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  1. Disrespect for United Clan!

    Vas, focus on cores pls
  2. bugs like what? all that above its features.
  3. yea, if game allow you to do that, why not?
  4. i talk about shitty rules. not about rb in castle. I've never read this rules before. About RB, if you luring it inside but kill outside -> thats okay.
  5. Lv76+ forcing flag on 40s to steal items

    Aaaaaaaahh somebody messing my farm gonna report him Q_Q
  6. 1.14 Interfere with the other players’ gameplay, mechanically restricting their access to locations or NPCs. (for example, blocking access to the GC with summons, pets, transformations, etc.). This is a joke, bcz than all should be banned for blocking castle door with sieges golems. why nobody think 2 steps ahead....
  7. You can pull RB in to the castle (well you could before last patch when u cant pull RBS) and it wasnt bannable on retail. I remember was pulling it 9 hours and killed it later outside of the gate. About mobs and fort - you cant get it to the fort legal way - so that's why its bannable, if you could control fort you can do it also.
  8. yeap new system suck, but good that i can log 9 PK Unicorns
  9. damn how i love when some LSP cry on this forum and try to change game features cuz he not smart enough to use it, eh remember, people that cry to change PK system.
  10. AHAHAHAH DAMN I was thinking better about this freeshard. there is nothing abandoned to lure RB into a castle.
  11. MVP

  12. Bug guard/core olympiad

    it can be, it has cast.