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  1. Nice. But i would post it on russian forum. Eu doesnt make tests, just copy and translate russian ones
  2. booring drama topic was discussed already.
  3. Take it easy Speedy Gonzales, try to find another proof, also i doubt we can find out base chance of detarget and how it reacts to lvl difference, mental shield and epics, so what i advice to you, make request on 4game.ru to make test for you
  4. no, pow is just 10% and not sure if it gives anything to skills which actually dont give debuff but cancel target. In my opinion this ps has just epics for mental resist + lvl difference + some luck. He has no hero buffs here. Anyway prooving that it can be resisted unless it was aura symphony or smth but for me it looked like aura flash. Plus remember its zaken chronicle, not 1.5 ;P
  5. 0:51, not 100% sure but i think its proof that aura flash shouldnt be 100% chance
  6. @MoDoy Should it? /useskillforce macro and problem solved
  7. SR words were directed to kktnxbye, check my post.. About archers, they are good on open space. In loa or trees etc they suck balls if enemy knows how to play. I answered here cos its unfair saying FC 2 shot tanks or that nuker has no chance to survive fc. Ofc FC is very strong skill, pretty often it 1 shot robe if robe is without cp already or you are on low hp, usually deals 4-5k to robes with full hp but its not smth with instant cast or guaranteed 1shot on robe or 2shot tank lol, so lets just be objective. About mage dps vs archer dps i can bet even for adena and we gonna do test if any1 willing to cos im convinced nuker has better dps and thats the reason in pvp archers vs mages, archers always need to keep 900 range cos if they let mages get close to make use of mages better dps, then archers loose. Also do we compare mages vs archers dps or low hp pr vs full hp sps? Cos i guss the right comparison should be low hp pr vs low hp necro or chars on full hp? Archers (mustly PR) have good burst dmg, mages have better dps and thats all in this topic. In general i agree with you but there are so many 1sided arguments that i wanted to privide some proofs to shut up some retards mouth. PS. about pvp vs fishfood i had pvp dye -15 con and 4+k p.atk somby thats why 5k dmg.
  8. I guess you both misunderstood yourselves. Modoy means most cases scenerio on pvp where archer goes with zerk and gets gloom and rekt by nukes for around 1.5k, you mean the edge situation which doesnt happen often, where archer has no zerk and no gloom on, unless we speak about 1 v 1 sr vs sps or dunno, but then why would sr have songs? Anyway here is the real dmg w/o gloom and with zerk lvl 1: Now about doubleshot 5k dmg from sr hmmmmm. Mby when sps is unbuffed and sr with +12 str dye then maybe maybe :DD. Anyway in normal scenerio PR does 3,7k CRIT double shot to sps with 2hand blunt without greater shield buff. Since you said SR does such dmg to nuker on "full buff" then let it be even without grater shield... Dunno mby SR hits stronger than PR? ;o Now about that freaking OP FC which always 1shot nukers and 2shot tanks:
  9. if u customize skills many ppl are gonna quit the server, thats my opinion. Even if i play not PR but other class, lets say that gladi, if gms decided to nerf lionheart cos ppl on forum decided its op and need to customize it, i would instant quit this server, and i guess not only me. If you "buff" some unpopular and weak characters smartly, like lets say giving ES buff pony, or if some1 decided to add arrest to TK, or blinding blow on PW or mass cubic to phantom summoner, i can live with that, but nerfing one class and making it work different than on official would lead to loose players on this class (some of them simply leave server), then ofc there would be more suggestions to change other classes because you know, pr was nerfed, necro was nerfed, why cant we make poll to nerf sps or sr or wl? Most of ppl gonna vote to nerf them ofc cos 90% of comunity dont play class u want to nerf so they vote for yes to benefit from change. Then finally when you have many custom skills, even players on non-nerfed classes gonna loose will to play because of "custom server" and new ppl wont come here. ( only ppl like you who like custom servers would stay)
  10. yea its problem of game engine which doesnt use multi corre and is like 15 years old.
  11. CHN

    Why im pussy, cos im legit player and afraid to risk ban? ok let it be like this if it makes u feel better. If u know more things about botting than me its probably truth and i dont care much about it. If i need to bot to be considered as man with balls then no thank you. NO CLICKER YES, some ppl have balls to play legit and have fun. RLY. /end
  12. CHN

    no idea, didnt play when they were banned. Search for answer on foum. About nostromo, stop lieing bro. Every1 knows you cant set up rest spot on nostromo.. About banning you, i didnt care if u get perma ban or 5 euro ban, i just care to reduce bots on server. About CHN they dont rr from me cos im ally so cant check them plus im in BS once a month. To answer your question about soft. YES I NEVER USED ANY CLICKER ON THIS SERVER. nuff said?
  13. Nice, old one from this thread also had extended memory tho.