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  1. MoDoy vol. 5 February Olympiad

    SR fights were top
  2. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    i would like to congratulate pistolas for his hero DA. No matter that rest of the greek handless squad cant take a hero already 4 months since update and 2+ years wasted here. You did it good.. no matter that it takes you 4 months when ppl were taking heroes on 73-74 chars before you. Gz P.S. where were you been previous month? Why crawling out just now?
  3. Disturbing the peace II

    speaking about dicks, how is your time in SM going? Bet not that good since you probably still have Biz`s taste when you close your eyes. P.S. why you worrying so much about ROA etc? Since you all left because "sarvar tu hard man " and the remains barely reached A grade expertise you should not worry about it
  4. Disturbing the peace II

    actually now since you are here the circus is full... such entertainment to read that pleiades of handicapped players commending over someone`s pvp video Welcome aboard, please tell us something entertaining huehuehue necro.
  5. Disturbing the peace II

    I agree, years ahead there will be no such idiots to stay afk with Orfen 3 and drop it to enemies. How funny is to have all those amazing players commending over one video, Rizo, RoolBack, BlackJack, Modoy, Stiba, Demoss.. it gets better and better P.S Sayo malaka, buy superhaste
  6. 08.02, still no hero list available?
  7. Farewell...

    Ye, its quite special relationship
  8. Farewell...

    i cried when i saw how demos crying
  9. gratz to @pistolas and @GanjaRockzZz for heroes. We always knew you would have such oly results.
  10. First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    7 pages.. and not a single normal hero list.
  11. Jackals GhostHunter fun

    nice pig slaughtering
  12. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    how is hero necro competition going? Showing mad skills?
  13. pew pew

  14. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    and this is how you waste cloud space and internet
  15. All who came back.

    Just wait untill i get to ss in home