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  1. Wanali

    Aktivní CZ/SK Clan?

    Pokud mas jeste zajem, napis mi PM nebo mail ve hre na Wanali
  2. why u speaking about Hefaistos? We did good job, i paid 3 matches. We r small group of people and for us was fun and we made it interesting. btw BW hvy +8 is better than mj gl and hf where is list of heroes? Pls do it 👍
  3. Wts BW Breastplate +8 mail or pm "Wanali in game
  4. Wts: Tallum Heavy set (SEALED) Mail or PM Wanali in game
  5. Yes, good that working. On test server not. Or maybe i test it in bad way - who knows. Now is time to buy +8 light set
  6. i have also bad experience - tried test bw +6 and +8 and i dont see diference in damage maybe my bad test but can anybody else test it? thanks
  7. Wanali

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    I dont really understand people who want from events benefit too big ... the event is bonus and u should be all happy that these events are reguarly on this server. if u dont like it how event set up, no gathering it and just play without it. this is classic and run for a long way ... not forget about it.
  8. Also agree with delete reward like 1st class buff scrolls. add piece cloths like one of the best reward, its good that this item have still good price on market, people who farm it on DI or from Hekaton or on epics can make good adena. I am also against the purchasable cloak/agathions and whatever else. if people want good reward - they should farm as much as possible to get really good reward Haloween XP boost was nice but put it in special buff slot to cant lost it. on the end - i like any kind of event, always is bonus for players, GMs are doing it for us, we should be happy for it. thx ?
  9. 100% agree with Splashit, i am playing here over 2 years and still have fun and like the server?
  10. Wanali

    Blue Mackerel

    Hello all, what u think give back option change Blue Mackerel for Fish Stew - Guilds Gratitude (10 % XP/SP) As u see no good option fot this type of fish. Gl and Hf