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  1. Yera


    Well, talking about servers life span is sort of against the rules. That is why Kamaels HERE WE COME! Fixing typos are not a problem. But as you can see 2 weeks from release still lots typos remain. All bugs are well known. No need for reports. Yes, one beautiful day it will be all fixed. But you will have to wait for it. Most likely longer than shorter.
  2. Yera


    All bugs are known. They have been reported even in Beta stage. As you can see, administration is working on quests dialogs, wrong monster names. Basically those are just typos. As time passes, it will be fixed. Although, Kameal part most likely wont be fixed, because with updates (if server will be healthy up till that point) Kameals will be added. What about monster strength? Well, those wont be fixed anytime soon. Just farm on different mobs. Lots of more major stuff needs fixing.
  3. Yera

    Pj Bugged

    Use launcher. Your files need updates. You can not use whisper or shout up until 21 level. Bot chat spam prevention system.
  4. Nothing to do here. If you want to keep only English letters - no problem. Russian speaking community will speak russian with English letters. Nothing to do here mate. It is international server.
  5. Oooooor, next time before creating another Topic use forum search tool? It has been reported tons of times. This is getting old. Consumption is right description is wrong.
  6. Yes it is. Make a macro for that. And spam all the way! But to be honest - yes, that is annoying. Although people want to sell their stuff faster and be seen. Chat got its restrictions though.
  7. Yera

    Event: Spooky Scary Hunt

    Here we go! Shot00000.bmp
  8. Yera

    Event: Spooky Scary Hunt

    Me too ME TOO! Shot00024.bmp
  9. Well, just wondering. How are you planning go beyond 40lv when your level monsters give you 0.01-0.05? These changes that you require wont do you any good. It makes game a little bit more interesting. It is only bad because Abandoned Camp is full of such parties. But how long does it take you to do that in Cruma/DV? CP and clans are continuously fighting for the place there mate. To be honest. Nothing to balance here. If you do not like such AOE parties just stun the puller. Repeat few times and he will end up without equipment. They farm and you farm on them. Jeez. Simple as that.
  10. Yera

    Scamming allowed ?

    To be fair, scamming is allowed even in official (sort of) because you cant find evidence that some guy scammed you. It is natural thing in mmo. Maybe he just missclicked by typing shop name? (yes, even whole name!) To be honest, I do not agree to start jailing such guys San0 (although they are doing a bad thing) but hey, if you are stupid enough to not see what you are buying maybe you deserve to be scammed? + it makes game a little bit more interesting. Scams was always part of L2 friend.
  11. No need to rage guys ^.^ You are mistaken mate. Trains can not be made from such wide area unless you rehit the mob constantly. If you do not - they will lose agro. So it makes it fair enough. L2 was meant to be played like this. Not the solo grinder style. find AOE party and be done with it. And if you are so angry about it - stun that lover-puller and take his time/items. Repeat for constant income!
  12. It is the way it is supposed to be. If you have been playing for 24h you will reach 20-28lv. Those who reached 40 they have been playing for 6d and longer. Nothing to discuss here mate. In every game you can find hardcore gamers and the ones who prefer few hours of playing. As long as the game is not your "work" and you are having fun - play it and enjoy it!
  13. It is not recommended to level up without AOE party or without party at all. But if you insist, hunt only green mobs, evade red, yellow, blue at all cost. And to be honest you shouldnt level up on a green mob who (when you reach level up) will turn light blue. Depending of your play style with orc shaman - melee or poison and run, take dungeon or open hunting zone. Look for mobs who by hunting gives you quest items. One spot is Abandoned Camp but lots of players hunt there.
  14. Yera

    [FIXED]2D Shops

    Bit by bit administration is trying to make L2 into 2D platformer game. BUT NOW WE KNOW. Thank you Citizen of Lineage2Classic. Everyone can see it, no worries. It reduces lag in the town.
  15. Yera

    Event: Spooky Scary Hunt

    Bastard scared me to death