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  1. pfff. making 1kkk exp / day on x1 p.s. solo
  2. you talk about one and a half party that wanted to join and stay in their own clan? And I regret later...
  3. Make war vs all and dominate alone was better strategy isnt it?
  4. aden still on perkz - nothing interesting
  5. Agree, at least you will see Baium on login screen
  6. another one babycryer
  7. one party = 1147 / 21 = 54 members
  8. lemmings there is no masscubics on live, don't forget that pony and buff cats its this server custom addon.
  9. I have some plans in 2.0
  10. -Zerkunas will take whatever they want. -Leavers will show who is daddy here. -Random multybox farmer will take Aden. -New Star Wars suck.
  11. im thinking to have some fun on 2.0 ;D
  12. The thing is when you die to mob in zone you drop gear. And alot (like 50-60) 1 lvl twinks were tryin to run inside to loot something.
  13. Better than RiseOfPerkunas
  14. I dont understand why there is no guys that should fight on forum?