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  1. 遊戲中寫信給Haoguspeller
  2. Post more on report department and note the date. Bot is not allowed in this server!!
  3. What's that? report to GM if it's some wrong. please.
  4. I will be happy as well.
  5. I don't know how's the situation when he got summoned, but in video I don't see anything wrong, maybe you should teleport a little bit further.
  6. it's ok for more or less, it's a slowly server ..Im ok with more mobs or less mobs...
  7. 600 mobs only need less than 1 hour
  8. I was there and through 18hours fight...was great fight and memeries...Thanks for coming pvp instead of those keyboard players.
  9. @KollThanks for different angel to observe the siege... Good fight WuKong
  10. HaOgU

    WuKong Family

    We came to this server already over 4 years and we was few ppls here at the beginning, full of enemies, and we fight together/ work together/ , we're growing and getting stronger and larger , I love you guys, and lucky to have you, my friends, my WK, my family...We're keep doing in this way... Best wishes to you all
  11. Ok...Can't sleep well after Oly game :( I'll try..
  12. Easy to see and answer, WK works hard on it and keep doing it.