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On 12/12/2021 at 1:35 PM, Sensei said:

Is it finally time for some chars to lvl up their skills as they deserve?
I can list a few, feel free to add what vital skills I forget:

- Hierophant/Shilien Saint don't lvl up Dryad Root/Wind Shackle/Block Shield/Block WW/Word of Fear  - 8/10 yikes , EE doesn't lvl up Sleep + Wind Shackle 6/10 yikes
- Soultaker doesn't lvl up Silence, Fear, Anchor, Curse of Doom - 11/10 yikes
- Archmage doesn't lvl up Slow, Decay, Sleep 8/10 yikes
- Mystic Muse doesn't lvl up Ice dagger, Frost Bolt, Sleep - 8/10 yikes
- Storm Screamer doesn't lvl up Silence, Slow, Sleep - 8/10 yikes
- Titan doesn't lvl up Roar (Fear) - 8/10 yikes
- Daggers don't lvl up Bleed/Throw Dagger/Freezing Strike/Entangle/Hex/Poison - 8/10 yikes
- Cardinal doesn't lvl up Backfire, Sleep - 8/10 yikes
- Doomcryer doesn't lvl up Fear + Freezing Flame - 10/10 yikes
- Dominator doesn't lvl up Fear, Seal of Silence - 10/10 yikes
- Archers don't lvl up Hamstring Shot/Hex/Poison/Freezing Strike/Entangle 7/10 yikes
- Sws has to wait till 84 to get new Sword Symphony, doesn't lvl up Entangle + Arrest - 9/10 yikes
- BD has to wait till 84 to get new Poison Blade Dance, doesn't lvl up Hex + Freezing Strike + Poison + Arrest - 9/10 yikes
- Shilien Templar doesn't lvl up Freezing Strike/Poison/Hex 7/10 yikes
- Eva's Templar doesn't lvl up Arrest, Entangle - 8/10 yikes

- DA lvls up everything, only reliable fear class - 20/10 YIKES!

(No, this isn't only for oly balance)


most of this have already been addressed on the incoming patch.

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18 hours ago, San0 said:

most of this have already been addressed on the incoming patch.

what about bluff and bleed? th still doesnt have bleed, while on offi it was added in antharas patch as i remember.

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