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  1. CS

    omg, Sensei leave me alone... im not Stiba u are annoying as hell... Have huge concern about ur mental health... make more screenshots about Stiba... Are u addicted to him? Malaka, come on!
  2. CS

    no its not normal but come on, how old are u (no offense)... just take over it...(that's why dont talk with Sensei, he is meaning like all the time, he dont want discuss just forum fight) what i try to say, all my experience with ZacMan, iH3art was on normal lvl... And all what i know greek is "malaka"
  3. CS

    I have no problem with any of them... they are both normal men, ZacMan choose another way (he want to play with his friends) and i respected that and iH3art still playing with us, he has hard job to do and he is still online as hell (i dont know how u doing it, malaka ) so im still confused what u talking about... and u say dont care but obviously do...
  4. To be reminded whos your daddy!!

    Go team Myrtan go go ... its nice to see you happy again on forum.. P.S. gl malakas
  5. CS

    what u telling me now, im confused a little bit... cuz iH3art is iH3art and ZacMan is ZacMan.. they are two different persons...
  6. CS

    TY... yes, i know about that.. and he play here again with his friends..
  7. CS

    yes, im sure... that link says nothing about what i said.. so?
  8. CS

    ZacMan leaved cuz he went on official server... so what tha hack u talking about?
  9. CS

    why u talking about 9v9 over and over again.. we dont have even 6 actvive ppl in our CP... we recruiting all the time.. cuz we have bad luck with ppl yes, no longest just longer... ty yes, SM recruiting everything from last days on 1.5 and u have more and more untaged members im and i will be better than stiba, always... i dont call it excuses - simply facts regrouping CPs, no shame... u knows nothings.. so.. ??? dont understand.. u still talking about stiba even he is not here... summon @Stiba007 pls
  10. CS

    what u mean 5+, or in what time? ... cuz when i BSOEed we were there just Stiba and me with boxed OL, PP, BD... it's 5 but everybody knows PP and BD are low lvl without clan and maybe u count all my summons aswell.. hmmm, hmmm.. If i have 4 summons, so we were there 4 unicorns, 1 panther, stiba, pp, bd, ol, 1 checker, me 10ppl or OVER 9000 aaaaaaaa
  11. Summoners while on Mount

    Are u sure? ehmm..
  12. CS

    i used 1 bsoe last night (wrong call, he said many enemies cuz we were ganged atlest 3 times with SM zerg), so its ok...i dont have it more..
  13. Infinite Zoom

    There is infinite zoom in client... Make check file with the updater...
  14. Omg rly?