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  1. I understand that players must be attentive when purchasing, but this is too much. He was spamming GH with his "wts" p.s. no, i didn't buy "BOP shaft" from him
  2. On the server, where there are two (especially equally strong) sides, no ally is destroyed "just itself", "just from inside" All those "inner conflicts", "leader quitting" and other reasons, are the results of some smart, long-term plan p.s. "just my" opinion
  3. This thread had time restriction? Making thread with "/discuss" at the end and after 11 mins giving "that" conclusion i have a feeling that thread author had prepared that sentence in advance and wanted to post it so badly
  4. ​pls quote me a comment i say its unfair about our case, i dont create this thread to talk about fairness, as you said, i created to raise awareness about a bunch of scum bags from our community, thats all And, LOL, you still consider their act and the case with Rizos is the same, lol, ok ​http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/11447-items-loss-on-shared-with-you-accounts/ Kse's thread was made to just aware people, so it was already done, i don't think anyone so far doesn't know about risk loosing char/items. This thread was made to point personal names and call them dirty thieves. I just got curious, why action of joining war from close friend is not dirty and its "just a game", and getting back char/item to not let it used by war is "dirty robbery". Well, i got one thing - judging actions here is very subjective. p.s. It was you who mentioned Rizo first, my topics had nothing to do with it
  5. ​becoz even they were friends, but Eirene didnt join their clan or their Cp, not even in an ally clan, hes alone, as i said many times before, HE WAS ALONE, he got no CP, no clan, no any kind of support or helps from his "friends", he even had to donated himself to have adena to buy his gears, he join random party from 30-66 till the day he joined my Cp. In short, friends is friends, we can talk, we can laugh with each other but it doesnt mean we always have to be in the same side, espeacially in a GAME. when i recruit him, i didnt even have to say anything, i saw him alone, i pm him "hey man, we need mage player, intersting?", and he said "yes", simple like that, only ppl take this game too serious, more serious than a normal relationship would consider this as "betrayal", i still have friends in perkunas side, we still talks sometimes, whats the big deal? about "scamming", you ppl is trying too hard to twist the ideal of this game, everybody know in classic version we have very high chance to drop items from inventory, and we also know we have stun/fear/etc... that also mean when you bring your char outside of town, you have to be carefull all the times, and when your items dropped, its a part of a game, its unfair but its how this game was made, no one logging your char to trade your item, and no one change your account password to rob your items. Thats why Rizo's case and Eirene's case are 2 different case, i still dont know why you guys cant even understand that. ​I didn't relate this "unfair" way to "stun/fear under mobs" to anyone in particular, neither to Rizo too, was no need to mention Rizo's case 1000th times. Its common way used very often, i was stunned several times under mobs back in 1.0 times when simple C grade equip was harder to get than BOP is now. So, yes, its just a game, But When one side uses those "unfair", (not honourable personally for me) ways against war, its "just a game" and "not a big deal", but when same is done from war side, it's called with loud words "lying", "robbing" I just see double standards here
  6. When thread is made on forum, especially with such "announcing" tittle, it is intended to gain as much attention as possible, mainly from ordinary people who doesn't know the story, including me. There are no details, no before-after story, what was the deal, agreement, etc.. So, as an ordinary forum reader, i got this from original post: "Eirene (in-game name) was a friend in real life of Hemera and his gang, Hemera shared an mage char to him and let him use it." I also read many topics including words "close friend" "dirty" "scammer". Another line also from original post: "we SoulMate clan - which another vietnamese clan need more members so we recruited him" I understand that there are different societies in different countries and may be i simply don't get it, but how "joining war side" from close real life friend is not dirty, and after this action of char owner to get it back is dirty, called "robbing" (btw, i agree that its very "low behaviour" even if its game) And about "scamming" As far as i see in this game, (and not only this game) every side uses many ways to weaken war side, make more/less troubles for them and profit for own side, including looting items from war. So, how "stealing" of that +12 weapon bought/used by war, differs from stunning war under mobs to get his equipment? In both cases you try to get what's not yours by "unfair" action. And about "scamming" again - nobody can scam you, unless your acc is hacked. In all other cases, YOU let them get scammed/robbed.
  7. ​who are you ? ​Finally R.I.P. Reaver's era
  8. Why make game easier for some potential players who may be will start play if server will be easy? Who wants to play classic, will play. Its already unfair to old players, who play more than year. We were dying under -10%, had less xp, less adena, were scratching mobs without shots because no adena for it, were happy with our first D weapon, second profession was real achievment, and after crafting C weapon, we had no adena even for tp Who thinks this is too hardcore, i advice to check the name of server: it says - "classic" If all these starter packs/sets and herbs and free offline shops and other changes "to ease" the gameplay aren't enough for someone, they will anyway complain by any reason: Why make profession quest, lets put npc who will just give it to you; Lets sell all C grade staff in aden - why bother new players with crafting or waiting for drop; In addition to instant buff scrolls and nobles buff lets allow one stationary buffer bot in town; Make songs and dances 20 mins -why waste slot in pt for them; Of course mp potions in town shops, and make them with 0 reuse, cheap and with 0 weight, to carry more; etc.. p.s. We already have all possible terrible agathions, thats more than enough
  9. I don't really understand this "meat/flag" importance. As i see, numbers of opposite sides were about 180/210, in small numbers its like 6/7, how for one side it can be categorised as "having meat" and not for another? Also i believe this "extra" number is made of people about 60 lvl, not 70+, so that couldn't make any significant difference. Also, aren't those flags work exactly in same way for both sides?- instant respawn, wasting enemy's mana. It misleadingly seems as if one side had delayed respawn and other side instant respawn and infinite mana. Both sides were in identical conditions, so i dont even see the reason of complaining. Server is growing, more people will join, high lvl players with weak will and low spirit will quit, "meat" with strong spirits will grow and reign Just enjoy playing, have fun and thank admins for awesome server
  10. ​ personal connoisseur angel of baluu's red wines
  11. hello my dears) i'm so into this event many thanks for it <3 i don't really know how it works and sorry if i'm asking for something impossible or hard to do, but: its really annoying when you have to clear you inventory to less then 80% in order to proceed with quest at npc. every time you must (delete, sell) store your items in wh and then withdraw them back. can you remove this option pls? its really makes discomfort, especially during event period when you need 4-5 slots for event itself. thank you anyway regardless of result) at least you read
  12. There was a chinese poet Li Bo (Li Bai) who died after falling from his boat when he tried to embrace the reflection of the moon in the Yangtze River. When you see this sparkling moon in the dark blue water of Giran harbor, you understand him