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  1. its not retail, no. lmao. srsly now, if there was a magic way to make this client look better ofc i m up for it, but it shouldnt be very ez.
  2. @Myrtan look above. thats ur clans attitude when they lose a fight since i remember u guys. same u did b4, u lose a fight and all u do is not try to find what u did wrong but find an excuse. U may say GF, but u ll never stop at that. There will always be something more. Like 2-3 days ago, when we move to loa with 1 pt, ok it was 74-76, while u had 3 pts + 1 of these guys that got balus orfen which i cant seem to remember rn. Ok u got no cams, shit happens, and we kill demoss pt at first bridge. After that 3 pts w8 to be slaughtered, not to mention regroup, u couldnt even relog in time. But ofc whats the reason to try to do something efficient, when u can say "oh we were half afk and u killed us", "oh we were grouping for aq" or w.e. The problem is u dont get any improvement that way.
  3. on elf just barely, but on other races it purely sucks
  4. story was like this: sayomi is about to craft sls -> notices it looks like a katana -> "san0 sls looks retarded, pls change it, along with this red/brown monstrosity"-> we have proper skins. well obv more ppl pointed it out i guess.
  5. lmao, u need salamander drake also ? i remember i was one of those that requested this custom change at 1.3 and i see zero reason to make game uglier.
  6. first of all, pls spend 30mins to find who called capone clown and what led to that (if it happened). and mainly, as i ve said a couple of times, when its me versus the world in an argument i start wondering where i m wrong. but thats just me...
  7. 1. nice and funny 2. ete s basically chinese, first these songs, then spam bres at pvp, what can i say. 3. well known carebear clan changing prime once again to 10-1 cet cos free xp.
  8. monster is enemy, tyrantos stopped and ofc the major clown kakar is now an sps. who should i now yell to at ts not to rush ahead of me ? cool video, taking into consideration how hard tyrant is and how bad most of the tyrants left on this server are
  9. @Kure and now this locogroxo guy is gonna get mad and in a while canito will be forced to leave es and blow kiam again. lack of respect dude, ppl dont seem to learn from ur mistakes
  10. no, not happening, i d 69 with modoy non stop and poor myrciu would be left alone. ofc then he d get aggressive and it wont end well
  11. lmao its a movie, quite funny for a 19yo, which i was when i saw it i think EDIT: at least the first part b4 the meaningless forced romance starts. y i watched it like a year ago again
  12. myrciu, honestly has it ever occured u that most of the times u are wrong so its logical that the rest of the ppl in this forum point it out, no matter the sides ?
  13. first of all, why should i talk greek and get warn points cos u wanna talk greek. second of all i dont even know u. honestly, NEVER EVER EVER seen u ingame. moreover, what did i say that bothered u ? rip is funny for replying with videos, u ppl are funny for making a topic from stuff that happen everyday and mainly u are funny with ur "ahahah" on every comment. overall its a funny topic and i rly dont want phoenix to shut it down b4 i decide to sleep. still didnt answer me though and it gets more and more intriguing.
  14. ikr ?