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  1. Global discussion

    when did i lie? Just to remind you what happens when just C armor sorc + bish fight vs ur full pt
  2. Global discussion

    ad cp +-... 2 vs 9 easy frags ... ScreamForMe rekt too far, cant see nick https://ibb.co/h5Zpwv
  3. Global discussion

    Login queue is killing me. Before they implemented queue i could log 5x faster :x. About adena, popular shops sell 25k for 1 euro so it says a lot
  4. Global discussion

    Bro stop flaming our bratki
  5. 2.0 dagger damage

    I plvled my pt with tyrant 66 and +10 c fists in abg on our server. Only 1 dd and 2 recharge boxes, 2 train pullers and 6 afk leechers and we did insane exp almosts ame as full pt does, so ur info about mana efficiency kinda sux and u have no idea about aoe dps. I needed around 1500-2000 mana to kill solo whole train on hill spot that 2 pullers were bringing. And i was using also force burst to kill it as fast as possible. Ifu wanna safe mana u use only force storm but u loose dps. Tyrant scales totalyy different with p atk on aoe skills than wl lol. On wl u can go with no grade spear and u do almost same dmg. On tyrant skill power ona oe almost doesnt matter. you can keep lvl 1 aoe and if you want to keep high mana efficiency. He is mostly about p atk so u go + str and good weapon. You make more dmg per aoe skil than WL does and skills cost less mp. Dont coment tyrant skills if u never played tyrant plz
  6. Global discussion

    Yay im 4th in pvp. Easy server, easy life and mucho fun ^^
  7. 2.0 dagger damage

    Tyrant cant efectively aoe? AHAHAHA good joke bro. Its best non-mage aoe char. Has much better aoe dps than wl. Nice try bro nice try
  8. Global discussion

    I have sh1t internet
  9. Global discussion

    @ProGressiveNot taklk here much cos i dont want to advertise, If you are unlucky and disconnect, u gonna spend 1-2h to log in back cos of full server 6500 cap
  10. 2.0 dagger damage

    How come 3rd class dagger if anytime repirted bug with 3rd class?
  11. WTS SHOP

    damn i thought its anytime shop and he is selling TH char and demon dagger and wtb emi ++
  12. Bug?

    no thx, your turn to test
  13. Bug?

    Damn, i thought i can test it on test server... Dont have EWC on LIVE so not gonna test
  14. 2.0 dagger damage

    2.0 dagger damage?