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  1. salaras

    Nauji zaidejai

    mane paimsi?
  2. salaras


    reikes pasijungti, prasibegti per lokacijas bent po pora h mobus padauzyt
  3. salaras


    smagu butu grizt, gaila tik kad laiko pakankamai nera
  4. salaras

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    yeah, atleast there are few sides, who can bite each other time to time
  5. salaras

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    nothing really changed from the last time ive been here. trashtalk here, trashtalk there, trashtalk everywhere
  6. salaras

    Last Week

    Viskas lyg ir gerai, bet su targetinimu problemos
  7. salaras

    2.0 Open Beta Test

    open beta till the end of october
  8. salaras

    Siege 13/08/17

    For now it could stay 1.5 forever
  9. salaras

    Too soon?

    So much trash talking, nothing changed here
  10. salaras

    It was ok. for 2 Years.

    2y of playing and never seen u. Lol Gl
  11. salaras

    2017 Lietuviai kaip jus?

    Galetumet visi i viena klana subegt
  12. salaras


    as usual, top nukers lf full support
  13. salaras

    Siege Thread 02/26/17

    Gz vig side, end game
  14. salaras


    Pistolas < any other DA Lol
  15. salaras

    Siege time

    it was announced a month ago lol