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    Links to download the 2.0 Client were added to the main message.
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    Just ask whatever you want to know about the game here, community is friendly to newbies. I am sure you will get all the help you need mate. And l2 is king of MMORPG if you have time and balls for it i still havent found any other game that gives as much thrill as l2
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    There are a few basic things you should know. 1) Soloing will be hard on 99% of classes and if you plan on learning the game slowly by yourself its worth it to get a 2nd account for a buffer. there is no questing its a pure grind game and it takes alot of time xping at higher lvls. 2) everyone is your enemy, there is no "safe" zones to xp once you leave town prepare to get pk'd 3) read up on the class you think you want to play, as ppl have mentioned there are 31? classes in l2 4) take some time learning the politics of the server as joining the wrong clan at the wrong time is not fun, ppl have a tendency to remember if you have been an enemy at some point and most will go out of their way to stop you from xping if your an enemy. l2 is an awesome game and can be alot of fun, but it takes time to get to the higher lvls(unless you play a fotm with a full box train) there is no other game(that i know of) out there like l2 the fact that you can kill your friend if he pisses you off is priceless, but it allso promote alot of team play as there is(or use to be) alot of 9v9 and thats when the game really gets fun. only down side is that you have to put in a good amount of time to really enjoy the game, at the current state of the server the fun dosent really start untill high 60 low 70s as thats where the bulk of players are at, there is lower lvl pvp but just not as much. final, the long awaited 2.0 version is going into open beta next week and this should bring back more players so its not a bad time to start.
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    You didn't fit BizQQuiT's cp because of your rude, insolent and double-faced behavior, ppl in biz's cp are friendly, honest, polite and respect each other, and yes, you didn't fit that type
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    There are 32 different classes in lineage 2 just for this reason its obvious not to go blind cause will probably cost you to start over a couple of times and since server is low rate you shouldn't at least try to know and understand the different classes and start from there.
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    You can go "blind" yet you should know lineage has no focus on questline like wow. Also, ingame beginners tutorial is very basic and doesnt tell you anything besides how to move and attack. I mean - no shopping, buff, craft, skill, or leveling tutorials avalible in game. This chronicles.. ehm, l2 Classics were meant for experienced players, mostly. But this is almost what Lineage was at the beginning, so its nothing impossible to understand, really. I think there's plenty l2 Classic tutorials at the web, but my advise is to find a friend, party or clan to ask for advice and play with. Its a much more great and fun experience to see and learn by yourself, than just reading others guides.
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    No idea who are you... but what you say is not true I have been aside from the beginning, never actually was a member of Bizz CP in real... that group of ppl was reserved except of Bizz and the Driver... btw, 2 members there were not able share resources and thats why some arguments were up... PS: Still getting surprised how everybody knows everything about me while I have noone to play with you ppl are really funny...
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    u might not know it by that name, but people usually call it by its alias "nostromo" or "g13"
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    it helps u play the game w/o using hands
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    not even close to dedicate, and if thats not crying then idk what is u literally cried that CHN relogs everything at same time, that all the time they know about u because of cameras, that their PRs are botting BS whole days, how only people i report gets ban how exactly u dont identify this as "CRYING"? invalid arguments come only from paraolympic players like u
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    cdo tenes razón tenes razón, cambiando de tema algun clan argento o latino reclutando pm piriposa
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    Made a poem for you, I am seventy two, Not so far from you, Hope to see you too.
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    You need attention son? i think i gave you enough from my last topic. You could just make a group at facebook viber or smthing and share and laught your retarded memes but its not about that its about putting your tongues as deep as you can in each others butt SO deep that if someone is going to grab that tongue out of there hes gonna be declared as King Arthur.
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    Dream more. Everyone know if i was in low lvls location, i was killing our enemies. U hunt me? U are rly bad hunter. Maybe because i havent lags. You are cz/sk thrash as daemya, drap or blbounek. If u are so awesome, tell me, why u try hide for other nicknames? Tell me, why noone want play with u? If someone will made unfair things in game, i dont let him only rename char and start with clear shield. Its unfair for fairplay players. I will try warning others, friends/neutral or enemies. U made only it, that u start use vulgarism on my person, after i decline u and said u, that i never take solo players to TT. Hate is to much strong word. I just dont like unfair people, its all. Its nothing personal. This attitude i have for all people as u.
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    So they shouldnt announce anything or do anything, they should just shut the server down? Thats your logic. And in what world is it shameful to run a business for a salary? Announcing it now is a good, well timed PR stunt, which helps them to keep their business alive and in return helps the server with activity, if anything you should be happy they kept that 2.0 soon sign all this time, since it attracted more people to the server and kept it alive for so long, you should be happy its announced now, so we have another alternative to playing in cyrillic client consisting of 90% russian players. If they wouldn't have done all these things, this server more than likely would have been dead long time ago. Its must be not only frustrating, but demoralizing for the staff seeing their hard work being under appreciated by the some of the comminuty. Their work is to keep the server afloat, thats what they're getting your $$$$$$$$$ for, its a job, not a hobby.
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    Trance? Why the fuk Nobody speaks about trance removed from EE/SE!!!!! As EE player i cant even play my class with Trance+nuke augment... Hurts me 2 years almost...
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    finally watched the video, really love the aggresive plays on bishop, i would totally hate fighting against u with melee/dagger setup i wonder what would u be capable of doing if they didnt steal mana burn and mana storm from bp, huehue