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  1. Siege 13/08/17

    I mean russian players here. Orfen is still bugged but it was way worse before. You can propably find more info if you search in report section. Imagine they had 10-12 chars 76 more than 1 year ago.
  2. Siege 13/08/17

    There was a russian clan that abused orfen lvl 3 to hit 76 lvl way before chinese. I agree about the program use. But when your side is almost x2 times bigger than all other sides together who is gonna report you?
  3. Chronicles of Shinryu_episode 1

    I would make 69 with buffstation @Anytime sorry you come second...
  4. 2.0 Never Coming? Worth playing?

    I dont see what this has to do with our conversation I meant , admin team said they were interested in opening second server during january of 2017 , only after we had 2.0. So 2.0 was supposed to come before january and here we are in august still discussing this.
  5. 2.0 Never Coming? Worth playing?

    H5 server was supposed to open during January AFTER 2.0 was implemented on classic. Now you can understand how far off scedule admins are. Its only logical that people lost trust.
  6. Is it worth starting now?

    online is kinda low cause people wait for next patch and its summer. you cant have a box without premium ,except if you have 2 pc , you can buy premium with money or with adena in game buying col (which is not an option for a new guy). There is really low D grade market but you can find C grade easily. Overenchanted C grade weapons are being used right now for end game. I think you dont lose anything if you try
  7. New PvP|PvE Melee CP Forming [18:00 - 22:00 CEST]

    try to find an SK , you definitely need a tank for toi or (later patches) Giants Cave.
  8. Scroll Chance

    Yes im so scared dont you see...i still wait ih3art to come About the rest , you really dont know what kind of person i am if you think im selling epics for real money. You can ask japo where our epics are And i confirmed you said half the truth. As i said i changed the pass back after 3-4 hours and you had the char without any problems , before we even talk with real owner. Something you never said.
  9. Scroll Chance

    I changed the pass back after 3-4 hours without even moving that char. I didnt touch it at all . And i did it cause japolecze talked to me. Why you dont say the whole story? The real owner told me that he will take the char back if my ex cp wants but we said we dont care. Just so you know. Like he told me to take back all items and i said no. And i have conversations that prove this. In case you think im saying bullshits. You propably should say this about half your clan and not me. But then, you are proud to have people in clan that threaten me in real life , so who are you kidding.
  10. Scroll Chance

    Show me a message where i flame you in forum when you were allies. Your problem with me started a lot later and i never flamed till your boys begun telling me in greek that they know me and they will kick my ass in real life I told you again myrtan , you speak without knowing the situation cause your friends type these bullshits in Greek.
  11. Scroll Chance

    Go and back up your friends when they insult people's mothers.
  12. Scroll Chance

    Ask them if i was playing l2 at that time. I dare you.
  13. Scroll Chance

    Lol its off topic but i will do a last reply. You propably have no idea that i drive chars from sayomi cp on pvps and i did it many times when you were ally with us. You propably have no idea that i sleep when you start your prime cause i have to wake up at 5am to go somewhere. I remember the only time you sent me a message on discord for pvp , i replied with yes ofc and logged to help you. But i guess your memmory isnt so good mr ego. Seriously stop saying bullshits about people you have no idea about. Thats why none old player likes you.
  14. Scroll Chance

    Well, sad is your vocabulary is that of a 15 year old boy then. But i guess thats why you make a great team with some jungle players. Anyway im off , keep it up
  15. Scroll Chance

    People learned 1 word and spam it in every topic. Im reading forum for 2 years but dickholding is only used the last 2 months. Seriously its the same people fighting in all forum topics , arent you tired?