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  1. MoDoy vol. 5 February Olympiad

    February Olympiad Server: Chronicle: Classic 2.0 Name: MoDoy Class: Silver Ranger (SR) / Adventurer (TH) Clan: NonFactors Alliance: No Alliance Length: 12:52 This time i want to thanks @Anytime for letting me play his TH so i could try dagger gameplay (eventho i failed to take hero on it in the end). Unlike last month olympiad video, where i aimed for funny parts of olympiad, this month i put normal olympiad gameplay of my SR and TH from last weekend (first 3 weeks i couldnt fraps from brothers PC at home). For the end (10:35) i left special candy of this month olympiad, so enjoy Enjoy.
  2. TH dagger in wrist

    So what i noticed about this skill while playing TH this month is, the chance might seem totally ridiculous, but its because of RNG in this game and every other skill. This skill can interrupt 10 skills in a row that you dont even start casting, but then it doesnt interrupt 10 skills in a row (same thing happens for example if you use blows on dagger too fast, if you land first blow, you usually land 3-4 more blows immediately, if you fail first blow, you usually miss 3-4 next blows, same goes with debuffs, if my debuff has 50% chance, it never happens that you land it, then resist, land, resist, but usually like resist 3 times and then land it 3 times or vice versa) In this last week i played against several overlord and what me with rizos noticed is that suspension doesnt affect reuse of throwing dagger, and that actually seems like a bug. The trigger rate was tested by rizos/anytime, they got slightly higher results than what it should be, but well, that could be RNG as well. ps: my opinion on the skill is it makes you play like a guy with down syndrome you rely too much on RNG that the skill will interrupt enemy and dont use switch/trick to its full potential, which in the end i think makes you worse dagger player
  3. Future

    took me 1 minute to find 2 topics where people said they would like to have it deleted ppl cried about it as well, they just didnt make 5 topics a day like about summoners, because we are talking about 5% atk speed vs 30% cooldown reduction
  4. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    "Deciding matches next week", sure, sure bro
  5. Giran Harbor acronyms ( B.ORE )

    try searching for " bo" or "bo " instead of "bo", helps to sort away at least boots titles away
  6. Last month of hero

    i feel you, last month for me as well ;(
  7. February fights pov BD

    watched first pvp only, after that i am not included so not interesting
  8. Future

    self canceling stun didnt make it there as well @Kure , and since ppl lose matches coz of it, i would say its almost on "aggression working on guard" level ( since it affects lika half of the classes)
  9. Future

    even russians got epic bosses in 2.5 in the end, toi/loa events are other thing tho
  10. Future

    tip for you, divide 2.5 patch into more sections and release them in month intervals like they do it on korean classic official you just have to make sure that 2 things which are synergized in that patch arent separated, but you can give that task to sano
  11. New Player need help !

    go for SR if you want to be 1vs1 king, i heard its OP as **** this busted class
  12. Tyrant Set Up

    why not yul? yul is best rune for every class
  13. Disturbing the peace II

    are you kidding? why dont you show those fights? wait, i know why, because ppl would laugh on how pathetic those "other fights" were. 1) we got destroyed before we even loaded the SV textures by spawn camping 2) you rushed us on spawn with like 12 ppl from FP hill, so we PRed 3) you were running from our 5 man party trought whole SV just so we lose s/d and then you turned on us with your full pt (Da, tyrant, gladi, warlord, es 77), nice setup considering we had 2 daggers (from which one is like 72-73?, 73 SR, like 74 EE) now i am not saying those are bad tactics to win pvp, but bragging about them? come on after fights 1,2 (from which number 1 we cannot do much about getting spawn killed before loading) i said i dont give a sh1t and will use all hero skills and your 12-13 ppl got destroyed after that i didnt want to go because w/o hero skills our pt setup and numbers were clearly inferior to yours so we couldnt win, but others insisted and fight number 3 happened lf jahbless i heard he got some ass veating from rizos in toi
  14. Deadly strike

    this one is correct, hero zerk doesnt prevent you from hero fear and hero silence (any1 could find proofs if needed) I noticed this like 2 weeks ago that deadly strike ignores Guard talisman (in match xNirvana vs Myrciu where myrciu lost, when i went to arena i saw myrciu having talisman [no UD animation] yet deadly strike debuff was applied trought it)
  15. Disturbing the peace II

    isnt @vinter playing SORVETE?