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    It would be pretty cool to get some kind of inforgraphics for the past 5 years including all kinds of info... Apart from the info that can be found in ACP there could be pretty much anything that you could retrieve, e.g. which clans held which castle longest (and which clans took which castle first), which is the oldest active character, which char has highest online time cleaned of the offline shops, which is/was the highest enchanted item, who has used most enchants, number of banned bots, most common chars, which mob was killed the most or even some goofy stuff like who has most hats in their WH... It could really just be anything, I've seen on some recent screenshot you can see people's trades (so even stuff like what was the first trade or who has made most trades), I'm sure there're some other things that you can look into (anyone can suggest other ideas)
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    Dear players! Many Aden soldiers were killed, many weapons were broken in a fight with Mammon, which wouldn't be won without your help! Now Aden army starts rebuilding. Many new recruits joining the army, but Blacksmiths are struggling to make them all proper weapons in time. And result of a battle depends a lot on soldier's strength and a power of his weapon. So Blacksmith Ambassador Noos is here for your help! She will provide you a Guardian Weapon, which you need to enchant and return back to her in exchange for a reward. Better enchant - better reward! To get enchant scrolls, farm monsters 20+ all over the map, and get from them Scroll: Enchant Guardian Weapon Use them to enchant given by Noos Guardian Weapon. If you will break it, no worries! She will give you another one! With successfully enchanted weapon you can count on following rewards: Enchant +4 - 6 Novice Enchanter Box Enchant +7 - 9 Skilled Enchanter Box Enchant +10 - 16 Best Enchanter Box Enchant 17+ Best Enchanter Box + Mount: Blue Dynasty Unicorn And for Enchants farm to not be so boring, bring to Noos enchanted to +4 Guardian Weapon and she will give you a Blacksmith Blessing, which will increase your EXP/SP gain for next 4 hours, increasing every hour. You can exchange enchanted to +4 Guardian Weapon to Blacksmith Blessing every 12 hours. List of rewards, which can be obtained by opening Enchanter Boxes (1 reward from the list at the time): Hat, Agathion and Mount looks: Event duration: 07.09.2020 - 28.09.2020 NPC will stay till 02.10.2020 In order to see Event Items and NPC, Client update is required! Good luck to everyone! Best regards, Classic Team
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    Fortuna is back? Really? Can I join?
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    В понедельник или во вторник постараюсь обновить патчик, раньше к сожалению не смогу этого сделать.
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