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  1. I talk about abg pvp. Ofc we pr after 5 ppl died cos pvp looked like lost already. We tried to kill u 9 v 18 lol, u think we would pr on sight like ur ally cps? Ofc we tried to win.
  2. Rly you put 18 vs 9 of my pt? Now i feel like a boss
  3. I would like to teach you english aswell.. But I just dont know how to start after reading this post.
  4. Lol Modoy he just copy paste + several words edited from what you said about other classes stun when gladi was fixed. He just quoted ur words. U mad? Now i guess ur flaming urself. Nice rekt
  5. You need to find better way to detect such ppl and bots cos this is a reason ppl pay bot/illegal soft creators instead of giving u $$ for PA
  6. isnt it posibble that some illegal softwere changes PC HWID and connect through proxy to let the guy multibox for free? Its obvious ppl cant change multibox anyway without PA, and cheaters who use programs have changed HWID and IP cos else they wouldnt be able to multibox for free. I heard for example the most common bot program on this server allows you to log 1 more acc without PA. Obviously you wont detect cheater by checking his IP/HWID cos he wouldnt be in game with multi box if he was not cheater
  7. I dont like these cameras aswell. But its nothing forbidden to keep camera on lol. The only problem i find in this, and administration could take care of, is that 90% of these cameras dont have "adventurer" title so they are logged without PA. Im pretty suspicious ppl use illegal softwere to log them, because considering that there are so many cameras online nonstop on the map, i think there are many ppl who have logged several cameras at same time without PA. Some of them are legal for sure, on 2nd pc etc but some of them are not for sure.
  8. good for them, astleast they have something to farm for.
  9. Nobody? Mby u didnt, but many haters did.. (Even in my own cp )
  10. I would just implement oryginal transformations from offi. They look cool and dont give too much stats
  11. No custom skills on this server
  12. Rly soil u reported aoe? Cos i remember it was fixed after my report
  13. I love Soil's logic :D. Gladi with bugged aoe and tss reuse for 8 months, and he didnt bother to report bug. Now he found his stuns have too low land rate (along with all other stuns) but once his stun is fixed hes like oo now everything works ok all other skills work correct. lets keep all other classes fkd so he can kill em easier :D. If me and Modoy reported bugs same way as soil, there would be like 90% less bug fixes than there were so far.
  14. ​Biggest problem that makes stuns too weak is con affecting stun resist, not base values, so instead of changing 5% stun chance on 1 class u could fix con for everyone... Also on 1st post of this topic soil gave proof for all stuns But u fixed only 2. ​
  15. Gross scammer, i dont recomend joining this cp