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  1. TH dagger in wrist

    Count by urself, i counted when bss activate and my result was 48/81 not interrupted skills which means 33/81 interrupted which is 40.7%. Test on Einhasad and here is test on our server talking island, result 60% skills interrupted : @San0 Can you check this thing? Dont want to create new report topic because ppl made like 5 so far
  2. Tyrant Escape Shackle

    You fixed this skill that now it can escape for example 1st stage of warlock anchor (this slow effect) which is correct. But now looks like there is new problem and tyrant can cast this escape shackle even if he is already paralyzed, which is not correct. Fix plz. Check JahBless on 0:09 sec
  3. TH dagger in wrist

    Ill try to convince some TH on offi to make proper test, for now i just have screenshot from chat
  4. TH dagger in wrist

    problem is there is no official test with this sh1t skill chance so admins dont know what chance to put in this skill i think, but ye suspension doesnt work on this skill, might be bugged
  5. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Reaver fail on frishka? damn man
  6. Future

    1) ok, it doesnt change gameplay at all its just custom trade zone 2) walls dont change anything, u load all dorfs even if they are behind wall lol. Its only about how far they sit from u. 3) about fishers its true so move fishers not shops 4) buy gems in giran and port for free to harbor whats the problem? 5) so w what? I prefer giran town to be free from fps drop, when ppl dont search for shop but just change town or they want to restock char in grocery shop its much better for them. When some1 want to buy anything from other player shop, he port to giran harbor. Its fking good solution
  7. Future

    There is no point to move it, its better in giran harbor.
  8. Future

    Poor orc i know why u have so sad avatar, probably u used immortal life on oly I suggested it 4 months ago, San0 answered that tanks need some feature to be more wanted class in partys on low lvls Also dont forget OL cant buff ppl in party if they are in different clan. On our server its custom
  9. Future

    Well server which has bugged even auto attack giving promises about 2.0 i or 2.5? this is funny. They cant even call it "SOON" i think
  10. Future

    @Anytime still thinks he is Dagger and uses deflect arrow like focus power ;/ Considering numbers, this "fight" looks like
  11. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood game
  12. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    haha i remember the 1shot from u on oly :D. I showed defeat vs ImTheLaw DA tho ;P
  13. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    tried to speed up whenever i could cos i knew its gonna be too long movie. I personally prefer 1v1s and oly so i speed up mass pvps, mby my fault ;). thx for feedback