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  1. Bugs bounty in OBT

  2. Detailed server information

    cat and pony still exist on 2,0 here? no sense
  3. 2.0 dagger damage

    when i play tyrant, we usually farming abg with 2 tyrant 1 gladia and 1 recharge w/o problem...if u wanna use force burst too was better bring one more recharger
  4. Question..

    Sorry not San0 but KSE
  5. Question..

    yes, the transformation exist from 1.5 too, but here wasnt implemented. I cant find topic anymore, but San0 said he wanted to put them back some time after the launch of the 2.0
  6. Several obt cuts

    Nope, u can use dash when u are on "hide mode"
  7. 2.0 dagger damage

    And add dex increase landing blow and str increase chance x2 crit too, in my opinion dagger on 1,5 lacks of mobility and dmg boost and with 2,0 u will have both (like focus chance/power and shadow step + reset skills) ofc rune/cov too.
  8. 2.0 dagger damage

    They are called game mechanics TH need only better fix, not boost..FIX, dmg wise is all fine, we are on 1,5 chronicle w/o cov/pof/pow, 3rd class skills and rune.
  9. 2.0 dagger damage

    For sure dagger isnt fine here, we have some problem on landing blow ( too high chance) and some problem with DEX stat ( but was already reported and waiting for fix, like rizo said ) On 2.0 the big "boost" is mobility and 3rd class skills, and on 2,5 additional dmg on blow ( around 15% ) dmg on live is fine.
  10. OBT - first impression

    welcome back doom light & +dex dyes?
  11. Class Change

    i know mate, and ticket was made 3 days ago i think @San0 is sleeping after a stressfull evening on beta server
  12. Class Change

    For Admin, what's going on with the class change? It's normal that it takes all this time? On ticket says that this process will be long max 24 hours to have the class changed but i still cant login on my account. I think i failed to switch at the same day as the opening of the OBT P.S. Ticket ID: FDA-343-6903
  13. Share your opinion about CP potions.

    no word with this trash poll everywhere btw..1st option for me!