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  1. Rats on RB

    @vipka how u allow this ?!?!
  2. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    and now we can all be a nice big family and make fun of JF. Over and out, its 420, gotta go.
  3. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    All is well, but will obviously get better when i set sail for lebanon.
  4. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Same applies to number of balls ?
  5. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    @ProGressive Got me covered. Plus a side-note. When biz wanted to make his glorious 3 prime mega ally (perks/anathema/toxic etc etc - es/kiam - chinese ) DL were the zerg cos they were more at EU prime. Now, SM are the zerg cos they bring more ppl at sieges, doesnt matter if its from 3 primes. Decide pls.
  6. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Balu says we never had zerg on america prime / didnt mean to make / dont care about it. Rip says dont whine when u left the strong side. FUCK LOGIC.
  7. After such a long wait

    Archers carried this fight? So cleef > @MoDoy/ @Rizos in the end?
  8. Sieges

    That part of nf has left server even b4 u started stiba
  9. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Sorry ikiki bot and navy too stronk combo. One month was enough
  10. I Make The Rules

    Today i realized that we ll probably end up grouping all the anti-myrciu squad in one clan.
  11. Having a shift, trying to make time pass faster, seeing this masterpiece... Priceless!
  12. Mage DD 75+ LF CP

    lmao, we casual af, idk what to say to new recruits (considering the situation at eu)

    5cm dried or in original state ?
  14. The Ant Queen story

    no, pls dont make trouble for ludovikos, he doesnt even know the politics yet. it was a pure act of kindness, we didnt know each other beforehand.
  15. The Ant Queen story

    y, trying to find a decent weapon to buy him RN.