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  1. sorry, when u blame bishop, 80% of the time its not his fault but yours, so i dont care about that also i am pretty careful with engaging and most of the ppl dont focus sh1tty SR anyway when u have other normal DDs in pt
  2. oh rofl, send something to rizos and day later everybody knows it... but who needs more con anyway, u either dont let others touch u or u die anyway, even 10k hp on the sr wont help u ;x
  3. anyway i dont like siege fights, so at least i could play 1 cs:go match
  4. so thats really fair lets block tps to villages but lets leave tp to GH so **** giran castle
  5. FC was changed to work as on official, very bad example
  6. that thing i knew, i didnt know mass cubics and combat aura on tanks is custom added, thats why
  7. so if we delete teleporting during the sieges, pvp will be more frequent? not like instead of wasting 1 minute to get back on the battlefield u will spend 15 mins running from town so u can soe and appear in another town dunno, i dont think this will bring more pvp, but the opposite of it, but i might be wrong
  8. ok, my bad and are they staying after 2.0 update goes live?
  9. so, i was wondering few months ago about this, but just today i did some research 1. video) ~2 months ago, when i was watching GK pvp tournament, i was wondering why they have never used mass cubic there (every party had 1-4 summoners), but i thought maybe its OP and its forbidden by rules that u cannot use them 2. video) then i got link with stream of Silent Team cp (hero aw, was curious about his gameplay), this CP has in setup phantom summoner, and last some streams were kind of PvE oriented in GC and when i saw they are not using mass phantom cubic even on pve there, i realized it might not exist? so i went to check l2wiki and l2central, and i couldnt find the spellbook for mass phantom cubic, and when i searched in phantom summoner skills, it didnt exists either (if it was added as custom thing on this server, then i had to miss it, but i am sure that only custom thing on summoners are the buff pets)Последователь_Тьмы#58
  10. so i guess u get on ban list even after 1 ban (or koreans did something weird? )
  11. then* looks like someone wasnt as innocent as he described on 1st page
  12. i was thinking same way some months ago when i saw all these cams w/o premium, but i guess ppl rather buys PA on main characters and box cameras than buying PA on cameras and "box" main character (tho now i am not saying all ppl do it like that, but idk who is using adrenaline for that) its not sh1t between alliance, its between player and botter, alliance has nothing to do with it
  13. would u wonder that actually first link will probably give u some soft which changes it automatically for u, and if u let that program on while u start client u will get auto ban? and even if it gives u manual way tutorial, i wouldnt recommend someone who doesnt even know this could be done w/o changing actual pc to mess with registry
  14. well, not everybody is IT oriented those have to pay for new PCs
  15. i guess he is in relationship with Joanna? damn, lucky boy