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  1. i am up for scrolls being usable everywhere like on off, not just in floran like it is on off PS: there are some rumors on discord there is surprise incommin about pk system in 2.0, but i think u wont be happy
  2. they already said for now they are not modifying anything for testing, and that time will show if some things need nerf or will be changed (speaking about dye system or another things which were discussed)
  3. lets pretend koreans werent doing same thing
  4. tried that once, wasnt brigtest idea i had
  5. interesting ports u are looking for dion CH -> port to floran village (good to clear pk points) giran GH -> breka teleport (good to go to loa) floran CH -> i think this was added in 2.0+, so we dont have them yet, but must be insane just to soe CH and u can clear pks
  6. not saying otherwise, but its admins idea, not mine, if they decide they will do it, they will, and i guess opening second h5 server is much better than opening classic (i dont think H5 server can bring many ppl to classic, because ppl who play H5 would quit before even 20 lvl on classic, but maybe the name will spread, dunno)
  7. my possible future allies! cannot flame them hard
  8. nice, u were holding them pretty long most of the fight however i think sps/sorceror would suit more to your playstyle
  9. soon™ MoDoys side will rise
  10. sometimes san0 wont notice there is report someqhere in replies (happened in past, especially when there is disxussion around it) so its aleays better to make new topic
  11. who needs love, davai epics noob -.- love wont boost me
  12. yeah, but i mean most of ppl dont use forum, but if site has online chat or mIRC back in the time, sometimes ppl write there of fast check for some questions, so it could actually help
  13. good, i was sad old one was closed already, davai flame i wish tankading would get leader privs, not soil wonder what he would say after that
  14. nop, still not on main page, not even 50% of ppl are using forum
  15. as i said, u dont buff whole party at once, but u can do for example 2 members every 4 mins thing u dont see party with that setup doesnt mean its not viable option ppl just go for meta picks (as u could see, most of archer cps rerolled to warriors/mages in last half year i am playing here, literally everyone who reached certain lvl in archer cp either rerolled or got banned for botting )