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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    Still repeating that bullsh1t story. Never said such thing, all I said our prime is still EU and Violence CP start at 23:00. Find your life Rizo, I guess you miss one.
  2. Missed me?

    About all that orfen drama. Just stfu, I didn't feel like picking his boots + some jewelery. Was there just for frags and I found out that was Orfen when I checked video after recording...
  3. Missed me?

    Cheap but still usefull in pvp. 4k hit on destro with good gear
  4. Missed me?

    Thank you very much. Some ppl expect good behaviour, and not giving anything in return except disrespect. Love u 2
  5. Missed me?

    Don't care about your opinion. It means nothing to me. All you can do is suck my balls on next pvp
  6. Missed me?

    No my friend, I stopped being cocky. Even on DEX I stood away of these forum fights etc. Im just enjoying my game now and that's all. Anyway, Thanks and u2
  7. Missed me?

    Well, Dex looked like better option and my all team moved there. But things didn't go well as I expected so yeah. Doesn't matter anyway, I don't play much so Im 10th member of a CP. I will get there one day
  8. Missed me?

    At that moment I had bw +0, now I have bw +3, but yeah I will consider getting fp maybe. Atm lack of Adena, and yes I have sh1t equipment comapred to others but still having fun.
  9. Missed me?

    Since I completely ignore your pms in game, you trying to take my attention here. Many Months passed, and you still repeating same sh1t over and over. When do you realize that you are not funny anymore? 🙄
  10. Missed me?

    A short video of my production after a long break! Enjoy or hate
  11. Server politics

    Yes Modoy... irony strong with this one. Never called myself an Elite old player, but you know better. Anyways, cya in TOI next time...
  12. Server politics

    I could join blue side with new melee Polish cp who offered me slot, but I decided not to because of blue side.
  13. Hero fist skill/hero zerk bug

    One day you penetrate, one day you getting fisted. L2 in a nutshell 🙄
  14. Future

    I didn't whine. Just said my opinion about current situation. You don't like it? Trying to be ironic? It's fine, everyone have right for his opinion. Just try to face the facts about whats going on in this server. Where you fight in every topic who had more boxes and that's why lost. I realized how big idiot I was taking part in ur forum fights. Hope DEX community will not reach that lvl. This is what Towel boy says. GL