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  1. first of all i can win good DAs on arenas with pillars, i just got 10% chance. lost to infernaltouch once on lasthit. and secondly i made a comeback vs stiba after fearlock cos i resisted 1 fear (i believe we got same epics) and panther removed stun. unless u expect from a "good DA" to cancel panther when fear gets resisted. i mean comon... but all in all we agree, just try not to be so stiff on how u express ur opinion.
  2. ofc they dont play the biggest role. luck does, and u need equip as a basis. so skill is the only thing that u can affect that makes a difference.
  3. y thats why i got 4-0 to every DA except infernaltouch (whoever was driving last weekend) and 0-4 to him. skills dont matter lol. nice luck i got tho...
  4. EU Cp LF sws

  5. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    barely reached 600 just now
  6. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    500+ and counting
  7. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    trashlord 300+
  8. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    and whats ur point myrciu ? that in august EU prime it was u and rip ? i mean, thats something worth mentioning ? like, "when all decent eu cps that are a factor take a break only me and ripwalker nolifed so we ended up kicking all the irrelevant parties and competing with the top ones when they were back". thats the bottom line of your story. i start playing again 2 weeks into september (or mb more idk), and we get trashed twice i think by rip, which 2 months ago we d just walk over. we picked up our shit, stopped yoloing and 1 week later we won them every fight. only difference with ur pt is u guys left b4 we were back. i m not comparing my cp to urs/rip for any other purpose than the fact that we are a high level party that could challenge you. and tbh i have never EVER had a fight with violence cp at its prime and i doubt u had with any other ~74 lvl pt at that time, other than rip. so, yeah u are right myrc, this period ur cp was one of the top active pts in the server. rest of EU server was on a beach, but thats details i guess.
  9. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    Valid argument. Just in your case its 90% of the times your opinion vs the worlds opinion. Sadly in our society people like that are labeled dysfunctional, with some disorder or even crazy. All in all you should check it.
  10. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    ok u r beyond saving. either delusional or with 10yo mentality, believing spaming something makes it true. i havent even seen some1 else from ur cp saying that "we were one of the TOP cps in server". and once again, u had a decent cp.
  11. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    just b4 going to bed, i know i shouldnt feed him BUT, wtf myrciu is trying to say? that from the end of june till september, that me and most of my pt took a break, violence cp managed to turn from a decent party to one of the 2-3 top parties of the server ? and he wants ppl to believe that ? cos of videos ? i guess my cp must be the worst pt in the server in general since we dont like fps drop... i mean dude, srsly these kind of mega bullshit make ppl consider u a clown. no one says that ur pt was bad, but comon, cut it some slack.
  12. EU Cp LF sws

  13. All who came back.

    @Myrtan i d stfu and hide in a hole if i were u. @BlackJack need a comment on ur leader's decision to take both jungle and anathema :>
  14. Mounts poll

    the only problem with mounts is that the guy running away has the advantage compared to the one trying to catch him. what i mean is u ride them instantly while u need time to dismount. for me its obvious that it should be the opposite.
  15. EU Cp LF sws

    as title states lf sws 70+ the higher the better. EU prime, clan SM.