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  1. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    ​did i mention your name in my reply? i dont think so, i replied generally to what ppl are suggesting here
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  2. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    ​ofc if they xp on top spots, they have to be ready to be pked, but many times we were xping on rat spots, and that still happened, so for lowbie clan its better to join some side at that lvl, because that would mean u would not get pked by 1 side at least
    i am just pointing at " get power and lvls, then join side", its not so easy as u think, i personally dont have problem if even high lvl characters come to kill me, its just funny to listen to them why i try to run away from them when they come  
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  3. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    i get 2 shotted by mages as well on my archer  norm
    nice tip, get some power and levels, but wait, let me remember times when i was in ETC and we were around 55-60 lvl, we got same message from different sides, u either join us or we pk us, so we got pked by everyone until we decided to join one of the sides
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  4. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    one thing what they say, second thing what is real
    thats how summoners work on official as well, if u want to play different style of summoner, u can go to another server java x5000 when pets will hit for 10k dmg and will hit moving targets, because thats not gonna happen on classic
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  5. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    ​what can i say is few days ago, pistolas was perma fearing me in SoS, while i had like 3-4 mobs on me, and i am pretty sure i would die from mobs (because lets be real, why would he try to kill me right?) if i didnt force log out myself (u cannot bsoe from perma fear, because he would have to fail 2 horrors in a row), and when i logged in, i had like 1/3 - 1/2 HP (so the mobs were still hitting me for some time, coz i dont know the special relog tactic, so it relogs u after some seconds when in combat)
    also what u guys suggesting here is to force ppl to pvp no matter the conditions (making the PR with very long reuse, changing restart system, someone wanted to add cooldown on bsoes), i dont think thats the good idea, especially with this item dropping system
    guys who dont want to pvp you will find other way around it anyway to avoid u, so this wont change anything
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  6. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Your pre-2.0 update suggestions   

    ​gm comes check, sees nothing worth punishing, because determining if someone is bot or clicker takes 1 minute
    there were videos uploaded, many times reported, i bet admins checked some ppl even several times, and it took days if not weeks to ban some certain ppl for botting, i mean its not bad idea to have this button in game, but i think it would go out of control and the amount of reported ppl would be trendemous (there was limit on how many ppl u could even report, like 5 daily or it was 5 at start and u got 1 each day, idk, but then some ppl who find many bots would still complain because they cannot use it anymore after 5 reports)
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  7. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Your pre-2.0 update suggestions   

    ​dont think so, maybe if u gave that privilege to some certain ppl, so they just hit the button, however imagine every player having that, now u see enemies reporting each other, or some just go around, see some spoiler watch for 20 sec, report, and it would be 1 big mess
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  8. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Spoil vs TH   

    ​no, i am not sure, thats why i said i wish there was test server, so i could make my own tests and be sure about it
    san0 tested it, said it doesnt work, so i will say to anyone that it doesnt work, because actual guy from staff who is doing testing on the server said so
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  9. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Spoil vs TH   

    ​how exactly did i appear in thise bet? 
    - in my first reply i said i wish test server would be up, so we can either show its rumor or get it fixed 
    -in second reply i say in case it affected stun on our server, it was broken back in the time (because it shouldnt)
    -in third reply i asnwered his question about giving proof
    -4th reply was showing his proof was incorrect
    -5th reply was quote to his " better to ask our lovely GMs to spend time and find out correct info" 
    i am playing my archer with -CON build, and i didnt play on classic with +CON build, but san0 answered many times already he tested it and he said it doenst affect it, why shouldnt i believe him when i cannot test it myself?
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  10. MoDoy added a post in a topic: 2.0++ patch notes   

    ​so far i havent seen single movie where shadow step would actually give stun, even if there was no resisted message
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  11. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Spoil vs TH   

    ​proved u wrong 3 times, eventho u still tried to convince yourself how right u are and how wrong i am, such a selfown i just did, wowowow
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  12. MoDoy added a post in a topic: 2.0++ patch notes   

    those patches are not even on GK yet, i wonder when they plan to implement them there
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  13. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Rizos#2 - PvP Movie   

    ​wth, u just dont see blue message with my name coz i am different clan than him, but 100% outfragging rizos
    video was hilarious especially when the target effect came up first time  gf to enemies, gj with video, told u already what could be better
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  14. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    ​coz most of the summoners are bunch of crybabies, and when admins give them finger (buff summons), they would like to take whole hand (make summons work like on previous chronicles)
    u can clearly see from 2 videos i posted THEY WORK DIFFERENT, and it will stay like that, nothing about that is bugged, i tested sending summon hit player, everytime it took different position, it wasnt always looking for back of the person, so stop fabrticate things
    gm and others dont believe u because there is nothing to believe in this story
    also saying your summon wont hit sh1t even with beas shots is pretty noobish, dont u think? go make spectral lord and tell me again if he hits like nothing
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  15. MoDoy added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    ​where from u got that info? (just curious, coz i would love to have CH in floran )
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