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  1. all those names were rerolled LONG time ago, san0 told statistics from last month, what exactly kkthxbye wanted, that he wants to see this info not just naming ppl out, so now when info got out, ppl say it says nothing again, what would persuade u tho? as i said, i am pretty sure that amount of PR < HE+SRs (if not just PR < HE), and no i am obviously not counting wannabies 59 FC alt chars out there, but 65+ guys who actively participate in server events
  2. proofs?
  3. u know even stun, stun, stun, stun, stun can fail even if all of them succeed? because apparently stun shot can cancel its own effect
  4. ofc it should whats the point to even cast stun shot if he wakes up from very first next hit (which could easily be next stun shot again, which can wake him up)
  5. who said 700? and yeah, zerk lvl 2 or no zerk can boost nukes from 1100-1200 to 1400-1500 and even if it didnt, u can see full buffed vs fullbuffed here, 1500-1600 nukes, now i am not telling its usual mage dmg, but for sure 700 is not as well
  6. ah, why does everybody count my dmg of fc with zerk p atk boost, but dmg to me w/o it? u think archer run and kite w/o zerk all the time? maybe try to remove zerks on mages as well, i believe dmg of fc will drop as well, or dont u think? u can see on this movie AD hits me for 1.5k and 1.6k, and i have zerk lvl one from BP
  7. @BlackJack leave him alone, poor guy cannot give 2 and 2 together when he cannot see that warding song gives 30% m def, but i would lose 16% M def if i had zerk, which would result in 14% m def boost, however mage with full buffs would have mystic, which is 20% m atk boost, so he would eventually make AT LEAST same dmg if not higher as on screenshot, also he is delusional about me distorting his words, when he cannot remember what he wrote 3h earlier in exactly same argument about average FC dmg @EMpoweR the thing i can beat certain classes with my SR doesnt mean that SR is better/stronger class, same goes for setups, thing that uchiha cp can beat AD cp doesnt mean archers are better setup than mages
  8. 2100 into EEs shield, 1900 to hexed OL (10% bonus from side dmg), 4400 into back of nuker(20% bonus dmg), how exactly its not in this kind of fight? instead nukers just hit for 1.5k normal nukes (so 3-3.2k crits), and i can tell u i did the biggest damage in that fight
  9. yes, and i told u i wont count them because they reroll to PRs / SPHs because its convenient for xping with passing by orfen in their whole ally, not because "hey, its pretty OP in pvp", they use them to powerlvl and if u want to count chinese and koreans into account, i showed u graph where u have % of classes from whole server, also its not like there would out of nowhere come 20 PRs and 0 HE/SRs, there still wouldnt be more than 2x PR than other archers), so pls, stop being retarded also sure, i can show u quantity of how many ppl rerolled to PR and from PR, let me log in server database and count it, brb 1 min your requirements are stupid as **** dude and if u cannot realize that i am giving u here replies fulled with facts and admins info, then u must be stupid this is the last mention of admins saying about PRs, 1 month after FC was fixed, as u can see, its not like zillions of ppl rerolled to PR and nobody rerolled from it (also pls dont come to me saying that "but hey, its 9:3 ratio", yes, because u are comparing half of the classes from server which could reroll to PR vs 1 certain class which rerolled to something, obviously even number of ppl which could possibly do it is MUCH different) ps: this is my last reply to u in this topic, u are bringing always some stupid sh1t into consideration and "what if" and "u forgot this" and "in this one certain moment i got this dmg", well, yeah, thats not how objective general look on things look like
  10. ok, then i will pretend i havent seen that u wrote this u were nuking him for 800 because he said he deleted zerk lvl 2, which reduces M.def by 16%, and deleting zerk =/= full buffs, because u remove it in very specific situation, but most of the time u leave it on archer so u have much better kiting potential (speed and atk speed) too bad i deleted the frapses when that necro did that dmg to me, but here i found u other example, sorceror crit prominence for 2687, that means normal prominence would make 1343 dmg, note that i am using drake armor and i dont even have berserker spirit (and he didnt have dances, just pp buffs+emp)
  11. the graph clearly shows 55+, so 40-55 lvl HEs are not counted in there hope u wont be mad i didnt take into consideration chinese/korean guys, i have no clue about those because they play during my university times, also i said lets not count them, because they are main source of PRs because of how orfen works, not because its pewpew pvp i gathered all nicks of higher lvl archers participating on pvps/appearing at high lvl spots frequently (obviously those are not all, but all i could think of) PR: Rizo, Rosenberg, Lilith, Lolu, Cleef, SlonjaBoy, TriilVille, Legiana (count: 8) SR: MoDoy, Apocalypsa, PinkMoney, NenaStark, RojaM, Perna (count: 6) HE: UchihaItachi, Flix, Lischawnika, DIVINO, HR, Katsumoto, Spectro, MATRAC(not sure if he didnt rerol to PR?), ExotQ, BowPriestess, LuZazuL, Zeep, Eu (count: 13) as u can see, the actual high lvl ppl participating in events (rather than carebears just xping with orfen), doesnt this seem as nice variation of archers? or how will nerf of FC make variaty bigger?
  12. CHN

    if its still not enough, could u provide your phone number to write u message? in case u are not around on any of those at the moment
  13. until then gladiators will be hopefully fixed but i dont think uchiha will refuse any offer
  14. the offer has to aim towards uchiha and not me, i just drived for them their archer because they still havent recruited ppl into their cp