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  1. 2.0 dagger damage

    i played dagger a bit on this server, can we talk now? (to be precise, i played on all of the daggers, PW/AW and TH) and honestly i dont see where is the problem, except the thing that they land everything and u dont need hands/brain to land it
  2. 2.0 update patch notes

    because they didnt make roulette to see which weapons to add or not, they added weapons which were added at 2.0 update on official, and for A grade duals it was just kesh*kesh
  3. 2.0 dagger damage

    dunno what u are talking about, daggers right now are boosted as **** on live server, u dont do as many double crits as on official, but at least u land every single blow, unlike on official when every second blow is miss people watching videos from GK top stacked parties and then wondering why they dont make dmg with their average character here, thats some good sh1t i laugh on
  4. OBT - first impression

    wtb orfen lvl 3
  5. OBT - first impression

    dagger mastery trigger still not removed pray that they will forget to remove it
  6. OBT - first impression

    but, but, everyone was saying daggers are godlike in 2.0, did they ... lie??
  7. EXP event with 2.0 Launch

    i think only users with over 3000 posts should be able to make polls
  8. Strongest CPs?

    why would u do that, i heard rumors that modoy wont post on forum anymore once he reaches 3000/600
  9. Strongest CPs?

    no, its Scott, Jimmy, Amanda, etc.
  10. Strongest CPs?

    i prefer to call my friends in BS by nicks i gave them rather than "BS tree/rock"
  11. Siege 27/08/17

    yeah, so then its different CS where perkunas didnt have 200 ppl (dunno where u took that info) and dont forget it was the siege WS had drama with anathema which didnt participate? (or at least not whole siege?) but was still in CC, so yeah
  12. Siege 27/08/17

    yes, but that 1 castle was aden, not dion, and the second siege u mentioned we ended up with 3/5, not 2/5
  13. Bug?

    how do u think rizos did his emi+15?