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  1. lol, no Aqua cubic, maybe...
  2. Ak ta odradilo PK na lvl 15, tak pochybujem, ze budes chciet hrat niekoho postavu na lvl 60-70... Tam je uplne bezne zabit niekoho na PK len tak, lebo nie je z klanu/ally...
  3. WHAT? u are funny guys.. loel... Lafi: JOINED November 8, 2016 hahahaha, check the fact at fist, if im not forum hero that doesnt mean i was registered today This is my 3rd post here... And im not a kid who reacting in affection, be sure, i reading forum every day. But so many hate and bad behavior never seen befor on any game forum. So im lazy to write here something Lafi - Elemental Summoner
  4. @Myrtan I dont understand why u are so cocky against all TT players and u hate them so much. I never trashtalking after fight. I know im a low lvl player, but trying fighting back almost all the time... even when i know im gonna lose that fight (hello to @pistolas) And about exping in FoM/SoS, we are lvls 60+, 3 memebers lvl70 so its our lvl range spots, so... And our mages are 55+, so that a reason why im exping solo, mostly... If u are insulted by anyone from TT, write ur comment concrete to him, dont put all TT memebers in one bag... pls About voting, voted for "NO" if someone has enough adena to use it, so be it Lafi - Elemental Summoner
  5. <----​Profesional handball player...