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  1. Up Reclutamos todas las clases, jugamos como Clan, no como CP. Si sos lv. 60+ y estas interesado, mail in-game a Canito (Lider) Prime Time GMT-3 20:00+ Clan Hall: Dion
  2. L2 encyclopedia has many mistakes, and in-game description on window stats is not complete, but i do believe that men affects resistance against some debuffs, but i dont know which should be affected or if they should be affected at all, cause i havent found experiments in official about men stat, only about wit. But i bet Men is affecting in our server. In 1.5 i raised all stats (men, con, wit and others) to 99 and checked many debufs (poison, bleed, stun, sleep, root, fear, anchor) and compared land rates with normal stat values (100 tries each debuff) to check "if there is any influence" and all land rates lowered (except anchor). So stats influence debuff resistance in our sv, but im not 100% sure which debuff was affected by wit and which was affected by men
  3. DYE

    I think is more balanced with +5 dyes, but more fun with +12 cause of a higher customization. I hope the nerf of wit and boost of dex will make more variation on set ups, and dont just go -15 dex/-15men +12 wit all the time
  4. For aoe and pvp it doesnt matter much, since skills do not depend on accuracy, critical rate. You will care tho about your atack speed, since being the first one to stun does matter. For single mob killing, +str is better dps than +dex . You will kill faster with +12str-15dex than without dyes Yes. You will be fine for both pvp and aoe with that. Also you can go [+8 con +4 str -15 dex] or [+4con +8str -15 dex], balancing dps/tankiness with your needs, thats how i understand it
  5.새크리파이스 here it says its in the Magic-skill group as well. It is an "Active - Magic skill"
  6. Kure is right, i have just tested it and Paladin can not use Sacrifice while he has Silence debuff
  7. Up Originally, the bug report was about the posibility of doing crit with quick spear when the target has resist shock. In classic club, this is possible, but not in official as it says the experiment . As for the topic "has quick spear any crit posibility in 1.5" it might help to see this Thats L2Central before edit changes of 2.0. I cant read russian, but maybe you can see if it says critical or not. That video + similar videos of his channel might help to check 1.5 descriptions of other skills as well, before they were edited in 2.0
  8. Mi clan es de habla hispana, prime-time gmt-3 20:00+ y un sws activo nos vendria bien. en promedio somos lvl 65, asi que no estarias penalizado. Si te interesa mandale un mail a Canito , clan Comadrejas. Saludos
  9. Sacrifice should have a reuse time of 5 seconds. Reuse-time in game is 2 seconds L2Wiki, L2Central, L2cKorea Video Mass Shackling should have a reuse time of 30 seconds. Reuse time in game is 8 seconds L2Wiki, L2Central, L2cKorea Video
  10. It would be timely to check also if those skills have any "stigma" effect since in h5 chroncles they had it. I would suggest to test it with tyrant skill hurricane assault since its mele and doesnt have spread dmg = easy to check any difference
  11. Skill can crit, but it shouldnt according to game desription, L2Wiki and L2 Central . Video from official Judgment of SK might crit as well, but havent tested it yet
  12. Up
  13. Is a high-risk, high-damage class, thats the concept since c1, lowest amunt of base hp, cp of fighters, low p.def and the only fighter classes without stun or any crowd control debuffs. If daggers are not meant to be the top burst dmg when behind you, there would be no reason to play them, since in pt vs pt they dont have anything more than pure damage to offer (which is also hardest to achieve, cause it depends on luck, positioning and it is close-distance only. Not like warriors and archers). Lion heart and ultimate evasion gives resistanc/skill evasion against switch and trick, together with mental shield + there is plenty of tactics against this canceling skills + they wont continue develoving after lv. 74. They are not at the same level of spamable stun