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  1. This was in the moment when u and Kiril was crying to take you in my CP because ur failed? I cant remember well. Please remind me. Because it definatelly wasnt in the time when u were trash talking BizQQuit and Oppa when you were coming to my TS after i left Perkunas. It wasnt also in time when u were crying on my shoulder how much u hated Oppa party and yet stayed and sucked their dicks for XP after they stole your bishop and left your party broken for months. Doesnt matter.. had XP while they were protecting you. Wasnt it? Sorry i am old my memory plays me some times. P.S I am off now. When i feel an urge to speak with a spineless whore ill come back to you.
  2. Srsly dont drag me into this bullsh1t. I am not interested at all.
  3. Lived the moment when a mentally disabled pile of a sh1t will trying to flame me in forums Keep living with your obsession. So much fun to read.
  4. i just dont care for your shared mental problems. Please be mad somewhere and somehow else
  5. @pistolas keep me away from your retardnes please. Dont drag me into those bullsh1ts
  6. UP
  7. What topic is changed? You never wanted a fair fight. A fair fight means that you actually can lose and you dont play that way. You dont leave town if you dont have 2nd party behind back and the only possible location for going is ABG to gank 65-70 lvl chars untill BizQQuit gathers his party. In the current situation, on the moment when we started move down the ramp 2nd party started to run on our back. Nothing else to add. Noone is crying and noone besides dajtovilalge is spreading false info as usually. Its well known here and there is nothing else to be said about it. Funny is how only few people and its only from your side are confused between frustration and telling the truth.
  8. Who are you trying to lie? Yourself or what? By the time we started to move to ramp biz was already running on our back and that has nothing with your secret wish for a fair fight. Maybe there is still a sparks of normal L2 in some of your brains but they fading quickly. And our point of view changed according to your actions. Specially you who actually played with real community normal L2 should know that. Lets be honest here. There wasn't a normal side that would play that destructive in all those years of EU private servers. Even Pink and Lire on RPG were using their brains how things should be build. You witnessed it. Here on other side situation is completely different. Even after some balance has been done between primes and sides ( yet you outnumbering sieges with almost 100% more ppl ) you decided that thats not good enough and decided to zerg x2 in primes again. So i hope you understand that someone who chose that play style cant keep the respect that he had before, right? Even more pity is that you are actually happy with that and even bragging about it like some greatness is achieved.
  9. Oh noes ... We losing? What i am gonna do with my life now.
  10. Back in time was something different. I guess this happens latter when u start exchanging body fluids with Biz. You maybe achieving same characteristics. Otherwise.. i dnno how.
  11. Thats what i waited. A bag of sheet who barely speaks his own language to come and flame me for my English. Pls continue.
  12. Seems you care enough to come here and anal bleed all over the place. I definitely believing you. Every single word so far. Specially the once where you were trashing bizqquit and Oppa and in the very first chance you turned with the speed of light and sucked it so hard that you created a vacuum. Its Tuesday and i really have no wish to talk with an whores. Wait for friday please.
  13. And since your entire circus come to cry here for last night. Lovely to see how u trying to lie that u wanted a fair fight when Biz was rushing us on our back. You are same sh1t like him. Never was attempting to make a fair fight and prove that you are worthy. Main policy of your CP`s is if we dont have 30% more dont go. You can bark as much as you want here in forums. Community is constant +- some ppl and everyone know everything about other ppl here and no matter how much you scream nothing will be changed. You will remain same trash that never ever tried to compete in even numbers. Even in most of 9 vs 9 we had back in time you were calling CloudyQ CP to log ppl who wasnt sleeping vs our CP. Dont make me remind how much times you were coming with 10+ actives and 5-6 dps just to win pvp. Situation is like this... impression is already made and nothing would be changed no matter how much clowns you bring to the show to repeat one lie over and over again. P.S. anyway you dont need to improove your reputation since you recruiting ppl from very first lvl. Sitting and lurking forum for new recruits. I really dont see any point of continue this.