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  1. Also why not Bracelet level 7 ? What i can do with Daily coins, just buy materials?
  2. For me i dont know how to choose winner. Give me some idea and i can give mine
  3. I just wanna say one thing: On all servers where i played was RBs farmers and people dont cry about it. If people wanna contest - they need improve and put more to try kill RB. Why u think Nansey kill SV RBs? He is checking almost 24/7 with his guys. Do the same and u have chance.
  4. Wanali


    Stay ready for my giveaway items. I ll inform u later how u can get them. Gl and Hf
  5. Hello, i ll give some info about my giveaway things later. Stay ready And Thanks.
  6. http://l2help.me/en/recipes Exactly your idea
  7. Wanali


    L I V E https://youtu.be/yIUMTMV0284
  8. Wanali


    L I V E https://youtu.be/KqWA5Ntn-XY
  9. Again and again asking for open new server? And i always said the same answer - take it like this server is official and u entering to server where people playing for years same like on ofi servers. Just take the challange and catch us! Gl and Hf Btw i started played after 1.5 year server start.
  10. PR - Frantje [WK] Spoil - MikaTT [WK]