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  1. Mounts poll

    With farming spots for high levels getting more and more with each update and with the number of players this server has soon it will take you a lot of time to find players to pvp without mounts. With or without mount , players who want to avoid pvp can just bsoe. Without mount you would lose 10 times more time trying to find pvp and watch your war use bsoe. Just fix the combat stuff on mount and its ok
  2. Warning to people that fish in Giran harbor

    And now imagine having 100 shops in giran and lag everytime you port for siege / ch / going LOA . I always hated shops in towns.
  3. CS

    thats why after my first server (which was greek) i never played again in those huge greek l2 servers. Because usually greeks are super toxic and believe they are master of all games. And i will propably get flamed for that , for not "being greek" enough.
  4. CS

    i just prefer not to play with people that dont respect anything
  5. CS

    yes its normal to call people's mothers whore in forums. Pity they do it in greek so you cant understand it
  6. CS

    Yea zacman and his pt went to off for 2 week his is back in jf now.
  7. CS

    When you recruit cp members like ZACMAN what do you expect to happen? Thats not "bad luck" , its bad choosing.
  8. WTB Magical Tablets

  9. WTB Magical Tablets

    How can i be butthurt when i have no idea who you are You try to troll but fail misserably.
  10. WTB Magical Tablets

    you literally complain in every single topic in forum , for different reasons every time. You got worse period than my gf. (who am i kidding , im forever alone)
  11. Easy Farm

    wtf @V4siukas is everywhere. How you do it bro?
  12. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    You can go 80 , without tablets it doesnt mean anything. But i guess you will stay there like you stayed abg for whole 1.5
  13. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    @Warpole The king is dead (zorg) , long live the king (stiba)
  14. SOE to TOI floor -4!!!

    You remind me of mega zorgzor
  15. Meanwhile on europe prime, serious business

    Takes a joke seriously and thinks we brag You guys are really special people