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  1. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    Besides the fact that its so comfortable to have everything in one place, GH with free shops is also a great in-game advertisement for newcomers- big, free, competitive market and healthy economics, ability to start your "business" from very first day, no need to run through different towns in search of resources. Even if shops remain free for towns too, so many shops can't fit on Giran town square, it will be so crowded that you won't be even able to place a shop or move through them. Everything was great in GH before 2.0, shops were even divided by content, crafters in same place, spellbooks far on left, shots on right side, buffers in the middle, etc.. These talks about transferring market to Giran started again because now harbor is big unorganised mess, so adding that non-trading middle "alley" as it was before will be easier and will make GH the real market place again as it was before 2.0 - place where you could chat, trade, ask for help/buff, breathe fresh salty air, see jackal's +16 bow (rip)
  2. insomnia colored system message.

    i'm of course newbie but how (how, not why ) san0 went masochist style? is self-dmg possible?
  3. once you see it, can't unsee it..
  4. Violation of 1.14 rule

    By "NPC" they mean npc, not monsters - gatekeepers, shop-store npc-s, quest npc etc. Otherwise there would be written "to locations and npc/monsters". NPC -non-player character (it also means nuclear pore complex but not here i hope ) - "character" is not monster
  5. Missing % on server

    I will try to explain more simply F.e. If in 1.5 you needed 100k xp (76-->77) and now in 2.0 you need 141kk, it means you need 41% more xp than before. thats why you lost ~41% of your xp. For 12% you lost 5% because 5 is 41% of 12, Also for 36% you lost 15% because 15 is 41% of 36, etc.. I hope i'm right anyway, good luck
  6. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    Great job and thanks for your effort Sorry if i missed this while reading, but can you tell me pls, A grade accessories will be both Phoenix and Majestic jewelry or only one of them, and how to unseal A grade items.
  7. 2.0 Open Beta Test

    You didn't fit BizQQuiT's cp because of your rude, insolent and double-faced behavior, ppl in biz's cp are friendly, honest, polite and respect each other, and yes, you didn't fit that type
  8. Pastafarian Every time i would see this nick, it would remind me of their Flying Spaghetti Monster and make me smile P.S. I advice to check their religion - Pastafarianism
  9. Too soon?

    That moment when losing in discussion side runs out of arguments and drags in some out of game staff, like nationality or jobs. He knows how to start, with whom to continue, how to win. Whoever biz was, he owned you. That's the fact, and you won't ever admit it, same as you can't even admit the simple fact that he kicked you from clan, because I don't believe, i KNOW - you were kicked.
  10. Too soon?

    Since Biz kicked AD from Perks, not joining DL in search of epics, nor reroling in mage cp, helped him to stop sinking to the bottom, where Biz threw him - to the sewerage system of server -ES/Rebirth, which absorbs all low quality waste matters of real allies. This topic - such a desperate excitement of envious greedy loser (no epics, no castle..) hoping to finally crawl out off the swamp.
  11. Since the 9vs9 is the new trend

    Here also no ally, right? "what ally, no same crest" Ally means not only having common ally chat, but fighting together against same war. Not having "official" ally crest changes nothing, just no need of loud/proud words "we don't have other clans in ally", "we aren't scared".. every time i see ooc in pvp against ws, it makes ally with any clan possible
  12. Since the 9vs9 is the new trend

    Just to keep you updated, watch from 2:33-5:00
  13. Since the 9vs9 is the new trend

    Ah, even 9 + 1 ooc, my bad, sorry seems not strong in maths or just believed in title
  14. Since the 9vs9 is the new trend

    It's not entertaining pvp movie i guess, wasn't supposed to be so as its ordinary fraps published not even "public" on youtube. As i see, the point of it is to show how 9vs9 ends and why there are no such videos. For those who can't count -pause on 0:09, there are 8 ooc with sws in front, you're welcome
  15. QHP Potions in Castles

    This is poll's author's quote from other thread, but yet related to poll: "Just delete them from castles please. Enemy side has all castles and with sh1t like this we will have no reason to keep playing here." Correct me if i'm wrong, but since the day first castle was taken, QHP was available. There were periods when "enemy side" had only one or even, no castle at all, and i don't remember this "problem" bothering anyone, especially making anyone to leave server. I don't think such ultimatums "remove/add this/that or we leave server" work on admins. As i see in this video, the problem is not QHP itself, but the way he uses it - "unhuman" way may be, what can be checked by admins. Can't just "delete" any feature if someone for some reason doesn't like it. At least, there must be provided some suggestions how to correct/balance it, as Blackjack said - add CD or weight. If the results of this pole will remove QHP completely, the next pole i will make will be about removing all those 10+ laser-starwar weapons or at least limiting the OE possibility.