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  1. Wanali

    Zaken 2.0 Update is Here!

    100% agree with Splashit, i am playing here over 2 years and still have fun and like the server👍
  2. Wanali

    Blue Mackerel

    Hello all, what u think give back option change Blue Mackerel for Fish Stew - Guilds Gratitude (10 % XP/SP) As u see no good option fot this type of fish. Gl and Hf
  3. Wanali

    Streamer - Wanali

    EXP EXP EXP - stream UP
  4. Wanali

    cz / sk 1.10.2019

    Par Cechu/Slovaku tu hraje, ale taky doporucuju najit si mezinarodni clan. Pokud vydrzis hrat, tak si vyber stranu ke ktere se pridas. Na serveru jsou (co vim) 2 strany: Cina+Deviate a pak modra alliance. pokud bys mel zajem, muzes za nami dojit na ts. Hrajem ve 2-3 lidech jen tak pro zabavu
  5. Wanali

    Wtb Blue Wolf Heavy +8

    Wtb full set or parts Blue Wolf Heavy +8 mail in game Wanali
  6. Wanali

    Streamer - Wanali

    Devil Island - Power Exp 😮
  7. Wanali

    Belion +15

    OK GM delete this topic pls.