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    Up streaming pala + destro single mob killiing pt and warlock ++ music pink floyd
  3. Shield block (how it works here?)

    Maybe a visual bug, is common. Yesterday i was checking backstabs with 2 clients in one pc. The ones that seemed frontal and landed were actually from back when viewed from a 2nd pc. L2 misrepresents both character positioning and facing angle from different clients, i suggest you to check again
  4. Shield block (how it works here?)

    Check this There are many examples of aqua squirls being shield blocked in this part of video, check in 0.5 speed
  5. Shield block (how it works here?)

    Shield can block many types of nukes. Based in interlude i think this is correct The Wizard class attack spells have been changed to allow the target a chance to defend against the following: Wind Strike, Aqua Swirl, Twister, Blaze, Death Spike, Prominence, Ice Dagger, Hurricane Death spike, hurricane, wind strike and blaze can be blocked here for sure, havent tested the rest
  6. There should be a public black list for that ppl
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  8. classes rarity

    1) The less chosen classes are paladin, temple knight, plains walker, abbys walker, and some summoner classes (i think phantom summoners) 2) In high lvls Active supports i would say. In low and mid lvls, partys are looking for tanks / bards all the time in party matching 3) Prophet. According to some statistics given by gm some months ago, it is the most popular class. But most of them are boxes. It is very probable that at least one of the members in a common random party ll have a pp or another buffer outside of party for buffs. Yes. it is posible until certain lvl (like 67,68). After that there arent random parties. Ppl already choose a clan with their own ppl to play with cause spots are dominated by sides 4) It is changing. Many old ppl left. some are returning back, and new ppl is coming too
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  11. Class Change Service 2.0?

    There you have love for mage classes
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