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  1. haha, so funny, u know i actually took your words from your stun topic, thats what u said about my stun "i dont want to say now when my skills are fixed that everything else is ok, but i think stun shot is pretty strong right now, no need to change", and thats pretty much your answer to anything that doesnt suit u (e.g. your answer to necro fear topic, doesnt suit u, then u say "why u want to boost OP class"), but whenever is something bugged from which fix u will profit, u come to forum and brag how cool u are that u report things yes, u farmed 6-7h abg with half mobs, nobody said u couldnt report the bug of ABG mobs, talking about how unfair it is, dont u think its kinda unfair nowadays glads have aoe skills with 10s instead of 3s? i think its kinda unfair, so better let it bugged? cannot stop laughing from that i didnt quote any staff, but rather soil style reply, doesnt suit me, dont change would u mind pointing one thing i pointed i dont want something because i dont like it? (i voted no for CP pots, as most of the community here, because they are just pure bullsh1t), but show me some actual report where after proving something is wrong i said "guys, i think its op, dont change it" coz last time i checked, most of the reports i did wasnt even close to my class and because of ppl like u who always cry like sh1ts, i kind of gave up on being legit and report everything which is broken i have several things which are bugged, but i profit from them, so why should i report them, right?
  2. well, also on official u can pk them and clear the pk right on spot, but meh, it was changed when vigilance cried quite some back in the time it was also part of the game, but ...
  3. that moment when there are 3 cameras on shaman hill but not a living thing in BS, love those moments
  4. we are getting this point in 2.0 update (eventho there is nothing like that on official, w/e the reason),so that should help some newbies not being outsiders but be part of the bigger clan and have live clan chat with higher lvl chars and not just being solo in alt clan because of 10% xp bonus skill
  5. are u sure u can die from it? coz from my experience dot debuffs lower u to 1 hp but doesnt kill u, in that case exactly pr can use this fact to perfect his FC w/o losing cp and dealing maximum dmg
  6. "i think there is enough mobs right now and that the spot is good enough, i dont think we need more mobs in toptop spot BS"
  7. i am just wondering why every stat is P/M, and then there is critical, which is just M crit +10 (not like +10 p crit would do something, but at least would not look like sh1t), is it just some translation info or why is it like that
  8. ​who knows, maybe some new jewel will appear in 2.0 like orfen before, maybe when u kill hobgoblin with elven necklace +2, maybe u get instant 85
  9. ​ok, so this is wrong, those things dont resist all CC, but just some debuffs ​haha, so u are pointing on your 2 stuns on gladi to fix that, yet u say "stun shot is fine", after i said i got 62/100 land rate instead of 90%, u do realize this stun is my only weapon on SR, i dont have hex skill like your glad, i dont have next 4 skills which can be casted under 2 seconds, each dealing 1-1.5k, ignoring block shield, so u gotta be kidding with this statement if u want video, i can make u one, i was frapsing it, but i thought its enough if i say its bugged and san0 can check it himself, and i deleted it because it was long at took like 10 GB of my space (at that time i deleted the shield stun and horror fear test as well, and many others tests i didnt even upload), just because it would be annoying and long to upload that sh1t, but sure, i can even make 500 tries and fraps it if it makes ppl happy
  10. ​According to this link Y guys must see that Hammer Crash base land rate is 88% and not 90% "​conclusion: as can be seen from the results, almost all tested stun chance of passing skills proved to be very high - about 90 %." there is some % of the tolerance for luck, because in that test u see stun shot is 89%, however u can see on same lvl, they got result 96%, also i cannot imagine someone with sane brain would implement skill with 91.5%, what a retarded number to do further actions
  11. i guess u missed it coz its just reply in this topic, but i didnt want to make separate topic for every stun skill there is off, so i just did reply in this topic i guess i will have to wait 1 more week for my archer to rock again ​
  12. i am not really sure if admins still want to implement this, but they said something about first implementing 2.0 and then thinking about this kind of event, i dont really care if they are implemented as on off or in this kind of event, it just looks cool (except zaken one, that one is ugly sh1t) ​
  13. ​up this, implement hero cloaks but ban castle ones, i think thats best solution for everyone
  14. ​nope, u need to use same grade arrows and soulshots as which is your weapon, u cannot mix them even if the arrows/soulshots are higher tier
  15. this was on 99% bsoe, he wasnt CCed and he disappeared the moment LS went off => spamming bsoe