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    ally whole server then complaint, kill yourself chinos
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    Bro you have nothing to worry about ^^. Check inventory slots count
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    there are more than 15 cp's that would play here in 2.0 planning to start there so far. Not our problem people are really tired for this patch its been 1 fucking year. They have 15 days to announce 2.0 date here or server is dead.
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    ally all?are u fool?or just lier?????? we ally with ws from we come to serve when ws was weak..i think u are one of the betroyer.ifc ...i guess u are the betrayor of Vig ally:) es change side to side .only ws and wk stay together whether weak or strong .shameful player
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    Clan: Out of Control Alliance: Rebirth Looking for Lv. 65+ English Speakers Requirements: A strong interest in growing your character, the CP, and the clan. A decent understanding of the game and your character. The ability to play, and be on TS, most days from 18:00 – 22:00 CEST. A good attitude. Patience. PM or mail me in-game “Hachiroku Or message me here on the forums. NOTE: Building a strong melee CP in this meta is no quick task. Only looking for applicants who have the patience and desire to wait while we build the CP properly. And with my box army we can start to EXP while we wait to fill out the roster. ____ ROSTER ___________________________ DD1: HachiRoku [Abyss Walker] DD2: – OPEN – [LF TH, PW, Tyrant, Gladiator, Destroyer] DD3: – OPEN – [LF Tyrant, Gladiator, Destroyer] Tank: – OPEN – [LF SK or DA] SwS: – OPEN – BD: – OPEN – BP: Nouver SE: – OPEN – WC: – OPEN –
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    Buenas, mi nick es Signo, ex jugador de Skelth. Hemos empezado yo y mi pareja a jugar al L2 buscamos algun clan español, ya sea su cantera o main clan para poder tener una comunidad con la que jugar. Somos futuro BD+OL actualmente Lv.36 i 25. En principio no estamos interesados en jugar al estilo CP, pero si nos interesa tener un clan con quien hacer party y hacer el leveleo mas ameno. Espero ofertas de clanes, con informacion sobre sus intenciones y su actividad online. Gracias Signo
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    less than 20 vs 30+ (I can't count sorry, someone will say it was just one party ): The next one I was in solo party (I arrived late). Trying to be "conservative" because I had no healer to take care of me. I know I'm terrible, but my mates take me to the victory anyways!
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    i only use more cancel/frost and ice dagger in pvp vs TERRORISTE clan , Because they are between 65/71, so my debuffs take the times, against the others that are 73+ I use less because they do not get the debuff, and the damage is not so high , but thx for the tip
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    beside that, when they said that they will open a new classic server on RU offi, it was obvious that it will be region-locked due to publishing rights. they're not going to open any other english server as long as skelth doesn't reach full queue times like on RU offi, so that's not going to happen in any case. as for the region-lock: Japanese L2 Classic is free to play, and guess what happened to foreign people that started to play there? they got banned after few weeks. and over there, even speaking any other language than japanese in normal chat is more than enough to get you banned. i don't know if they follow the same rules in RU, but i'm pretty sure people playing without proxies won't be able to do shit over there. and even then, it's not guaranteed that using a proxy and/or changing region language will not get them banned if they get spotted. right now, the only people that could "benefit" from rerolling over RU offi without negative consequences would be either russians, or bulgarians/people from east-europe countries, given that they can understand and speak RU, off course. language barriers aside, when competitive russians have the mentality of playing L2 for at least 12~16 hours straight everyday, or even 24/7 if they're paying drivers, i can only laugh at EU/NA people willing to reroll over RU offi. it will be a matter of not even weeks, but days before they get outleveled and locked out of farming areas. it will happen what has already happened on Skelth, with the difference that it will be on a way bigger scale.
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    Case closed, u can go to sleep.
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    They are terrible at pvp, I bet you can kill him 1v1
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    some probably will move/reroll over there regardless of the situation, especially those that may have just started over here in club. then, they'll get outleveled by russian nolifers. they'll get mad for being costantly locked out of farming areas. and then they'll either join them, or quit that server for good.
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    Depends, for example GKs are getting rush, daggers have shadow step and duelists can murder you from any place on the map anyway... On Interlude I'd say 10% mov. speed > 20% tankiness by a long shot, but this chronicle doesn't value speed as much - speaking of duelist, you can just stun the target from 2 miles away with like ~90% chance and if you realize you're out of shots you can just: SoE Go to Giran Harbor Realize shots are too expensive Go to town Buy soul ore Go back to Giran Harbor Nobody selling C crystals, go to town Check your WH for some C stuff you can crystalize You have none, ask your clan mates Collect the C equip Find a dwarf to crystalize your stuff He scams you You just buy the overpriced shots anyway At Giran Harbor you meet your old clanmate You have a chit-chat Find out that he got married He actually lives nearby Agree to meet on weekend Have a few beer together On Saturday morning you log in again Go back to your PvP spot And your TARGET IS STILL F***ING STUNNED
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