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  1. another one babycryer
  2. one party = 1147 / 21 = 54 members
  3. lemmings there is no masscubics on live, don't forget that pony and buff cats its this server custom addon.
  4. I have some plans in 2.0
  5. -Zerkunas will take whatever they want. -Leavers will show who is daddy here. -Random multybox farmer will take Aden. -New Star Wars suck.
  6. im thinking to have some fun on 2.0 ;D
  7. The thing is when you die to mob in zone you drop gear. And alot (like 50-60) 1 lvl twinks were tryin to run inside to loot something.
  8. Better than RiseOfPerkunas
  9. I dont understand why there is no guys that should fight on forum?
  10. fixed
  11. How will it be?
  12. lol than the half of the server would be banned xa-xa
  13. AOS (all options suck)
  14. And may be you bugged?