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  1. Good that Nansey bsoe!! (By missclick ofc!!) Bcz you could lose ?
  2. Good siege ? , gained so many good fun on my undercover charakter ? i'm even on vid ? "MOM!!! i'm in TV!!!'
  3. Hah jaki Ty miły .... nie poznaję kolegi ?
  4. Hmmm so who got cheaper price? You or Nansey ? ?
  5. prepare your ass, i gonna play ES! BB HERO ?
  6. Its my last hero month, i wish to next SK hero good luck, enjoy the fight's and be strong bro! ?
  7. Sorry Bro but this is boring AF ...
  8. Please post more that kind of messeges
  9. Last one the best ? "bro you saved my marriage <3"
  10. Plebiedenko - hahahaha goodone Go on guys, go on
  11. WHAT? WHAT? They dont have ? WTF if i'll ever play haŁkrendżer shield+ all time!!!