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  1. Songs are recasted. It is one client per pc. You need to buy premium account from NPC Nostalgia for dual-box. It costs CoLs, which can be obtained by donation or buying them in game market for adena If you are planning to main sws, i dont think you ll really need to make a 2nd char to lvl it, since it is already a class very demanded in party matching. I wouldnt recommend soloing killing 1b1. But if you insist or have a 2nd pc for 2nd char for "free" maybe shilen elder is the best box. Sws+se can single kill mobs, and with any warrior or nuker who ll want to join, you would have the necessary for aoe pt. Sws+ee is the best for aoe with warriors. And sws+pp would be ideal for raid boss parties (you only need to complete pt with bows, archers) and single mob killing too.
  2. swordsinger is a great support-tank class, with high survivability and very usefull buffs and debuffs. also one of the most demanded class in cp and any random parties including rb. bd is similar, with less survivability but with more use in raids cause of hex and dances. both really recommended for grouping. prophet is best buffer, best for raid boss. can wear heavy so that could help you survive. not very strong heals but a strong root every 3 sec and 1 mass fear (i have never seen it pvp yet tho) + antidebuff protection for 15 sec. not many pp main, most of them are boxed im afraid. ol has the best survivability of all robe classes, heavy armor masteries like pp + p.def toggle and high hp/cp pool. best crowd control skills (same as wc + many aoe debuffs).but buffs are incomplete. need to complete with other buffer/healer bishop, ee and se are healers with buffs and some usefull debuffs, most of them are priority targets and wear robe so .. not what you are looking for. they have weak survivability but highest impact on keeping your party alive I recommend you sws, bd
  3. First picture that can be seen in this video from 1.5 (you can know it since soulshots are displayed only inside the 1st bar, something that changes in 2.0 since they are also displayed outside the bars) proves that zealot is suppose to give critical damage to swords since 1.5 Please, fix it
  4. im more inclined to believe that Arslan is right. because of 3 reasons. 1) if you look at the skill lvl gaps it doesnt make sense at all: 36, 43, 52, 74? missing 64. frenzy has it and gaps are more consistent. 4 lvls of guts and 5 lvls of frenzy? is guts lv 5 even implemented? 2) there is no info in any korean / russian update about changing guts lvls or adding new ones during 2nd class in 2.0 3) In official forums, Guides based on 1.5 destroyer name 5 lvls of guts (including lvl 4 guts in 64), just like l2 wiki today
  5. Stats: th > pw, aw Passives: th > pw, aw Base speed: pw > aw > th (with dash th>pw,aw for 15 sec every 30 sec) Self buffs. Pw > aw > th Canceling skills: th > pw > aw Recovering skills: pw > aw, th Debuffs: aw > pw > th ------ Th lv. 70
  6. .not required anymore
  7. Yes, check this tests
  8. Weapons do have a standard number of atk spd in the formula on which buffs and dex modifier operate And very slow weapons (some bows) have a shorter reuse delay than slow bows, in such a way that it compensates their lower attack speed on auto-attacks Ii - Prima Game Guide 2004.pdf
  9. I believe a party of 9 working in duo-sub groups of 1dd+support can work, altough it wouldnt be the strongest set up, this is an offensive set up. If you want more defensive pick warriors+bishop/ee instead. Active Se would see the big picture and heal/g.heal/stigma/root supporting dds Se Sk+th Bd+th Sws+aw Wc+aw
  10. +1 warcryer
  11. love the ending
  12. Check this I like this one or this lmao---->
  13. This. You dont sit and wait to be accepted in a random party. You make your own party. Rb pts from early-mid lvls are just 1 pp 1 tank + any dds with bow, and they fill very quickly. I hope you can find a way to play and make work the class you like.
  14. L2wiki esta actualizada con la version 2.0. Nosotros estamos en la 1.5 todavia. Pero si, casi todo (mobs, drops, skills 2da clase) es igual