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  1. Its not bad. It doesnt even affect as that much. But for the 100th time I ll say again the two things that make it something more than "switching sides because i m forced to" 1 They didnt think about improving their daily gameplay and politics or assisting any of their ally for as long as they were allowed to xp in ab. Like it would be there for them forever. 2 They join a side that they "hate". The clown even told me he doesnt want anathema in our ally back then because he hates them. But that was when they could xp ab. Which brings us back to point 1.
  2. i think its modoy playing so he s probably stunning ppl
  3. lvl 2 are decent, but anw thats not the point. The point is rizo was whining that all i do in fights is agro and harass him and now i know how right i was
  4. why would u need epics with hacks ?
  5. just tell me u combine them and give them to one pr...
  6. Ofc i insult u since a week ago. U keep speaking out of place like a 10 yo kid about things and people u dont know shit about. U have tried to imply that i dont help my ally when needed and i can, 3 times in this post, the first two i gave clear arguments why u talk bullshit. And u keep doing it. Just spamming the same shit, after 10 posts passed, like i never answered u and u never shut the fuck up in the first place. Obviously now i have a clear opinion about u and i voice it every given chance. Thankfully u offer me a lot of chances. EDIT: No soz, i had a clear opinion about u a long time ago i just decided to put up with u cos i respected eulogist.
  7. Check the last post we had a fight on forum, i think i mentioned there that u hadnt yet seen my face when i decide not to give a fuck and express my feelings to trash.
  8. I wish modoy gives me his hacks for hp
  9. No this proves that we have a good sense of humor since the whole server s making fun of u.
  10. No beer for me yet, just writing shit on latex non-stop.
  11. I am trying to remember the last time i xped loa that late... must have been back when awaken was with us. And even so, lets keep this noted when u ask ur new ally to leave loa to help u xp at ab, by fighting whole WS eu. I want @AwakenDemons opinion on that pls :> Ofc it didnt cross ur mind instead of fighting with 6 pts at ab to move to loa, WHICH BY WHAT U ARE SAYING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. I rest my case, i m starting to feel bad for even having an argument with u. PS reply to @Myrtan, u fuckers sure type fast.
  12. Welp, idk... Mb last time ab was a viable solution for farm ? 20 days ago ? Sorry for not seeing a point in ganging ab when there s no chance for u to xp there, after 5 hours of gameplay
  13. No dont get me wrong, idk what happened to anathema and NO WAY did i help them as much as biz does with ur lowbies. I dont have the people to stay that late, and i m no ally leader. But this dude says we werent there, which is obviously a lie, hence making me mad.