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    We came to this server already over 4 years and we was few ppls here at the beginning, full of enemies, and we fight together/ work together/ , we're growing and getting stronger and larger , I love you guys, and lucky to have you, my friends, my WK, my family...We're keep doing in this way... Best wishes to you all
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    <- the little cubes in my profile pic no longer rotate. They used to rotate and it was cool like that but now they don't :( Not sure if that's the forum or my browser but it's lame now
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    A new channel about our game on YouTube about our server. In the first video, we’ll continue the quest for the first profession. Support watching. Thank you.
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    WTB:3rd class sb:spirit/shadow or MT WTS:ieac(x10)/iewc(x4) pm me here or mail in game "iplanar
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    TraderOne, TraderTwo Traderl, Traderll