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  1. HaOgU

    WTB Karmian set +10

    WTB Karmian set +10 or parts
  2. As Title Lv5 Clan only could recuit 40 members..I Suggest GM to Add more Limit of number...Let's Vote it and see If everyone's opinnoins...
  3. HaOgU

    siege 1/12

    Again...True Lover in each PVP...don't push me too tight...leave me some private...Don't make a Star on my head...It hurts...GF tho
  4. HaOgU

    WK VS RF(ACE) 9V9 ABG 11.24

    Always find my true love in PVP, care of me..focus on me...following me...Thanks have you guys...Next time give me some private space...Some distance makes Romantic.Don't be too tight...
  5. HaOgU

    WTB PF helmet +8

    As title. Mail or Pm eggyeee in game...
  6. HaOgU


    Always No1
  7. HaOgU

    Deviate vs WuKong Round 2

    We love this server and enjoying fight for WuKong , happy to have u guys
  8. HaOgU

    Deviate vs WuKong

    Yep yep, keep D/C in half time of the battle, but we never step back..keep fighting for 11 hours
  9. HaOgU

    Baium PvP

    Nice lock on me every wave...GJ I think It was true love...lol...haha
  10. HaOgU

    Couldn't sleep so i made this

    We still hold the Aden Castles... Make harder next time...Good fight anyway...
  11. HaOgU

    Zaken 2.0 Update is Here!

    I heard Zaken is coming soon for over 1 year...when I was lv1...Now lv80 for few months later...finally...can't wait for 1 more sec..