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  1. Sieges

    That part of nf has left server even b4 u started stiba
  2. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Sorry ikiki bot and navy too stronk combo. One month was enough
  3. I Make The Rules

    Today i realized that we ll probably end up grouping all the anti-myrciu squad in one clan.
  4. Having a shift, trying to make time pass faster, seeing this masterpiece... Priceless!
  5. Mage DD 75+ LF CP

    lmao, we casual af, idk what to say to new recruits (considering the situation at eu)

    5cm dried or in original state ?
  7. The Ant Queen story

    no, pls dont make trouble for ludovikos, he doesnt even know the politics yet. it was a pure act of kindness, we didnt know each other beforehand.
  8. The Ant Queen story

    y, trying to find a decent weapon to buy him RN.
  9. The Ant Queen story

    y what can i say... sorry cp. genuinely thx ludovikos.
  10. EU Cp LF sws/dd

  11. EU Cp LF sws/dd

  12. 14/01/2018 Aden siege

    i m so sad i wasnt there to flame nabao at HV.
  13. First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    I live in greece, we go out at 12. System s perfect, gg.
  14. First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    Lul cipka has like his 10 matches and thats it
  15. Baium 19.12.2017

    I dont act stupid. Just sayin my opinion. Whats the point of 9v9? See who has the best pt i guess.. Well i know i dont have the best pt. Simply cos i dont have the best setup. So yeah u got a better cp than ours. But if u ask me playwise i believe i got the best pt in this server. We got the best main dd by FAR, best secondary dds in their respective jobs (debuffing and nuking), BEST ol in mass and mid scale pvp, good bp, one of the best wls, bards who know what to do when active and noob me. And ofc the rootmaster cipka. You can make fun of me, but I believe any1 would say the same for his pt, if it worked as good as ours does when we have acceptable activity. So yeah, i dont want aranged 9v9. Last time we did it was for a purpose, not waste either cps time, back in 1.5. Having a 9v9 just to make guys feel better when i know that the odds are in ur favor beforehand, when i feel i got nothing to prove seems nonsence to me. Yeah so w.e i chicken out. Soz for long post and keeping this up but being in the army doing nothing does that.