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  1. Aduha

    its rly bot ?

    wts bat file for instant relog all boxes. pm
  2. Aduha

    Party matching police

    feels like in USSR and pegasus KGB snitch
  3. Aduha

    [FIXED]Noblesse scroll bug

  4. Aduha

    WTS ES oly driving

  5. Aduha


    Take care
  6. Aduha

    Talisman of Liberate

    Apocalypse is already announced
  7. 15% clean damage
  8. Aduha


    Biz drive 5 out of 9 chars in his party in this movie
  9. Aduha

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    everybody editing their posts, lolkekcheburek
  10. Aduha

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    its not works like that in classic, its absolutely random
  11. Aduha

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    lol interlude fighter detected.
  12. Aduha

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    wat 5 secs?
  13. Aduha

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    when they will fix that skill, spoilers already will have Backstab.
  14. Aduha

    Бан аккаунта

    range of targetnext is 600. go ahead.
  15. Aduha

    Бан аккаунта

    its not far, the macro is targetnext attack delay 6. If somebody would start to check me on loop macro, im probably will start shadowplay and record some actions that proof that im not afk, but i'll not answer anyone or stop my macro cuz its my choice . And what you will do after i publish that shadowplay where you can see that it was not "afk" ? will you apologize or what? lol.