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  1. Tribute to you, our dear community!

    Best community evahh
  2. offline shop and summons

    ​I will make so that summons will disappear when creating offline shops.
  3. Did anyone try Lineage II Mobile???

    Looks cool
  4. Vampiric Bug on Warlord

    I agree. VR still works fine on normal hit. But since i was Gladiator VR worked fine as well on all skills. And same as Mage What i need here that is a word from GM. If this is how the game working. I have no more question about it. Otherwise since i changed to Warlord. I also find it out that on aoe skills like Spinning Slasher and Thunder Storm didnt hit war enemies if they are not flag. Quick spear works but only the target that u choose got hitted. War enemies who are near the target didnt get hitted if they are not flag This is not a complaint. This is a comment how to make the game becoming better. Not only for myself, its for another players who choose Warlord as well ! ​We will take a look at it and verify, you can check our test server for progress.
  5. Immortal Life

    Fixed, skill available in next reboot.
  6. login background, boot screen etc.

    ​I know this and yes, it will be nice that admins will choose once that looks like classic chronicle. About login background I see once with 'village' and basic look, not like GoD's one and take few bootscreens and it will be nicer than ncsoft do. You admins should take care about it. It's small thing but will look better. ​Once you have logged into the classic server it will change to classic style, try restart your client after this.
  7. Trojan

    Some files are packed, a packer is a way of obfuscating an executable program against reverse engineering. Results in some anti-virus programs detect it as 'virus'. Just add to ignore patten.
  8. clan wars

    Clan war sign will be fixed by next reboot (same with karma and pvp flag issues), I will check what could cause problems with the storage of points.
  9. About the adena droprate.

    The problem was that by default the drop was 70% (retail classic 1.0 - 1x). But routine to calculate the chance for adena-drop became influenced by drop rate: formula (chance * item_amount(3x) ), so result = 70*3x% drop rate > 100% (our server is 3x not 1x as retail) and that caused it to always drop adena. So what we have changed is that the calculation exclude adena in this case how it should been from NCSoft retail (they never notice because it's 1x)
  10. Will this server be populated

    We will not stop working on this project, absolutely not.
  11. [FIXED]Being added to friendlist BUG

    Will be fixed, thanks for the report.
  12. friend chat

    Will check it out, thanks
  13. When you will fix Premium for COLs?

    Tomorrow it will be available.
  14. [FIXED]Drop in PVP.

    Fixed in next reboot