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    the best is bleras
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    i remember this fight, i threw my mouse in the end cause the cat missed all the skills, too much stress. P.S. I always forget to record, there were a lot more good fights vs mosan, eudora, wanali's horse and llitus (at open arena i love those against bishops)
  3. And no mass summon pet spiritshots/soulshots. Im done
  4. And maybe i'm stupid enough, but i opened the link downloaded and what should i do with it?
  5. user12345

    РУ КП

    Напиши в какой временной зоне
  6. i think you can go with any setup you want
  7. On official with the patch when they turned off cycle macros they added a skill which summons 300 shots. I suggest to do the same here.
  8. its not every time
  9. i don't even have such skill on my warlock and what is wrong with resummon, you can silence, stun or fear the owner and he will not be able to resummon it
  10. New startup: make a bot -> farm with it -> report it -> get profit with totally legal adena and mats
  11. damn i need to close my pornhub before im launching l2