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  1. Summoners while on Mount

    Meanwhile, korean classic balancing the game! dont worry about their mounts! - Summoner series Skill name Balance adjustment contents Blaze Level Expansion (Acquisition Level 40 ~ 84) Aqua Swirl Level Expansion (Acquisition Level 40 ~ 84) Twister Level Expansion (Acquisition Level 40 ~ 84) 3. Added new Summoners to Summoners. class Skill name Skill Level Acquisition Level Arcana Road Summon Queen of Cat 1-4 Lv 77 ~ 83Lv Elemental Master Seruman Unicorn Seraphim 1-4 Lv 77 ~ 83Lv Spectral Master Surman Night Shade 1-4 Lv 77 ~ 83Lv
  2. Consulta Skill tankes elfos

    Hola. Solo el pala y da tienen shield strike. La skill de ataque "analoga" de los tanques elfos que los humanos no tienen es Tribunal en el tk, o Judgment en caso de sk.
  3. 1-Part main armor p def bug

    Up check pls! @San0
  4. Line Age

    its funny but i agree, at least my reality is the following: 71 lvl dagger vs 72 lvl destro, both full buff, check dps
  5. Line Age

    i like poseidon gameplay with th is the most polished i know of this server keep playing dagger!
  6. Test server is now open

    everything working now, thks
  7. Cyane Th Compilation #2

    I used those dyes until min 1:40. Those were pve dyes like Rizos said, i needed lvl up to 71 to unlock a skill lvl of backstab that gives more bakstab-crit chances. After that i removed them and i play with no dyes
  8. Cyane Th Compilation #2

    I share you my 2nd dagger video compilation, enjoy!
  9. Test server is now open

    up recently i couldnt log to test server, i re-downloaded your updater but still shows me live-server proxies how can i enter test server again?
  10. New Player, Lots of newb questions!

    It is in mainteinance since 5 minutes ago This are the official pathnotes of the current version we are playing (this is what we have in our server) These are the future that we dont have implemented yet
  11. New Player, Lots of newb questions!

    1. Classic is a new chronicle, a rework of the original game. 2.0 is the current version of the server, in which they implemented TOI, baium, A-grade, olympiad, 3th profession and new skills, runes and other things 2. I think the level cap was removed. In the previous patch it was 76, skills continue being learned until 80 now (with future updates it continues 80-84 and so on) 3. There is an auction house from where you can buy items until top b, some are overenchanted. It does influence the game but overall, level and teamplay are more important things than gear. More here than in any other chronicle i would say. Also there are services for class change, sex/name change, and npc nostalgia for buying adventure account for CoLs, that you can obtain by donation or adena. Allows you to log 1 more client 4. No problem 5. - I suggest to do 27 lvl moon knight quest for top d grade armor and try to socialize as much as you can, make friends, be part of a group. Classic is for group play, not solo
  12. Y la gente?

    Bueno, en nuestro caso (clan comadrejass) nos estamos reorganizando. El actual lider es Canito, ayer hubo muy buen loguin del clan por ser feriado y mucha war contra chinos, diehard etc en el prime argentina, estamos armando cp con los que quedaron. Mandale mail a canito para mas info En cuanto loguin general, lei por ahi en discord que durante el siege habia por arriba de 2100+ players online segun el gm. Lo que paso con los sides fue algo asi
  13. Levling from level 1

    Check this videos
  14. Question on looping macro.

    What about main the healer and leave dd on assist target loop?
  15. Best duo for exp/pvp and or money

    The trio examples you gave will work well, but in the case of fighter AoE i would recomend as one of the best options the following Tyrant + SWS + EE or Warlord + EE + PP