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  1. 我没遇到过这个情况,你可以加入QQ群在新人群里提问
  2. HaOgU

    G4NK // Multipov

    fuck as many your asshole as you want. What a Psychopath. Sorry. I should talk reply it. Done. No more.
  3. Next time please mail - HaOgUspeller tax free.
  4. Don't use so many BUGs and Bugs will find you back
  5. HaOgU

    Gludio Castle Siege

    Good Try and Good fight
  6. All is the same, No matter what u did/ said/ , Different thinking / culture makes this world/ and also dif. players makes this server. Rainbow needs all colors. and server needs all players. Get used to it. And WuKong will be always with this server till ever. Happy new year to all, to server.
  7. We fight through the Eu prime to NA prime then to Asia prime...What a fighter...Thanks all WuKong members. You're truely warrior, 2am wake up and keep fighting! You deserve the winning
  8. HaOgU


    GF ! some guys just stay behine for camera..No flag..Was fun
  9. HaOgU

    WK Pvp Brazilian prime.

    Yes, recharge more, good fight!! Make me proud!!
  10. HaOgU

    3 years of highlights

    Where's sjeks , Miss him much...! He's the honorable friend!
  11. HaOgU

    Boring BD PoV

    GF, next time use Beer. faster...btw why the mobs has the title of lv, it's any plug-in unit?
  12. 遊戲中寫信給Haoguspeller
  13. Post more on report department and note the date. Bot is not allowed in this server!!
  14. What's that? report to GM if it's some wrong. please.
  15. I don't know how's the situation when he got summoned, but in video I don't see anything wrong, maybe you should teleport a little bit further.
  16. it's ok for more or less, it's a slowly server ..Im ok with more mobs or less mobs...