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  1. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    under average equip, nice cp
  2. First FW prime

    luckily i am not on that massacre screenshot
  3. When CHN do Feed !!!

    this is how i always imagined Lexa in game
  4. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    this quote is for everyone in this topic - by Myrmidon 2k18 everybody knows that ppl in NF dont change stance because of us (me and rizos) driving their characters for heroes, thit business has fundamentals based upon kebab agreements and shouldnt be connected/related to anything else except kebabs. ps: can we switch to times where i played on this server already? i cannot get into conversation like this
  5. CHN in Core

    to be fair macro loop can perma ress but its not case here
  6. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    so, WS has sjeks as prophet who tells future (about bauim rings), DT has kktnxbye as prophet saying what happens in future can we get one in NF pls so i know what to expect in the future?
  7. First FW prime

    you were on other side of corridor, you dont know what i wanted to change on how i played it
  8. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    my character was 72 lvl in january 2017 and in april 2018 it was 74 lvl and pretty much same equip (only othell rune added on bow pretty much), dunno if i felt like "crushed or no future" during whole that time but who knows, maybe you are right we dont? j/k, nice try tho
  9. Is Spoiler worth?

    thats the thing, if you stun first with spoiler, you win 97% (no core use included). generally speaking if spoiler cancel worked like on offi, yea, he is not so good and craft is better because summon, but i guess no point arguing with you guys, you wont believe until you see it spoil 76 would be fun to play for oly, could possibly even stream that
  10. Is Spoiler worth?

    depends if they fix the class until then or not, if not he will sh1t on most of the classes in oly
  11. Is Spoiler worth?

    you cannot unless you are tyrant/gladi or you are aware of his strength, every other guy will get stunned the moment you decide to dmg him
  12. Is Spoiler worth?

    this, you are missing crucial part how spoiler "works" ( or rather said not working? ) on our server, what progressive says it could easily be top tier on our server, not official
  13. Is Spoiler worth?

    then they might be doing something wrong not many classes can outkite dwarf with decent equip (but spoils are rich, so np)
  14. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    if there are unexpected circumstances maybe tuesday, but not later, so its fine