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  1. Server totally dead

    last fights i remember with u at loa: 1) we rushed u at snipers from heart with 13 ppl or something vs ur pt + boxes, fucked up majorly and lost. 2) waited at heart for u with our OL (not our cp) being afk while he had boxed SE and EE. we only had 2 mins ol buffs, no se or ee. 3) after hunting u a couple of times with like 2 pts u called another one (totally reasonable) and we had a fight at heart with my cp+3-4 ppl in mixed pt (since most of them loged out) vs ur 2 pts. Those are the fights we had since i started playing again, forgive me if i forgot something.
  2. Questions about CRs and CP from Castle

    about 3. its as u said, u dont get crp at 76 cos its custom. for 2, we never had same problem tbh. 1 no clue.
  3. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    lucky us then ! indeed GF.
  4. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    lmao, but srsly letting ur best party getting rushed by 1 ~70 lvl and a mixed fucked up pt without heals (aka zerged) is just...
  5. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    didnt turn out that well i guess... anw thx for being so nice.
  6. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    my POV on last pvp is even funnier, i m hitting ppl in front and looking behind. if we do one thing well as SM is keeping our pts grouped. NOT! Btw i still wonder what stiba and the archers where doing while we rushed rip with 2 grps.
  7. Enchanted - chance

    doubtful, he d never whine about enchant rate
  8. Custom pets

    about 1 good to know that. 2 i ve never seen but if u say so ok. 3 so u mean to tell me that any summoner, even without ss (which wont be the case at 2.0 about which we are talking about rn) isnt welcome in a melee 1v1 ? if u want to find a place in an archer pt, again i dont see why u should. thats not ur place. 4 u are right if u consider this purely time-wise. effort-wise tho i believe its obv that its harder to level up a tank than a summoner. for example at 1.3 top level was a warlock. guess what ? no catbuff back then. also one of the first 76 on our server was another warlock, even if we have the ultra bugged op orfen. not any tank even if they find party easy.
  9. Custom pets

    but it wasnt about party finding. in classic there s no party finding for 1-1 except raids. if u think the archers of the server got to 70 cos of raids then idk what to say. the change was made just cos of the pure difference in a melee cp farming aoe and an archer cp farming 1-1. if i ve tried as a tank making random duos/3man to 1-1 cos i was bored of aoe, i guess u guys can do it much easier. so its not about finding party its about finding the party u WANT. but this class wasnt made to xp aoe, it was made to xp 1-1. when u guys grow up and see that there isnt just aoe on this patch, and learn to use ur classes as they should be mb this discussion will end. since that wont be anytime soon idk whats left to be said. EDIT: and once again idk why we talk about it, since summoners believe their class will be "useless", so why would some1 reroll to it ?
  10. Custom pets

    wl needs at least 2 boxes. u need 1. wl has to worry about enemies. u dont. wl needs specific areas. u dont. the decision for the rogues was about the obvious difference between aoe xp and 1-1 xp. and u think a summoners 1-1 xp is worse than an archers ? still u are one tier above them.
  11. Custom pets

    OK i ll be serious now. The whole tier lists were made by taking into account 3 facts. 1) How ez is it to solo xp a char 2) How fun it is. 3) How useful they are in a party. Hence ee/se are T2 while they find party ez, and tanks T3. U try to find a balance between these 3 facts and since summoners are the best for solo xp, T3 are the best they can go imho. Lets compare bards tanks and summoners ok ? we got 6 tiers on each category. Solo: Tank 5 Summoner 1 Fun: Tank 6 Summoner 1/2 Party finding: Tank 1 Summoner 6 you can follow the logic and get ur conclusions. Ah, also first u guys whine that u ll be useless and then u dont want other ppl rerolling to ur "useless" class ? Doesnt make sense. Edit: In my example the tiers are the opposite of the way they are set, so not to get confused take it like 6->1 etc
  12. Custom pets

    well then lets make a tier of summoners ! tier ZERO ! shit, pp is so ez to find party, easier than nukers, mb put him last tier eh ?
  13. Custom pets

    y i wonder why... its so ez running around like a tard non stop (till u hit loa) to xp, compared to siting afk and doing 5 spells every couple of minutes.
  14. Castle Siege

    i m done with satyrs. and mage groups. get me a PW and i ll "help"
  15. Castle Siege

    well if i can have activity from 16-22 cet i dont get why i should set a strict eu prime didnt change prime or anything, it was always about when we had most active.