Update FI - mobs seem to be weak and some have nearly instant respawn loc and timer

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Yo so I am bit confused, with FI as new lock people should be able to solo it with box party in group area and it give more or same XP as GC?
Also, per DB, Pterosaur and patch notes it seems like this should be a hard to kill mob with debuffs. Moreover, it has drop rate of expensive item0s, but it can be solo'ed and has almost instant respawn?

Update: Video of what I mean: 

cc: @San0 @Kse @Koll @Koll.Classic

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Yes, start whining cry ...
and it will be like with the island of zaken .. the monsters have been strengthened.
and as an exp location it is no longer suitable.

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6 hours ago, telikas said:

well devil isle really sucks after strenghtened cause i saw almost NOBODY is farming here

cos lvl of mobs sux there

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