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  1. ​same with spell casting interruption, it seems to not work correctly. considering that most mages go -15 men (if it has any influence) i would expect to see more casting interruptions, but havent found official tests to prove it either
  2. Base land rate of all tested stuns is 90% you can start working from this and compare with our sv
  3. Everything Soil and Rizos said Personally, I did many lvls with my th in a duo with a sws of my level since i was lvl 30, and sometimes + 1box (se, wc, pp, they all work fine). Always hit on the mobs back(+ crit rate and damage), because after lvl 40, dagger mastery triggers a "clarity" buff when you crit (with some %) that will make your lvling more efficient. Best duo/trio set up is debatable, but as Rizos said, stigma is a must if you go mele, and if you combine it with an hex (from bd, or other classes) much better. So maybe Se + Sws/BD + dagger Go for dagger!
  4. ​san0 said that 1 con is like 0.3% stun resistance atm. So if you got +15 con with doom heavy, you got 4.5% increased stun resistance, its not that much and for me the CON system is fine. But hammer crush and blaster are surely not fine. Of course there are chances that you can get stunned 5 times in a row but there are chances to resist 5 times in a row, in overall after proofs, these stuns got less land rate than should have. Debuffs are like 90% on same levels because when 2 comes, there will be buffs with debuffs resistance, so the chances will be much lower than now. What if "base stats" itself are counted as well as an "added" resistance against stun? if it is like that then human warrior 43 CON +12 CON from dyes +3 CON from doom heavy set = 58 con multiplied per 0.3 = 17.4% more resistance than in official maybe that could explain something ?
  5. I won the bet @Rizos !!
  6. With 50 tries i got 40/50 land rate in lvl 40 he against lvl 40 th (80% land rate) Then 50 tries with same characters, but th with +12 con and i got 32/50 land rate (64% land rate) (1.5 test server) edit: i know its not enough, but its something
  7. Can admin confirm if Con is affecting stun land rate? same target, no dyes and then with +12 con. The land rate tool will save hours of tries. And check in 80 con. If target becomes practically inmune to stun, and the land rate system doesnt change, then it doesnt take into cosideration stats influence and therefore its wrong Sleep, bleed, poison, root, curse fear are affected by stats too. Anchor is not affected (con, men, wit) @Rizos where did San0 say that it is influenced by con? can not find it
  8. Maybe you should have done a higher number of tries. How can it be posible that there is 14% difference on land rate between hammer crush and sonic blaster if they are supose to have the same? How it can be posible that hammer crush has 56% stun land rate against lv. 71 if in San0 tests it has 65% against lvl 76?Attacker had lv. 74 stun as well.
  9. If i remember right that stun chart is from 1.0 with lvl 40 characters. it could be posible that this land rate is not supose to be constant through lv. 40-75. We need official tests in lvl 75 to confirm Agree
  10. Buenas. Estamos reclutando gente lv. 60+. Principalmente, clases support y tanques Bishop, EE, Se, WC, Ol, PP Cualquier tanque / sws o bd Prime time: GMT-3 20:00 + Alianza: Eternal shine Clan hall en dion Lider: Canito
  11. ​on youtube its 0 likes and 3 dislikes already:) i think this was ultimate butthurt +1
  12. If you ever wondered how would it look like if you could move the camera, this is for you