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    Hi guys! o7 With great pleasure, I cordially invite you all to join me on my Twitch channel: (✿´‿`) https://www.twitch.tv/malawilczka/ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I've been playing lineage for well over 14 years - the one MMO that has made me most addicted! ;-) I appropriate L2 for many different aspects, but the one that I find most important is the community! On this journey you will find friends to share the joy and struggles of the game, yet the day you gain real enemies is when your endeavor will become truly meaningful ლ(´ڡ`ლ). I stream in two primes - NA and EU - you can always find the exact schedule in the information tab on my Twitch. I try to keep a balance between showing pvp (pt vs pt, castle sieges, fights for epic bosses), and showing everyday struggles with the world in various locations (both low lvl and end-game). I'm a complete rookie on Twitch, I started this adventure just a few weeks ago. I will continue discovering my own style, and with your support, I'm sure we will be able to create amazing content! ◔ ⌣ ◔ Polls and interact with viewers using various widgets help me stay in touch with the audience. Sometimes I can try conversations or contests. However, it's not always easy to stream without delay, especially when it comes to ally activities or dynamic pvp. Regardless of where this journey takes me, you are always welcome to join! <3 (✿´‿`) https://www.twitch.tv/malawilczka/ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
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    You love playing Lineage 2 on L2classic.club? You like to stream and get profit out of it? Then this campaign is for you! Participate in remastered Streamers campaign, stream, bring new players and earn rewards! How does campaign work: Create a topic about your stream in Stream section on the forum Add this link to your Twitch* or any other streaming platform channel, so your viewers can join our server by your link Bump your stream topic on the forum every time your stream goes live Make interesting streams Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks How to apply: Create the topic with your stream channel promotion on "Streamers club" forum. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your topic. What can you get for the streaming: Streamers gets a reward - Streamer Coin (SC) It can not be exchanged, sold or dropped. At this moment there are 2 ways of obtaining Streamer Coins: For every 5** hours of stream you will get 1 Streamer Coin*** For good stream activity and interesting streams**** Rewards are being sent to your character after statistics are being revealed as a reply to this thread every 10 days. What can you buy with Streamer Coin: PA, suits from events, hats, which are not presented in common shop, agathions, not presented in common shop, buff scrolls and other. Streamers Shop can be found in Giran Harbor And that's not it! We have prepared a new perks for our streamers! From now on our streamer's channel can be put to our website main page! Get more visibility! If you want your stream to show up on our main page, please, contact us with a link to your stream post. Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow to be added to the main page: Forbidden: Stream other servers/games while on main page. If you want to stream something other than our server, contact us via Live chat and we will remove your stream from the site. Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for streaming other games while on main page - permanent removal from the site. Punishment for streaming other Lineage 2 servers while on main page - permanent ban. Punishment for other violations - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. Note: At this moment only Twitch streams can be added to the main page. We are currently working on adding YouTube streams there as well. For now streams will be showing on a page only if 2 or more streamers are live. As soon as possible it will be changed to one. Few Rules, which are obligatory to follow for all streamers: Forbidden: Bump your topic in the Streams section if you are streaming other game/server Break any server/game rules Punishment for such violations - according to server rules + withdrawal from the campaign and removal of all Streamer Coins. AAAAAND... there is more! Every month we will be sharing several items to be given away to the viewers between our streamers. Giveaway items are: 30x Hair accessory ticket (30 days) 5x Hair Accessory 3x 1 month PA 7x 1 week PA 1x Agathion If there is an active event - 50x Event rewards Once every 2 months - 1x Cloak First items set will be shared between streamers on March,1 If the streamer participating after, he has to wait for the next items share. How will it work: Streamer is getting a list of his portion of items for giveaways Streamer is making draft/giveaway on his stream After stream is over, providing us nicknames of winners and a date of his stream with giveaway and draw timestamps (via PM to Kse on the forum) Please, remember! Stream has to be saved, so we can watch it! Draw/giveaway winners receiving their rewards Important! Streamer can not keep any of those items for himself or his boxes! If such will be found out, streamer will be removed from streamers campaign immediately. There is no more separated referral program for streamers. Now there is one for all referral program, so don't forget about it! *Your Twitch account may be blocked by Innova reports. So by choosing this platform to stream, you are taking all risks with your account on yourself. ** 5 hours of active stream. AFK/fishing/private shop streams are not being counted *** We will not be able to reward you if you don't save videos of your streams for at least 2 weeks. Streams, having on it other games besides our server won't be counted. Please, restart the stream to play other games! **** Rewarding for the streaming activity is at the discretion of the Administration. No claims are being accepted. Best regards, Classic Team
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    Hello all I will stream my activity on server, usually PVE and on weekends some oly matches. Have a good fun and enjoy Twitch YouTube