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  1. "Make percunas great again"

  2. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    Here, fixed for you
  3. 2.0 Open Beta Test

  4. Siege 13/08/17

    btw since noticed how many ppl are excited about this Russian clan tribunal preparing CP`s to start on 2.0. Let me enlight you for ppl who are not familiar with private servers. Tribunal as a clan existed only on Luna under leadership of Silent and forgot the nick of this HE ( wont dig forums now to find it, Yoshi if i am not wrong.. doesnt matter). Silent is currently on GK, running dagger group as he usually do Since Silent left Tribunal it become pathetic clan. They coming to every single big private server, bragging months before that in forums how they will be godlike and will smash every competition. Logging in / making chars and realizing that they are actually terrible in pvp ... becoming 2 max to 4 weeks of constant smashing their CPs all over the place ( usually 4 to 6 CP`s) and than noone understanding how they are quiting. Been on RPG , Been on dex, been on Core... So whoever have hopes for fresh Russian blood to this server can forget about it.
  5. Siege 13/08/17

    how come pointing the truth is insult to administration?
  6. Siege 13/08/17

    In a normal classic server with full content you would have XP runes and so on and so on and so on... If you do the math here you are lvling slower than on other places.... and since farming locations are also not like on off classic respawn of mobs / number of mobs here are reduced... You know the final result.
  7. Siege 13/08/17

    Loop macros are worthless in end game. You cant go and put loop macro on GC farm. Maybe here will be possible .. if magically again appears top A items +12 who are not enchanted by players on server.. maybe. But in a normal conditions loop macros are worthless. They are only wet dreams of archer parties on 1.5 who are above 72 ...
  8. Siege 13/08/17

    well what we got on the scale..... RU server - ru interface... ru community ... admin staf that will not tolerate big time EU ppl ... bunch of nolifing parties ( most of them end up in the very first 1 month of playing because of drama for real money) Club - 2 years no new content...lies from staff and hiding the fact that they have 0 control over updates of server and have no clue when they gonna do it or if they can do it... terrible community with low pvp skills ... I can keep going but this is enough...
  9. Siege 13/08/17

    you clearly have no idea What happened on Skelth cant be compared to any of russian servers. Skelth was used for RMT from most active russian parties who actually was 3 total, that would never happend in a russian server. Talking about drivers, paying blabla.. you dont have any clue what is the comunity, what their primes are and so on. 99% of those players there are regular ppl with 3-4 h of prime and on populated server like that there is just 2-3 max 5 no lifing parties splitted in major alliances. Region lock? rly? And since majority here are happy with below low lvl gameplay and curent comunity of server is like the worst i ever seen in past 12 years, i dont see how it can be lower than that.
  10. Siege 13/08/17

    you guys really spamming second section explaning how ppl who are leaving will come back? noone will come back once they leave. Noone would care for old sever where he has been lied for 2 years when he have ahead a normal server with guarantee updates / patches. About nolifing parties? Get real. Those parties will leave average farming locations in 2 days, after that those regular parties with 4-5h play time per day will be able to farm w/o any problem. 2.5 is not custom 1.5 with LOA only where there is 3 total spots for farming. Dont be delusional please.
  11. Siege 13/08/17

    there is no progress in your ally. Still terrible players who have no clue about the game, still running around like dogs and happy for each bone thrown at them.
  12. Why is china so mad ?

    never meet them so far. According to our rare meetings and sieges they are pathetic.
  13. Why is china so mad ?

    dont worry for China ppl at all. Those guys are beyond bad in PVP. Once you make gap of 8-10 lvls between them you can kill them easy.
  14. Siege 13/08/17

    this meanwhile...milking continue, a bit slower but its going