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  1. ​haaa:DD the sentence in red is really funny:DDD in green. now we see the truth, we knew ad is weak and cant take the presure, because we dont have such good online as vigi. i think he was happy they got kicked so they can go under soil. same sh1t as unique did when made out a conflict just to leave and join soil. good luck on epics p.s. rest sh1t like rmt and scamming is stupid, guys u just have to stop:))) talking to both sides ​ How come i am weak? At that point when my party got "kicked" Perkunas was fully in control of LOA, Vigilance entering loa 1-2 times per week and rare winning the pvp. Whole server know that BizQQuit dont fight in equal conditions. Else will zerg, else will bring party with 5+ lvl to kill the enemies. Let me get things clear for you, since you mentioned it. Never intended to join Vigilance, but since your party was so so butthurted and came to gank us and tried to PK us right after we got "kicked" you left us no choice. Anyway lets be honest here.. Soil is way way ahead as mentality and game knowledge than Biz ... after all we left exactly because your leader missing the necessary skill set for this. The facts were like this: He formed 250 ppl CC to fight vs 120-130 ppl fro Vigilance.. rarely were winning anything actually. Didn't had any clue about how to farm the epics and even back in time before Vigilance growing that big, he was sucking ES leader to help him farming epics. Overall count --- 250 ppl CC, 2 months - 0 epics. LoL.. when he took Oren he wanted to put 30% taxes there ... So let me sum it up for you if its not clear enough..... As i told months ago, the only orders that BizQQuit can give is .. orderins for a big mac in McDonald's We didnt left because of a pressure ( there has been non pressure at that time ). We left because BizQQuit is a clown and a complete retard, and all of us dont want to play with him in same clan.
  2. ​Didnt you see that coming? All those PR`s running around with epics, farming on 500 hp.. you even showed a video how you do it. Noone of you think about that ppl will start focusing those low HP PR`s and hunt them for drop?
  3. yep, we gathered everything that moved, yet we couldnt reach your numbers, should i say congratulation to u? ​ No, thats all.
  4. you proving nothing here with the screen of CC. Wasn't needed at all.. we know that you would gather everything that moves just to complete what you want.. This is clear to everyone already. I think organised scamming and allying with enemy alliance is saying all. Gotta love the new 45 lvl recruitment tho Cant wait to see them in action.. looks like the new demos group. Post some more screenshots pls....pretty pls
  5. I dont change my mind. I dont understand why would you even go and ally with enemies at all.... Facts are like this: You allied your war and came to forum to brag how you won. yet i cant understand what u won but.. i guess with the time i would.... And the monkey know about the scam and yet he is proud of it So .. i dont even see any reason to discuss that anymore. ​also if u want to point to other ppl, first look at you and your cp PS: before ppl come with "but its just 4kk, its like nothing", well, guess what, if i have 2kkk in my WH, homu+12 is nothing as well, scam as a scam Why would you screen something that can be just a simple typo...​ Why would you keep a screen of a trade for more than 5 months? Thats pitty
  6. Are you blind or just pretend? you have 29 parties we have 29 parties in CC. Actually thanks for showing that. was wondering what are the numbers because w/o at least 50 ppl difference u cant be that bad... well i am surprised, you actually can.
  7. ​I rly tryed to read all bullsh1ts but.. its imposible. Let me sum thing sup so far. You didnt kicked Rizo from clan because if you do it Uchi will leave clan also and since they are the ONLY party that you have in your entire cc that know what to do and how to it .. you are not that "rich". so... back on track. After you invited whole server and failed big time ( including 2 vs 1 allies ) you hit the rock bottom by commanding someone to scam a random guy just to hurt the enemy ally? you are a very very little man
  8. thats just the standards... its not you
  9. ye
  10. ofc you will.. you had fishfood at MA position ;(
  11. ​if i were you i would spend more time farming instead of forum fighting.. at least will try not to lose to a 1 month old 60 lvl packs....
  12. We pm`d because we know Rizo and You are one whole thing. BTW, take 1 from Mordekayser, heard he have some.
  13. 1k mmr?
  14. some sad nukers here ;(
  15. Just because Rizos asked for it POV: HE