launcher y aun asi no te funciona, te aconsejo postear el problema en la sección de "I need help" o enviar un ticket al soporte
  9. Reply or Forum PM
  10. Welcome to the club
  11. Reply or forum PM
  12. Forget about summoners until 2.0
  13. I'd watch it but I hate dwarves GL anyway
  14. Me encanta cuando San0 usa el traductor
  15. Sí que los hay: Adventurer title for PA duration time (30 days)Teleports price decreased 2 times for PA duration time (30 days) + 1 more account for PA duration time (30 days) Wind Walk scrolls x20 Hair accessory coupon for PA duration time (30 days)