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  1. bro we are in same clan , the dragon dies ALWAYS from inside. @MoDoy its because the abg parties you say are not CP's , they are random parties which lack basic classes to farm or pvp most of the times. Correct me if im wrong but i dont remember your side (except uchiha cp) trying to pvp-farm LOA the days we owned it. I remember we had every spot from ramp to heart in our prime (soil , ribos, mine, jerry and some lower cps)and your people messed with low lvls in ABG. That changed only when you recruited more people. Thats how it always is.
  2. There have been 4-5 "strongest side" changes as long as i play on this server. Sometimes i was on the strong side, sometimes i was on the weak. Idk why you make it such a big deal , it happens and it wont stay like that forever. Its a wheel.
  3. it all comes with grind, kill mobs till your hands bleed and then kill some more mobs. Finding a group/cp/friends will always make it faster , easier and more enjoyable. If you play a long time you will make enough adena to have items without spending a single euro here.
  4. hello there new people , i understand you completely but you should know that the server is alive for 2+ years so most clans have high lvl people. Dont let that discourage you, i think there are always low lvl gems that none knows. Try first to find a group of people throught raids or party matching system and from this move on to find a clan or maybe make your own cp and then join someone. I wish you good luck in game , l2 classic is really an enjoyable chronicle and i hope you continue to play with us
  5. up
  6. Server has become so boring that perkunas flame their ally now? PS: i smell... police @Rizos
  7. up and updated
  8. μα και στον official classic πεφτουν πραγματα....εκτος αν εννοεις αυτο το κατι σαν l2 που δεν παιζεται με τιποτα.
  9. up
  10. After 40 you can find party for raid bosses almost daily i would say. You will also find possibly an archer cp. After learning fatal at 59 pr becomes extremely good even for solo pve (with an elder behind you).
  11. I would say phantom ranger cause its rly strong on high lvls right now (fatal counter).
  12. WTB demon +10 280kk , pm here in forum Ty
  13. Personal 72 , cp lvl average 74.
  14. So its more fun when the two sides had both 150-200 people for sieges or now that 1 side dominates all castles ? I think game is more fun when you have good enemies , otherwise there will be a time when you will get bored too. PS: i obviously dont mean its perkunas fault that the situation is what it is.
  15. I definitely agree with you but as @FryderykChopin says i lost faith. When you say an update comes soon people start making plans about it , when those plans are delayed for so much time you start lose interest. Thats my opinion at least. If there were no certain circumstances that dont allow me to play right now i would propably still be playing this server cause its good but administration needs to be more carefull with what they say.