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  1. fucks sake u are saying the same shit all of u. draco s trying to prove that the shit any new player that decides to join ex vg side is by no means the same you might have had at the time u joined WS or the whole ally had at any time. u didnt join a wining side, but u didnt also joined a dominated side, as our side is atm. and its not your fault we get shited on, u r doing ur job. our job s to win the map back, obv we cant. PS i m with draco when he s says that any of the shit u 2 might have had as ETC/when u first joins perks can compare with what we had when we decided to fight reaver. kudos reaver. Edit: no actually its not rly respect cos he had a huge headstart compared to us which he abused, and was right to do so.
  2. dude, comon u go pvp with tereza in pt...
  3. only if u know that he s using
  4. dont listen to balu, its halftime on basketball, entertain me
  5. 9 days of legit xp s cool
  6. moral of this topic is fishfood is keeping perkunas ally alive. if he wasnt here to feed the flaming u d all be at each others throats on a daily basis
  7. Melenchon. Also was wondering this whole time, "botaki", u guys took it from greek diminutive ?
  8. Fucks sake, this topic has some potential to see wassup with server activity cpwise and u manage to turn it into a flamefest in 3 posts. So lets all try to see what each side has at each prime. For me, +1 pt at EU on... idk whats this side called anymore
  9. I honestly dont understand why either of you keep posting on the subject. Dont get me wrong, i kinda like trashtalking, but on basic stuff like who won and who lost on daily pvp (or who decided to pr/rr for no obvious reason). This thing about either of the sides being zergish is retarded. Its the fucking patch that forces ppl to make huge sides, which is the main drawback of it.
  10. i ll admit idk what u did there. I mean if u meant 16! (factorial), it would be some bigass number with 15 digits or something. pls explain, i m bored at work
  11. 9v9

    when did we pr u nab
  12. after valid arguments, delete post plx ;D
  13. I used to be -9 str for pvp on pw, had no real issue with dmg but that was with old aq and baium. Idk how the damage scales on classic with str tho