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  1. [Fixed] soulshot activation problem

    resolved in next reboot.
  2. Pizza

    Yeah, I'm into fitness .... fitness whole pizza in my mouth
  3. what happened to discord?

    They say "don't try this at home"
  4. [FIXED]Clan reward again

    I will check it out and resolve it.
  5. dagger in wrist

    Hey, we did some tests. It will be available today after reboot.
  6. Small bugs

    Good damn it! .. I put a lot of effort into it, I really did everything I could with my sick paint skills. I assume that centering is not my strong side...
  7. Small bugs

    Melody will now be played correctly when you start fishing, active in the next reboot.
  8. [FIXED]Fishing on mount

    Resolved during next reboot, question is what you are fishing with right now, mount leg? - thanks for the report.
  9. [FIXED]Fast run on summons

    Solved in next reboot.
  10. [FIXED] Dmg info during transfer pain

    Damage info during transfer pain on player will be available in next restart.
  11. God damn it! You're right, It's actually quite ugly...
  12. Reworked this, will be available on live server in short.
  13. L2 skills bar

    Just remove/replace them, just old stored data from old client.
  14. [FIXED]Scroll ress bugs shots

    Solved in next reboot.
  15. [FIXED]Ress-movement issue

    Resolved in next reboot.