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  1. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    Bigger keyboard not problem for my handball hands... 😂😎
  2. about new bosses

    @San0 Mini Epics close from being done, expect some news on this in short period of time. some decisions still to be made about their re-spawn times. Any new info about this? Keep good work up... 😊
  3. Summoner CP eur reclut lvl 53-62

    Show me one OP summoners party FREE BUMP !!!
  4. Is it...?

    Missing something? It's quite expensive, yes. Only dyes cost ~30kk + fee.
  5. WTB Yaksa +12 or Berserker blade +10+

  6. Rumble in the Jungle! vol2

    Maybe there lvl difference works differently, right... 5-7 lvl diff is enough... If lower lvl hitting higher lvl with 6-8 nukes and he is still alive and higher lvl kill u with 2-3 hits then, of course, reputation point difference is like on that screen
  7. FearNoOne CP - Daily PvP - vol.11

    That's why hit "sad" reaction on post
  8. HorrorKnight

  9. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Don't make multiple quotes in one single post... Keep it up...
  10. Low eu cp recruiting (DA/SK/WL)

    Is it so hard find 1DD 76+?
  11. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    1st April fool... I'm so excited...
  12. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    We weren't focused on pve... Personally I was sick what happened from WS and had enough of politics. And anyway we fought back if someone attacked us... I remember when some ppl from 1 clan attacked me and some don't... That was funny times... And then was alone on club from TT... Sad...
  13. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    @Yomana I know, man... We were incomplete CP... I wanted more PvP against other parties... And then I had different play time so started logging in the game too late. This is a reason why I didn't play on Stiba's server... Can't be available on PC in EU prime-time (18:00-22:00). But all this is too off - topic, sry for that
  14. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    @Yomana Did you see difference if you talking about Stiba and if Xafi talking about Stiba? You know Stiba, Xafi don't... That's my point... Anyway I saw so many my previous enemies reloging many times in a row... Cuz i was there and exped near them. That is not heroic dead if I die in solo location against full party...