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  1. UP
  2. blame Dare, Isane and IdiotOutsite.. rly.... Nice to see you
  3. POV: Necro Clan: OutOfControl
  4. UP
  5. давай new topic срочно
  6. This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
  7. UP
  8. UP
  9. WestWorld recruiting constant parties 67+ in EU prime time. Currently we have spot for 2 CP`s in EU prime time REQUIREMENTS:1) You have to be able to pvp (preferably with 2 hands)2) You have to be able to use some percentage of your brain (that means - no need brain dead ppl)3) Dont be jerks For more information: PM here in forum or PM in game "ScreamForMe Some propaganda: L2 Classic Club L2 EU - Core Server L2 RPG
  10. still.. wana bet?
  11. I bet they dont. Wana go forward?
  12. Truth is that no matter what ETE and Pistolas decided if Soil have even a drop of dignity left he would just give back clan and let ppl play normal...
  13. doubt that
  14. what ? where u killed us 3 times? Actually i am not bragging for anything. U r the one who is bleeding all over the forum. As i said it in many threads before.. you can call me for 9 vs 9 any time. Yet after months if crying here still i dont get a single PM.. just a random butthurt shouts all over LOA