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  1. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    Topic Updated, some fresh slots in clan too
  2. class change delay

    It will be done after next maintenance so monday 11:00 AM
  3. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

  4. Unable to stream

    I'm not getting you guys... New guy is joining the server. Since the very begging he's streaming every day, doing a lot to advertise this server. When he complain about some asshole messing with his raids you're all jumping on him like hungry wolves.... What's wrong with you guys... Does it hurt you so much that some guy like to play here and want to have some fun with it? Not everyone needs to be PvP God, play 24/7, treat this game as second life. Keep up the good work @Cbiscuit !!!!
  5. Global discussion

    Just to be ready, lesson no1: 你好 - ni hao / nĭ hăo - hello, hi, how do you do, how are you
  6. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

  7. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    Taurln wants you to join us too!!!!
  8. Question about exp in party

    I'm not sure if it's still valid but about party exp: and about exp with higher/lower lvls
  9. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

  10. this server is free ?

    Yes, it is free but as you wrote before you wanted to "play in officiel server for free" This server is Private not Classic About online this is biggest non RU Classic server ^^
  11. this server is free ?

    There is no Official server for free. There are several Official servers: EU Ofi is directed to english speaking community and RU Ofi servers to RU community (so the language is the difference). And there is ofc L2 Classic Club which is Private (global) server and this one is for free If you like to play on Ofi for free, you won't But you're free to join the "Club"
  12. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    Edited ==> OL joined
  13. Mighty DorFs UniTeD

    4th lvl, PvE orientated, Mighty Clan of DorFsUniTeD currently looking for some brave 60+ companions to play with: Sword Singer Elven Elder Phantom Summoner Dark Avenger or Shilen Knight WC Archers Pm on forum or contact in game ==> PLNK, Producer, HotPepper *EU Prime would be great
  14. When 2nd Taurin come back xD

    As a totally random, internet guy (which has nothing to do with creation of fake keeper) I need to say that this new Taurln looks very reliable to me. What is speaking in his favor is 0 adena fee! Just thinks how many times you were charge too much just to store some trash. Now it's totally for free so don't w8 and visit new guy in town.
  15. Useskillforce

    As far as I remember "Hex" didn't work with /useskillforce to