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  1. Polecam, najsilniejszy polski clan
  2. Spoko, lubie hipsterskie setupy. Ja bym wolal juz kota chyba do p atk, lepszy setup pod pvp
  3. Benefit? /use scroll of escape : claN hall /use pk scroll (a grade) I want that ch
  4. Hahahaha epic
  5. You think why cols went so cheap 130k each. Use your brain sometimes plz, mby you wont start such useless topic next time
  6. hahaha this soft flame
  7. Look who is talking :D. The guy who exped untagged 95% of his onlinetime on server, rest 5% are changing clans every now and then. I remember when you started to talk on forum, i thought its another troll acc of datplays. Then I noticed you must be from vigazerg but couldnt find out which nick you use in game because i didnt have chance to see it cos you always pred 10k range away from us :D. You didnt even give me chance to read your nick even tho we had no war. 1shot sps from pt which pr before we even can render you at 10k range. Do you think you have any clue about server? Go back to untagged farm on abg and prepare pr, your opinion is worth zero here.
  8. U quit?:o
  9. Good fair move bro. you should just talk to tankadin ask him for clan inv rights and CH usage, but give him CL, and solve problem in good way.
  10. Nice movie placki
  11. this passive works when you are under attack. When other archer shoots you and you have light armor, his critical chance into you is decreased by 15%, later when you lvl up the skill, it will be 35%
  12. equip

    Modoy hand