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Everyone knows that changed, personalized chat message colors can improve game experience, but tools which was working before server update now have some problems with compatibility. But here I am! After finding working tools I decided to add some simple GUI for easier file editing.

Now it's only basic alpha version so remember about making backups. In near days I will do improvements to it to be more casual friendly. I have spent my today energy for make it working, so I will add some advice how to use it later, but I think that it's enough intitive to understand how it works.

It's late so I hope that didn't fuc*ed up something and will be working on other computer than my :D


MSG Editor 0.6 RC

Mirror #1




- different fixes like validation for some fields, little optimization of some GUI elements


- added sound selector for messages with sounds preview


- added changelog generator

- added help button, which leads to this topic

- changes in one view automatically shows in second


- added simple editor view inspired by L2 Utils.

- previous appearance of editor is now under "Advanced editor" tab.


- fixed bug, when unable to overwrite .dat file


- added backup option

- added possibility to save project as .dat or .txt file in chosen folder

- minor fixes


Download first version: no more available 

Info for advanced editor:


Info 1: About columns with messages: in proper column must be


instead of only


Info 2: Colors are from HEX format, but red and blue have converted place in game files so when you find HEX in internet it's in red-green-blue (rrggbb) order, but columns in editor are Blue Green Red 

Info 3: Approximate positions for on-screen messages:





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Added new version with option to save systemmsg as plain text and possibility to choose save location. If new version will make problem, first is available in changelog

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Maybe someone have knowledge to help me:

I wanted to add easy menu to choose sounds for messages, but systemmsg contains now only id of sound instead of name like in old chronicles and I have problems with matching id to proper soundfile and soundname. If someone know if list of sounds names for Id is hardcoded in exe or maybe stored in some file, this information would really help me. In other case finding all sounds (still 6 missing) used in default systemmsg will probably requiring too much effort and time for me and I will give up with this option.

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New version with preview of sounds to select. 

I matched only 39 IDs to specific sounds. Package grow up with sounds files to 7mb so now is uploaded on my domain. It's too big for post attachment.

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1 hour ago, Lafi said:

It's system msg editor... What u wanna check by admins?  

You know, generally every .exe in internet can contain virus no matter what main program do :P Especially .exe for non-official client for some MMO :D 



VirusTotal scan:

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3 hours ago, Isoroku said:

"Welcome to the World of Pinkage II".

Thanks bro for this tool, u re my hero. At first i ignored it, though its just another simple chat color changer, but gave it a shoot and its what i was looking. On screen messages. Its perfect. Done myself one.

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Hi. I'm not playing any more, but I've updated the link. My previous domain expired, thx for info.

As for ready systemmsg, check this post:

I've done this for myself and shared in linked topic.

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Link broken again, tho I managed to download it few hours before, tomorrow i can reupload somewhere

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Yeah, some problems with hosting of the site. For sure was working short time after domain update. I've added mirror with 3rd party uploading site.

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Sorry, totally forgot about this, but here we are, one more downloadable link for the program @Isoroku made, thx for it;)

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First of all, thanks for you effort delivering this tool.

Second, I need help because I can't see the changes in-game.

I updated some text colors:


Saved the changes:



I go in-game, try to hit something and text colors didn't change:



What is missing?

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Look closely.. you changed the text you got hit for.

But ingame it says has inflicted.


Change the inflicted color. That will do.

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13 hours ago, Xipicau said:

What is missing?

Some event messages arę duplicated from older chronicles. You have to find one with proper text. As Temudjin said, you have to find "inflicted" messages.

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