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  1. I think legiana bought DELB cos of shots weight. Now he can carry more shots and can get rid of avadon light set (which he used for weight bonus). He isnt sheep indeed, he is special in everything he does, but is he doing good things? :DDDDDD
  2. True that, it doesnt change skill reuse time cos skil reuse timer starts when u start casting skill, not when after you finnish cast.
  3. HAHA nice bow legiana
  4. Chill, hes just Clown9 cp leader, ally leader of curkus with such monkeys as myrciu, furebeast, kingbottaki, hachiroku and many others. Read his posts and u gonna find a lie in atleast 50% of them. He believes he is any better than others but its same dream as legiana having every night. Watch him saying fair fight. While its the guy who ask my cp for coliseum 9v9 but he brings 10th char to buff his pt :D. Then he considers it as fair and cant even kill any1 in our pt?
  5. Some1 on my lvl? Nice to hear that, grats for him/her to be so good
  6. 1st!! Trash... (Only because ur enemy)
  7. @HR Yea stop crying already cos you make clown of urself with every next post. I think you aim for monkey king title on forum since zorgzor had retired
  8. Bewc from loa quest, and modoy top troll
  9. Hahaha, id rather make new char than rerol to mage :X.. And ofc this classic.club has no competition on private servers scene, only official servers.
  10. i talk about ws and yea, I was talking to friend yday the same, that its 1 month server and probably all these servers are opened by same admin
  11. So some1 uses ur nick there?^^. Grats you have fanboys in Russia ^^ No offence bro, i ask more cos of curiosity than to flame you
  12. Go back preparing ur bot for insane exp on upcoming server in 1 week
  13. not here, in past in many threads, lieing about uchiha