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  1. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    Myrciu gladi?! Why?
  2. Still doesnt change fact it assassin's appeariance and ur idea does influence gameplay. U dont have to have same opinion but pvping in swiming suit doesnt look well for me. Assassin thing atleast looks ok for l2 reality.
  3. It does but i didnt say it doesnt affect pvp gameplay
  4. Fishing exp with blessing of light

    didnt check if u fail to catch fish or u get box if u get different values of exp
  5. Im against such idea, cos it influences pvp gameplay, its hard to recognize robes, hvy armors, healers, dds etc
  6. Banned for NOT botting

    :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Thist topic won the award of the most funny topic of the month
  7. Fishing exp with blessing of light

    nothing boost fishing exp on official.
  8. Clan arena

    norm, u get 50kk exp scroll per raid boss killed on 60+ lvl )). Easy exp
  9. Bug report topic from Rizos

    "started by Fragola, Dec 31, 2015."
  10. IDEA for our server

    Made my day
  11. [NOT BUG]Archers Vicious Stance

    VS is waste of SP on every char except dagger. Its not bugged, just useless on auto attacks.
  12. othell critical damage

    i think 4k. Crit backstab should multiply final dmg by 2 Try to crit backstab with vicious stance and without. Rune should work same.
  13. L2 classic ES 2.0

    Summoner needs custom boost. Plz boost summoner
  14. Server specs and Rates

    Adena also x3 i think
  15. Bug report topic from Rizos

    hmm about range u are right, i see lvl 2 gonna have 700. ill check land rate Edit: Stigma lvl 1 (from 40 lvl), SE lvl 50 vs mob lvl 50 in forest of mirrors. 0/30 stigmas landed. Updated 1st post