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  1. pushed? where? u know its actually really simple to figure out most of the dyes from video like this, right? and u are using for sure +8 STR -10 CON dyes with -1 CON from PL set, so only 1 slot left for your lovely - dex dye (which u maybe even dont have, but u could, i dont take u that, still its not - dex dyeS as u claimed), thats the truth
  2. listen to this guy, he knows whats up, its DE with high base STR, u can go +STR dyes and BW heavy for extra STR, with just box pp u also have dances all the time and on high hp mobs u even have hex to drop them faster not to say any AoE pt would welcome BD (maybe even more than tank, since u can give dances and pull at same time), so overall xp would be faster whatever kind of xp u would choose
  3. the thing u had to lie to people u were using -dex dyeS on video when they bashed your atk speed says it all, i mean, play it however u want, people just try to help u that its beyond stupid
  4. thats not how it works, i mean, u can defend however u want your stupid idea so u dont look so stupid how "good" it is and sh1ts, i wouldnt say anything if u took the bow on your old warlord or dagger or simply any other class, but on archer reality is
  5. pre 76 they get shadow step, after 76 they get another blow (so u dont have to wait for reuse) which can crit same as backstab, they get reset movement, which resets cooldown of hide and shadow step (that means u can use 2x hide/shadow step in pvp), then they get focus death/power, which increases your DPS and land rate of blows
  6. only good thing u could find is higher P atk and that u can carry more shots, which is terrible trade for the atk speed loss, there is nothing more to it, sorry to burst your bubble
  7. except u could have max 1 dye - dex on the video there is nothing behind that bow, he tried to do something new and maybe set up new meta (dunno what he was thinking), but thats horrible fail and using very slow bow on archer has no advantage whatsoever except that the demand for it is much lower (since no sane archer would use it) so its much cheaper in the end
  8. u cannot have dash 24/7, but base speed is kinda irrelevant to be fair because on 2.0 u will have to spam instant haste potions anyway to be relevant as dagger anyway heal saved me many times on my SR and on last video from GK, the hero pw bsoed from fight in ant nest, spammed QHP + did 2x heal for 1.7k and jumped back to the action with 10k HP, so its not so irrelevant (but i guess there must be some secret to that heal power) for instance, sprint can be useful even outside of olympiad debuffs, i actually would use also freezing strike, sting, poison, power break on AW as pretty much all of them might be useful in certain scenarios conclusion (at least for me): 1.5 is TH>AW>PW 2.0 is AW>PW>TH 2.5 is AW>TH>PW
  9. they are looking for bishop into CP
  10. and thats where u are wrong kiddo, as i said, many times i wanted to quote someone from closed topic and yes, in future i might wanna quote someone from this "scroll chance" topic as well because of several stupid sh1ts some people said and its pretty normal to want to be able to quote what people said, isnt it? and yeah, i will definitely screenshot, crop, upload and other sh1ts just to get "quote", definitely same thing, why dont u go to "preview topic" and say stop being attention sh1t and just look second time how the comment looks? oh, maybe its because it wasnt me who made the topic, but its ok now u can leave from here
  11. so u came to suggestion section with this comment? i mean, u could disagree that its stupid suggestion and give reasons, but what u wrote is: (i wonder if it took all your braincells to make up that reply, but its not really question because i can figure out answer myself)
  12. happened to me many times i wanted to quote what someone else said in different topic, but since many of our topics end as "closed" (sadly), i cannot do that because somehow it blocks this function (or if there is some trick how to do it, would be maybe enough just to share with others )
  13. Trash... (only because u are better archer than me)
  14. tell me how many more people farm there regularly? funny how u xp in BS for 16h a day how u claim and yet i have never seen your PR farming there? and yeah, i randomly gang between 11 AM -> 2 AM, am i really that unlucky?
  15. where did u read this? as i said, literally FEW (out of 200+ zerg u are always dreaming about) people (which i could count on probably on 1 hand) are xping solo in BS and even then i dont really see big deal if poseidon couldnt somehow farm there (eventho i still believe he would find way even if hurr durr 30+ chinese guys xp there) shall we continue in waking u up from your dream?