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  1. It is either the way it is working now, or @Rizos suggestion. I can understand some of my nuker friends that are already bored of being nukers, that want to play something else and can not / dont want to star a new char from 0. And i understand those who did start a new char from 0 and would be unfair for them to get ride of the tiers now. In order to satisfy both, there should be a penalty to pay, it could be lvls cost, higher $ for changing to a higher tier and so on. The question would be how much is that penalty. How much lvls/$ would be enough to pay for the potential xp difference between a higher and a lower tier in each case, how to calculate it in order to be fair with the higher tier as well
  2. But if you dont want blunt, and you are looking for higher dps, atm dagger ll be better option than sword+masteries, and +str dyes instead of +dex dyes too. But overall, aoe with pole is the most efficient way for leveling
  3. Just having some fun with friends on colisseum, And a short siege video with -15 con on a shit pc, thats was real challenge
  4. Hi 1) I believe that the desire of playing comes from the need of playing with other ppl and enjoy that, instead of soloing, and that includes support classes. I think that free buffs from 24-30 would exclude the few ppl that play support classes and are trying to find group offering just low level basic buffs to get party on that levels.Also they already begin with free top weapon, ss, buffs, and a quest for adquiring full d armor. First impressions are the most important things for ppl that start playing, to decide if they are gonna stay or leave, i agree. Maybe 2.0 will change something with the implementation of academy system 2) Its a core aspect of lineage, wouldnt change that. I have dropped top weapon in 1.3, and i didnt have adena for a new one. But my clan helped me and we crafted a new one. And here i am, just playing, if a player drops his gear, he must have friends/clan to help him recover it 3) Im not so much into politics but there is always a stronger side, and then it splits or other side becomes stronger after allying with other and so on, that makes the history of servers, you cant compete against strongest, try harder, build/join a clan, ally with others, nothing will stay the same forever 4) I think it is a matter of preference, if am not wrong, if it would be lets say +20% xp then no lifers would take much more advantage from it and gap with normal/casual players would be bigger (right?)
  5. Check this first Choose the one you like, both will work
  6. People that plays a high level character, but don't own it cause it belongs to the cp (cp have email account, so character cannot be stolen). Thats what i understand
  7. If admins wanted ab to be like in official and did a mistake then it is a bug. A bug is a bug, it should be reported and fixed. At the start of the server, in 1.0 adena was dropping with 100% rate for weeks, and it was fixed to be 70%. By the logic of not fixing a bug because it creates disbalance between the ppl who exploited it and ppl that come after them, we would have 100% adena dropping everywhere. Same now with with ab. The sooner is corrected, the less will be the harm
  8. The maximum number of items that can be posted to an individual store is three (four dwarfs).개인상점 "Buy" store increases slots +1, not package sale. Gracia final chronicle, for example, works like here (checked), so it hasnt changed
  9. i knew it since november and im sure admins know it as well since then, cause i posted it in discord and San0 and you replied to it Search in discord "What are these instant healing potions that this dagger is spamming in min 1:43? he is using them while in combat" are these potions the same we have here from the event, but that can not be used in combat, or are differet ones? Modoy: same, they are from castle San0: y i think they are same ones So maybe you two had not even seen the video haha, Or maybe I did not express myself well, or im understanding something wrong But is good to have this in report section anyway, it might be a custom feature (i agree on the fact that castle QHP from official are OP)
  10. Remember that in classic Ol buffs party members as well, even if they are from a different clan
  11. Up Reclutamos todas las clases, jugamos como Clan, no como CP. Si sos lv. 60+ y estas interesado, mail in-game a Canito (Lider) Prime Time GMT-3 20:00+ Clan Hall: Dion
  12. L2 encyclopedia has many mistakes, and in-game description on window stats is not complete, but i do believe that men affects resistance against some debuffs, but i dont know which should be affected or if they should be affected at all, cause i havent found experiments in official about men stat, only about wit. But i bet Men is affecting in our server. In 1.5 i raised all stats (men, con, wit and others) to 99 and checked many debufs (poison, bleed, stun, sleep, root, fear, anchor) and compared land rates with normal stat values (100 tries each debuff) to check "if there is any influence" and all land rates lowered (except anchor). So stats influence debuff resistance in our sv, but im not 100% sure which debuff was affected by wit and which was affected by men
  13. DYE

    I think is more balanced with +5 dyes, but more fun with +12 cause of a higher customization. I hope the nerf of wit and boost of dex will make more variation on set ups, and dont just go -15 dex/-15men +12 wit all the time
  14. For aoe and pvp it doesnt matter much, since skills do not depend on accuracy, critical rate. You will care tho about your atack speed, since being the first one to stun does matter. For single mob killing, +str is better dps than +dex . You will kill faster with +12str-15dex than without dyes Yes. You will be fine for both pvp and aoe with that. Also you can go [+8 con +4 str -15 dex] or [+4con +8str -15 dex], balancing dps/tankiness with your needs, thats how i understand it