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  1. nNyxi

    Online expectation

    in first week non comes back ppl are not even checking forum anymore that picture 2.0 soon are so long time in there... so may after 2-3 weeks will back 3-4groups (non of them full ofc,half of these ppl already plays on other classic,or not planning to come back) ,you can see alll of them in lvl's tops. other ppl who waiting 2.0 without lvl 76 already and not plays ,dont know what hey think in them minds. PS. Nyxi is not playing in classic.club
  2. nNyxi

    Scroll Chance

    not probably but they are classic.ws and foxyclassic.com or some. you can check by your self same shit servers. so play here, class change to sorcerer.
  3. nNyxi

    Scroll Chance

    its not. some ppl are making +15 by the self. i know who and whats weapon. sone ppl fails on +4, its rng. i just saying not all of them is maded by ppl in game.
  4. nNyxi

    Scroll Chance

    in where? i was in all classic forums. so mby there is me classic.ws? there is pure money making. there si third classic server for same admin all they are dead after 1 month of taked donate. or mby uou about skelth? or mby about gran kain ? mby about l2mc?i am in all of these forums.
  5. nNyxi

    Scroll Chance

    what you talking about ?is not become boring for you yet?
  6. nNyxi

    Scroll Chance

    if you really think in ah is all items form players, ofc no!!! every man who is living , need money , same as your server administrators , so if there is items from them side,they are,and you never get proof of it. P.S ever ppl do same. make money if they have chanse, all this game is about money . welcome to l2 reality.(Not judging)
  7. nNyxi

    Modoy BUSTED

    as we can see pasted your own bot image, can see it from resolution as you recording , and thisi npicture with full hided nick names
  8. nNyxi

    Double Window

    you all peace of shits!!! new man coming ,try to play and you have fun with him. pushing on him. and then administrationd banned all hes chars??? ...............................................
  9. nNyxi

    PhantomRanger Dyes

    IGONE this retarded way.use pl set +12 str -15 con,pve only (avadon set are you joking +5% of weight instead +4 str....) you alre already de, so you cannot lift much even without - con dyes. so with -15 con, you wont feel any avadon effect. but feels some dmg,str missing (keep ssc,arrows on your other chars + make compressed packages of ssc)
  10. nNyxi


    modoy as always ass kisser
  11. nNyxi


    they dont need a proof of it. if they had them principle reason, give fuc k about proof.
  12. nNyxi


    how do you know that ip is hes ip ??? not for example my ip with hes char ?? and adena sellers chars??? again as i told, every man from hes clan got hes char, or he had them chars on same ip. and where is point to ban all of them ?
  13. nNyxi


    bolshit, same as 20 + my chars was banned for the reason they was on same ip as adena seller :DDD every retard knows, if you got cp party, not randoms, all these chars was on all 9 ip's many times. so if one man get fuckled admins in shout chat, you are banning all group. gf
  14. nNyxi

    Nyxi seeking for char to play(not drive)

    keep it for your self,but thanks for offer.
  15. nNyxi

    Nyxi seeking for char to play(not drive)

    ye. that what i am looking here, are you offering me to sell one ?