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  1. Leading technology

    Poseidon is dead mainly when he is boxed, cuz when he is not, it looks like this
  2. "My plan was to farm CRP"


    @BlackJack masterclasses

    I guess you weren't even drunk when left char afk equipped with epics. Not you who must be surprised by anything in this game. The main point was to make the rule more clear, personally me, i dont care neither about killing rb, nor ban and especially about ppl excited by any of this. p.s. i can say even more - i dont see on that screen how access to rb was restricted. nobody killing it, and nobody is asking Poseidon to let them in. Maybe he would open doors and invite if asked politely

    We are talking about Lineage 2 game, and in this particular game, monster and npc are different things. There is NO npc listed in Monsters lists on any Lineage 2 site. This 1.14 rule definitely needs more clarification since its not first time it is subject of discussion. Also ordinary in-game feature such as opening-closing castle gates can not be counted as "restriction" because its not made artificially, and if it is restriction, then anything can mean restriction like pk-ing chars to not reach monster/npc and all those ppl with or without pets around olympiad managers or gatekeepers should be banned because they make impossible to target npc. ( yes, they restrict me to access npc by clicking with mouse)

    Easily can ask the same -since when mobs are NPCs? We don't need two different terms for same thing. I couldnt find any single npc in monsters list on any l2 site. Mob is not NPC

    1.14 Interfere with the other players’ gameplay, mechanically restricting their access to locations or NPCs. (for example, blocking access to the GC with summons, pets, transformations, etc.). NPC- non-player character - means npc, not mob - gatekeepers, shop-store npc, quest npc etc. Also restricting access to locations means artificially blocking the way which must be accessible for all. Would someone like to clear this rule for me, how it relates to mobs locked in castle. And no need to put me in defenders team or w.e please. If we have rules, they must be clear. If it includes mobs, then there must be written "to locations or NPC/Monsters". If i will pk all players trying to come to "Holy ark chest" in cemetery, will it be counted as "restricting access"?
  8. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    Was interesting and surprisingly not boring for such length Waiting for next video where you farm oly hard and fight against all, including your clanmates and especially hero pretenders. Your leader will take it easy and won't dislike/hate you if you kill his ppl on oly i guess. Good luck killing them
  9. Sieges

    When planning siege: Plan A : If server crashes on first minutes of siege Plan B : If server crashes on last minutes of siege * Plan C : If no server crash during siege _____
  10. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    Besides the fact that its so comfortable to have everything in one place, GH with free shops is also a great in-game advertisement for newcomers- big, free, competitive market and healthy economics, ability to start your "business" from very first day, no need to run through different towns in search of resources. Even if shops remain free for towns too, so many shops can't fit on Giran town square, it will be so crowded that you won't be even able to place a shop or move through them. Everything was great in GH before 2.0, shops were even divided by content, crafters in same place, spellbooks far on left, shots on right side, buffers in the middle, etc.. These talks about transferring market to Giran started again because now harbor is big unorganised mess, so adding that non-trading middle "alley" as it was before will be easier and will make GH the real market place again as it was before 2.0 - place where you could chat, trade, ask for help/buff, breathe fresh salty air, see jackal's +16 bow (rip)
  11. insomnia colored system message.

    i'm of course newbie but how (how, not why ) san0 went masochist style? is self-dmg possible?
  12. once you see it, can't unsee it..
  13. Violation of 1.14 rule

    By "NPC" they mean npc, not monsters - gatekeepers, shop-store npc-s, quest npc etc. Otherwise there would be written "to locations and npc/monsters". NPC -non-player character (it also means nuclear pore complex but not here i hope ) - "character" is not monster
  14. Missing % on server

    I will try to explain more simply F.e. If in 1.5 you needed 100k xp (76-->77) and now in 2.0 you need 141kk, it means you need 41% more xp than before. thats why you lost ~41% of your xp. For 12% you lost 5% because 5 is 41% of 12, Also for 36% you lost 15% because 15 is 41% of 36, etc.. I hope i'm right anyway, good luck
  15. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    Great job and thanks for your effort Sorry if i missed this while reading, but can you tell me pls, A grade accessories will be both Phoenix and Majestic jewelry or only one of them, and how to unseal A grade items.