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  1. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    how is hero necro competition going? Showing mad skills?
  2. pew pew

  3. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    and this is how you waste cloud space and internet
  4. All who came back.

    Just wait untill i get to ss in home
  5. All who came back.

    ye big time
  6. All who came back.

    how come you will mistake me with this noob ;(
  7. All who came back.

    @Myrtan what?
  8. Line Age

  9. Update server info before 2.0

  10. "Make percunas great again"

  11. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    Here, fixed for you
  12. 2.0 Open Beta Test

  13. Siege 13/08/17

    btw since noticed how many ppl are excited about this Russian clan tribunal preparing CP`s to start on 2.0. Let me enlight you for ppl who are not familiar with private servers. Tribunal as a clan existed only on Luna under leadership of Silent and forgot the nick of this HE ( wont dig forums now to find it, Yoshi if i am not wrong.. doesnt matter). Silent is currently on GK, running dagger group as he usually do Since Silent left Tribunal it become pathetic clan. They coming to every single big private server, bragging months before that in forums how they will be godlike and will smash every competition. Logging in / making chars and realizing that they are actually terrible in pvp ... becoming 2 max to 4 weeks of constant smashing their CPs all over the place ( usually 4 to 6 CP`s) and than noone understanding how they are quiting. Been on RPG , Been on dex, been on Core... So whoever have hopes for fresh Russian blood to this server can forget about it.
  14. Siege 13/08/17

    how come pointing the truth is insult to administration?