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Legendary Archer or Villainous Troll?

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So here it is, the promised 3000th post about thoughts people had when i claimed to get first SR hero on the server :P some were positive, some negative (screenshots are up to back from 2016)



(Kiams sarcasm when he logged trinx just to tease me)








here are the promised bets (sadly, i lost recording of @BlackJack saying the bet on TS, so only discord/TS chat)


first part was fullfilled - image.png.9f3ee80e4043e17088b2101f34cac7c5.png- now gotta wait for second part :P

(log from TS client)


And our old bishop from uchiha cp making bet with me @Assiriy , eventho he doesnt play anymore, still, bet is a bet


In the end, i finished with 190 points gained all in last 2 days of olympiad w/o clan/alliance feeding.

then after after it was all done, some people still said some funny things like

On 12/31/2017 at 2:13 AM, MusulmoN said:

no,at the end modoy had easy competitors and strike from 120 to 200 very fast :)

Sure, i maybe didnt get hardest match ups possible, but i would still say i got match ups which werent really that easy








some i lost and i fully blame random stun debuff duration for this :P 


also we had running meme with rizos that whenever i played vs mage who had summon, i had to kill it before i killed the actual target :Pmatch6.thumb.jpg.f3d907fbcf9084a3e392f10608cacd78.jpg




And ofc, i couldnt forget cherry at the end of this topic, from which i heard many people had nicer evening, is this:


On 8/5/2017 at 2:04 PM, Capone said:

-Archers are unable to kill a Gladi


Well ... i guess someone would like to disagree down there


so, eventho this was funny result, people could still say "well, you didnt really kill gladiator 1vs1, you just won on dmg", however after the match which came next, i guess nobody can doubt anymore, since he got to 0 HP in 1vs1 fight :D


Foolish boi



(props to Slimebow on discord for making this card :P modoy.jpg, so naturally +700% hero chat selling spam inc. down below)

PS: %Selling beautiful calendar with classic Blazing Swamp theme of your favourite hero, so do not hesitate and order it right now so you have have piece of me above your PC or bed! (teaser below)




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Congratz on being Hero .. 


and thanks for the props ...

but still .. making me post on the forums .. such a villain ... :)

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1 hour ago, ProGressive said:

It only shows how bad player we all are.

Especially me :/

Gz @MoDoy, I would never imagine I could lose to any archer. The things I said in past reffered to my pvps against archers in field I had back then and I didn't have any clue about the oly as this is my first server in L2. Don't reroll to dagger, you will have perma hero for this year.xD

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You forgot that he is always crying about gladiators also, imagine nerfs and living his wet dream killing a gladiator in 1v1 by using his brain and hiding behind trees, rocks, walls and elpies..

Forum heroes, ingame zeros?

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25 minutes ago, Rizos said:

Forum heroes, ingame zeros?

He didn't beat Capone/Eulogist so you should not even quote his words here. ;) 


p.s We achieved a lot in this game as JGL expanding from one mixed party to a big alliance farming epics etc. One failure doen't make anyone a zero, and you should silence your arrogance.

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1 hour ago, Myrtan said:

p.s We achieved a lot in this game as JGL expanding from one mixed party to a big alliance farming epics etc. One failure doen't make anyone a zero, and you should silence your arrogance.


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