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  1. 微信不能支付 目前只能使用支付寶支付
  2. 說中文 這裡不怎麼掉線
  3. 我没遇到过这个情况,你可以加入QQ群在新人群里提问
  4. HaOgU

    G4NK // Multipov

    fuck as many your asshole as you want. What a Psychopath. Sorry. I should talk reply it. Done. No more.
  5. Next time please mail - HaOgUspeller tax free.
  6. Don't use so many BUGs and Bugs will find you back
  7. HaOgU

    Gludio Castle Siege

    Good Try and Good fight
  8. All is the same, No matter what u did/ said/ , Different thinking / culture makes this world/ and also dif. players makes this server. Rainbow needs all colors. and server needs all players. Get used to it. And WuKong will be always with this server till ever. Happy new year to all, to server.