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  1. Wyxzzer


    omg i think is good idea, because now all just log tyrants/ necro kill raid take reward ant log of.
  2. Wyxzzer


    in 4:40 time high lvl chars can kill core?
  3. Wyxzzer

    75 raids 2019 12 02

  4. Wyxzzer

    i can't go to rift

    Hey, i cant go to rift, try like 4 times in each 3-4 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ikZ_UqxF_Y&feature=youtu.be
  5. Wyxzzer

    Deviate vs WuKong Round 2

    need to do eu vs china
  6. Wyxzzer

    Problem with revocery pswd

    Hello, some problem with pasword recovery, when get letteer of confirmation i put him and make new pswd but dont allow save, nothing happens...
  7. Wyxzzer

    Nauji zaidejai

    Puki tai kad skelth botu armija
  8. Wyxzzer

    WTB>SIGEL +13

    WTB>SIGEL +13 Mail here or in game Wyxzzer
  9. Wyxzzer

    zaken update when ? :D

    will be VIPE?
  10. Wyxzzer

    L2classic.club Zaken Update Patch Notes

    its can be get easy undifined stones? or like now is same?
  11. Wyxzzer


  12. Wyxzzer

    L2classic.club Zaken Update Patch Notes

    or there will be more chance to get clothe piece or is be same like now?
  13. Wyxzzer

    L2classic.club Zaken Update Patch Notes

    When be Anthar update?
  14. Wyxzzer


    Idejau i auction bus matyt
  15. Wyxzzer


    zaidzia zaidzia