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  1. And it's helps to economy... Anyway u can do anything what is not forbiden, right? Is it immoral conduct? yes. Is it not fair? yes But...
  2. Random content.

    So? Only rly straight man whos sure about his sexuality can write that... Anyway im happily married more than 5y... P.S. Rather i never tell u what we doing in shower with my handball team mates... (Every sportsmen knows)
  3. Random content.

    That was meant for future and for everyone, no offense disagree As i wrote: And sometimes i have different opinion as Stiba has, but i love him so much... Number advantage doesn't mean real player on char, u know it. But finaly we find enough of players for our party and we fight back in last month more often. And that is a fact, every party has is own progresses...
  4. Random content.

    we trying to learn from every pvp, no matter if we lose or win. there is no fair pvp and this is a beauty of this game i see how lvl diff matters every day, even 3 lvl difference so... If u wanna know our lvls range its not a problem for me. Our max lvl is 73 (OL) and we have lowest lvl on DDs, so our damage focus on 1 target is rly low P.S. Pls dont troll me on forum, i have enough age being resistant... And sometimes i have different opinion as Stiba has, but i love him so much...
  5. Who is who?

    I'm wondering which button will hit Tyriastenne... No one knows his/her gender... 😁
  6. Necro gaming

    It's still low chance for removing debuffs... but yes, u have that option to try remove them...
  7. Strongest clan

    There si many good clans, but is low activity in summer time. For example im planing playing again in september and many ppl from TT playing less. Also in other clans. My favorites clans are SM, OOC, JF ( but they are so immature, not all of them ) How u see i like all of my enemy's clans.
  8. RIPBottaki

    omg, not again this topic..
  9. Dagger classes

    Reason why i dont like TH, his land rate is too low for me...
  10. Help me choose a good class

    yes, i know that, after lvl 77 no problem for EM -> Elemental Master It will be nice being in party with another EMs Const party: OMG Squad Clan: RedMightyTeam Video
  11. Help me choose an archer

    Its not an answer... So im playing EL Elemental summoner -> Elemenetal -> EL or shorter way Elemental summoner -> EL
  12. Help me choose an archer

    Pls, tell me, how u get HK from HawkEye? Anyway SR is the way...
  13. Help me choose a good class

    Agree with that removing summoner's buff summons, but we will force change our party usefulness. No more mage party Yes, we have merrow with AoE mage nuke, but it will be lower dmg than one more nuker in party. Dagger party will be a solution, maybe !?!?! Or any tips ?
  14. Elemental summoner

    yes, gfbot agreed, but no pvp then, even dont try it...
  15. Elemental summoner

    Log PP, buff yourself, relog PP for BD and go exp... I'm exping with PP only.