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  1. Truth is that no matter what ETE and Pistolas decided if Soil have even a drop of dignity left he would just give back clan and let ppl play normal...
  2. doubt that
  3. what ? where u killed us 3 times? Actually i am not bragging for anything. U r the one who is bleeding all over the forum. As i said it in many threads before.. you can call me for 9 vs 9 any time. Yet after months if crying here still i dont get a single PM.. just a random butthurt shouts all over LOA
  4. you had to post the fraps from karik bridge also
  5. не е зле... руснаци да пишат в българския форумЭнциклопедия_Lineage_2
  6. 5 pages only.. thats disappointing
  7. Soon...
  8. ... dnno if someone noticed but in 3-4? trains he got 00.02% .....
  9. 9v9

    because i dont see Uchi going and embarrassing himself in forums. Its you. Why u step back now?
  10. 9v9

    you are free to PM me for 9 vs 9 w/e u want
  11. first
  12. thats way outdated...
  13. i am rly rly sorry ...
  14. Maybe if you use ur brain even a little bit you would realize why you cant see me there
  15. i saw some very very sad pvps here....