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  1. Jackals 4

    im afraid to check video cause im sure i will see myself getting rekted oneshot
  2. Server politics

    Actually i havent did rmt or botted in any server. Sorry , we exist.
  3. Server politics

    I believe you mate , like you never did rmt , your money just bumped into other people bank accounts.
  4. Server politics

    I always had the idea that ally = following orders from ally leader. NF doesnt follow any order from SM , so we are not allies. We just 69 cause its in our interest. Example, we didnt help SM keep aden last siege cause we just dont care if they get aden or not. Everything else is from kids who cant understand the difference between 1 and 10. Its never ally or enemy , even in real life you keep some enemies close to you Edit : altho this might change soon , depending on vote
  5. Server politics

    Put blue so we can hide that we are only 1 party in eu prime
  6. Server politics

    there was no oly/baium , and chinese dont use teamspeak at all. Otherwise nice try
  7. Server politics

    somehow war votes are still the same as yesterday.....you dissapoint me
  8. Server politics

    Only 18/40 it can still change
  9. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    1 Quest item = 1 olympiad point to rizo .
  10. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Everyone sucks dick?
  11. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    The lie is that one side was afraid to pvp. Both sides didnt want to pvp thats why nobody moved. When i rly wanted to pvp i was rushing from Heart to Karik bridge with full mobs and less people than enemies. Most times i was losing cause its fucking stupid but i had fun. Everything else is excuses. Now they called you zerg cause as far as i remember info was you are more than us. Propably someone did a mistake counting idk , i dont have any reason not to believe you when you say you had same amount of parties. But trust me if i knew you had the same amount of parties i wouldnt be there waiting 1 hour ruining my time for nothing. I believe when you had TFD you had more cps in toi than us , mostly cause our DH cps were non-existent farming loa or whatever , but im not 100% sure about this.
  12. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    I will be 27 in a month so i start feeling old
  13. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    Wont comment on anything from the above cause its waste of time but that toi 6 thing you keep talking about is a huge bullshit. We had same number of cps you say yet you are the ones that were waiting next to mobs instead of going to a clear floor for pvp. We were at the stairs of toi 6 waiting for you to pvp in open space but you wanted to strike us in/after mobs. Doesnt change much cause both sides wantes to use strategy i guess. Its just rly stupid to try and alter events to show a better face or make the opponent seem lower and that goes to every side. Hypocrites is the worst thing. There are plenty of fails on pvp for all sides to use as example , dont keep sprending something that is a lie.
  14. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    I dont disagree , im one of the guys that want to change that. You are wrong , in this clan we have balls , we dont have brain
  15. Is Spoiler worth?

    @Nez dont know if its a bug but spoiler stun (cancel) removes talismans here . So spoiler can fuck a lot of classes.