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  1. Attention! Brute force attack.

    Just to prevent, I will change all accs psw, just for security.
  2. Disturbing the peace II

    lol, Nice +17 demons
  3. Valentine's Chest Event!

    Nah not worth, I have my own pp to give buffs.
  4. WTS 2x Demon Staff +8

    100kk set +6 full 4 pieces
  5. LF CP

  6. Time for new EVENT?

    On official I saw this one. And this cloak looks beautiful
  7. Demons staff 550kk Crystal dagger +12 350kk
  8. LF CP

    I have an PP 70 and EE 72 can change TO OL WC if need. Can play in EU prime. 19:00 to 00:00 CET Also Have Elemental Master 77lv Contact me only here on forum, not login atm. Having fun in another server.
  9. Delate PIN system please

  10. WTS crystal dagger +12

    Mail with offers to RoolBack.