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  1. need some help with delay

    If you know any program that works or any tip that might help please leave it in comments, other argentina players like me could have same problem ty
  2. Dagger video

    In a fight yes. But the one with destro was just a test of burst dmg Ty
  3. Dagger video

    +with 99% land rate!
  4. Dagger video

    Same buffs, same level. I ll never get tired of posting this Very nice fights. When i compared the bs fight (pre 76) with rest of video i also noticed a big difference on th performance, i think its that extra blow, lethal blow, daggers seem not afraid to use it even from front a lot of the times. Seems to have high power and land rate, but havent tested it. In any case, y dagger gameplay is, one more time, very polished. i envy so much that 0 ping you guys play with, there are many movements i just cant do like fast getting re-target, running around target and so on. Its nice to see what this class is able to do and what has become overtime. Keep uploading videos and hf!
  5. Advise me, oh wise ones..

    sws and bd in first place i think. elemental summoner is also good if you are not going to dual-box cause is summoner, you can solo or play in groups aoe / toi 1b1, very versatile indeed. acts as a healer cause of infinite mana
  6. Dead Paladin

    No, the one i linked its one of the last ones. Will need to wait at least more than a year to have it here, and that being optimistic im afraid. Not even official eu have it yet so.. not worth to wait imho. Play if you like it, but know that you are going hardcore, or play something else and then reroll Next update we have is this, admins havent started yet, since they are working and fixing the current one
  7. Dead Paladin

    Here it is. It is the same update in which they added queen of cat, unicorn seraphin and nightshade to summoners. 4. Some of the knights have changed the following skills. - Shield of Sacrifice has extended the range of skill. - We have removed the HP Restrictions for Angelic Acon. - Extended Evans Templar Class's Protection of Eva skills. - Added a physical attack on Shield Bash skill. - Increased the guard's stance by 50%.
  8. Dead Paladin

    Maybe, but best change i readed is that it will not require anymore 40% or lower hp to be activated앤젤릭+아콘
  9. Demonic Blade Dance

    If there ll ever be again custom changes on classes they should start with paladin in any case
  10. Did anyone get the cloak from the last event?

    they shouldnt be permanent (also aplies to color titles) #mycustomopinion
  11. [Fixed] soulshot activation problem

    up problem still exists
  12. When you lose pvp in toi

    i feel the same haha. both shit pc and lvl 74
  13. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    i really like your bishop videos, keep the good work
  14. Simple Question about server

    3. i dont like for example how dex community prefer to keep broken mechanics (like aoe damage and cc skills working on non flagged targets) instead of fixing. also readed about buffs like death whisper, dance of fire still not working (huge nerf to daggers). overall i dont see anything good that you couldnt find here. Its just that everytime a classic server opens, ppl become desperate because they are presented like "NEW" but its all the same shit with different name. First we came, then skelth (innova), then warpgate, then red, then einhasad, then dex.. and ppl still comeback here. we are the best private(free and PTS) server competition to official Club has proven to be a stable server for more than 2 years, years of lot of testing and fixing work from ppl and admins, sv became very polished since then. ppl may complain about class change server here (ignoring class tiers), but this one of the reasons why many old ppl still playing since release, keeping cps refreshed. Also we have a bigger online, and a public test server with gm commands available so you are free to test any feature for yourself