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  1. 50 dex, stronk sr
  2. I heard that future hero 1 key char SR Modoy made hit 666 pvp score yesterday. /discuss?
  3. Hahahhaa JuanBsoean bsoed even in arranged 1v1? HAHA this guy is a joke
  4. dude ur such a pussy in game i guess u bsoe before my pc can render ur char, but the truth is i thought u use other nick in game than in forum cos i never saw u. If not forum, i wouldnt know you exist P.S. Investigation costs ticket + 5 euro, its not for free , so go ahead pay 5 euraski to check if im boter
  5. musisz obejrzec na pc a nie na sprobuj teraz. Ma ciągłość gry. Zobacz ze caly czas biegam na full hp a itak robie duzo wiecej dmg niz HE. Zobacz 17:53, fatal counter 3,6k na prawie full hp, a po nim double shot(skill z HE) 1700..
  6. @gfbot i think haters talking about you
  7. Myrciu nie płacz już.. He nie robi nawet polowy dmg z double shota co PR z fatal countera. Jak ci sie nudzi to obejrzyj moj filmik
  8. He nie polecam. Lepiej pr albo nawet sr. Co chodzi o clan to polecam anathema
  9. :(((( dont flame my girlfriend plz @Phoenix help me bratku
  10. Nice try but not this time, you messed up some facts
  11. wow modoy, your brain works so slow mate
  12. wow Loki triggered :DDDDDDDD If you respect them why do you trashtalk them and accuse em of botaki because you said its my cp bot and im obviously not a botter here :DDD
  13. Ok so thats what trash you are. Nuff said.