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  1. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    amazing video!
  2. Disturbing the peace II

    If they cant get high level then they should bsoe. See i used the same logic you do, to justify harrasing noobs (which you dont find cool , but you find cool to kill guys with 1/6 of your buffs). L2 was always all these things you mention. Its just a matter of personal opinion if you find it okay or not , but your logic is invalid.
  3. Massive disrespect TKD!

    hahaha his reaction is hillarious
  4. Disturbing the peace II

    do you remember when people had pride ? pepperidge farm remembers.
  5. NF recruiting

  6. NF recruiting

    clan leader sayomi , i no join that noob @ProGressive you have slot in your 15 people party for me?
  7. So we still cant see the heroes anywhere either in game or in forum / server page ? Good job admins.

    i was crying about stun as mage too , then i played destro . Stun is bullshit.
  9. Daily Reward

    it feels like you have no idea about java or servers in general.
  10. Hunter mode

    I watched your first 2 days in oly , (aka first week) and i spotted those mistakes. Getting feared with no armor versus necro doesnt seem like a strategy to me Anyway as i said , i dont say you suck or whatever...you actually played good later , just "that guy deserves hero" after only 2 weeks in oly is bullshit for me (for every class , not just destro).
  11. Hunter mode

    He had the most points cause balu/rosenberg/tzunai/me and many other destros didnt play first week. I dont say all those people are better than kingleo , but to say he "deserved" it on second week (when on first week he did some crazy mistakes like no armor and no talisman gaming) is on my eyes non existent. You cant say who deserves something from 2 weeks.

    Im pretty sure my cp talked about this with san0 and he always told us mobs in blazing drop tablets. Also this https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/saviors/things/#PatchnotesContent "Magic Tablets can be obtained from some monsters in Blazing Swamp and Tower of Insolence"

    San0 already showed picture with chance there. So its confirmed , its just a really low chance so i doubt you can farm even 1 skill in BS
  14. Nonfactors recruiting

    Join us we have cookies (although you propably gonna take my spot ugh)
  15. Giran CH BUGGED

    You always did that while playing in this server. Your "forum opponents" i can count were more than 1 or 2.