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  1. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    Typical brazilian romance movie. Every1 69 with every1. Nice fights, nice intro, well played, good music. I liked the most 11:41 interupt bsoe with sleep and 19:00 Gnomik rushing like a boss for mass fear
  2. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Modoy Pussy to go pvp And Forum Warriors 69 with Perks not with SM Dunno why nobody flame us for 69 with perks but ppl think we 69 with sm
  3. Recruting closed, grats to new bish, gotta test him)
  4. CHN in Core

  5. CHN in Core

    Mby he just broke party after kiling core so he lost loot right
  6. Is Spoiler worth?

    If you want to create only 1 box, make SE, it has most of buffs + recharge, you just buy atk speed potions and ur rdy to go.If 2 box i would say SE + PP
  7. "My plan was to farm CRP"

  8. Is Spoiler worth?

    look i hard to tryhard on hero tyrant to kill random spoil when he played correct , well almost correct cos he had no force macro on stun and he auto attacked and woke me up from stun
  9. Recrutation to Meele CP (EU prime) - Forum Warriors Prime 20 - 23 CEST but many members log around 17-18 and start farming/ganking in good quality clan NF (only good quality players inside, we dont recruit zerg or potato players, Check hero numbers for 40 ppl clan, as a proof of my words). Dont want to be part of zerg, but fight arm by arm with good players and famous forum warriors? Dont hestitate to join our cp. We are looking only for players who like to pvp everyday. Make up your mind if you are not pve player before aplicating. In our cp, even bishop gonna need to use pk scrols daily . We guarantee (as the only side/eu cp on server) lots of pvp . Lots of fun and jokes on TS/DIscord . Bored of pve primes in Perks? Bored of chasing 1 party with 5 partys and other sick politics? Bored of potato players in ur cp/clan? We are going to check you on 3 primes, if u are active enough and if you play bishop well. Our setup: AW - Rizo PW - MoDoy TYRANT - Dankolov SK - Anytime EE - NoMore / SE - Cipka BISH - YOU WC - ProGressive BD - xNirvana SWS - YoMana Driver - Piktaskumbre Our movies: AW : BD: WC: Tyrant (player doesnt make movies but me and Modoy played this beast a bit and recorded its power D:) : SK: PW (Freshly class changed but you can check his SR movies and AW on other servers + th on club oly):
  10. Simple Question about server

    Well u dont need to know many words in ruski to play there. For slavic nation its izi to understand just after y learn cyrlic letters and read em
  11. Simple Question about server

    I played on Einhasad (russian off) came back here mostly cos i had mage cp on einhasad and i like to play meele (here i have aw 78), but also cos of loop macro russians farming adena (bot trains) to rmt which is like 80% of server online. ANd because fatal mistake of new updates (clan arena - ppl leave clan every week to join new clan and make clan arena on it, this makes huge problem ppl runing w/o clan and w/o war). 2nd problem on offi is broken PK system. You cant simply pk bot trains or ppl who untag for clan arena, because there are no pk scrols. With pk quest u clear usually 1 pk/12h and when u dekarma you lose 1 karma per mob. That server (russian official) is hell for guy who likes to pvp and heaven for farm bots. Ppl who dont want to pvp with you simply stop war or leave clan, come on your spot steal your mobs and you can do nothing about it.
  12. First FW prime

    Modoy failed, blame him! Im pro DD i baited sws and tank to focus on me + i soaked hero grandeur, i sacrificed for cp, others were free to play!, dont blame me . I used 1 stab in whole pvp, isnt it enough? My pt just bunch of failords cant support me! Totally uncarryable !