2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

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Dear friends!


The time for so awaited Great Announce has come!

L2Classic.club Team is happy to announce L2Classic.club v. 2.0 Update date!


Update will go Live at server's 2nd anniversary!


New Zones! New Raids and many more features will be waiting for you on 24.10.2017!


Exact time of update will be announced within few days


Full L2Classic.club patch notes for 2.0 Update you can find Here!

Make sure you have new 2.0 Client and Updater by the launch date!

To download the Client and Updater, follow the Link!

Don't forget to participate in Great Contest! It will run till 2.0 launch on Live server!


Best regards,

Classic Team!

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3 minutes ago, FryderykChopin said:

Classic oldschool fishing or not? Because that's what matters most here.


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1 week and 2 days until then, still many things need to be fixed, lets see in wich status we get this 2.0.


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2 hours ago, Pendragon said:

Hello @Kse @San0 when is first baium spawning and whats his respawn?

Full info about update time/raids/olympiads etc will be given tomorrow

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2 minutes ago, pollitosenfuga said:

My friend, I can not get into the game. when I go to enter I select the server and it will enter but it stays in the screen of "Normal start"

Show screen please.

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