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  1. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    Nice movie much much more entertaining that 30 mins of some boring necro ganks
  2. New player need tips and tricks for scavenger

    When playing spoiler you should always have a plan how are you going to make adena in near future. The easiest way is to simply spend some time in giran harbor and check prices for mats/enchants, decide what is worth to spoil and sell. You check where u can spoil things here and go go go, if it is too hard then search ofr something else. Ppl here gave you some advices, which are good ofc, but you should try to find way to farm on your own or u will ask same question every 10 lvls. Btw you should focus on spoiling not exping (in my opinion). Also I advise to make a buffer box for yourself, as a spoiler you will afford it with adena easily when u hit higher lvls, and farm will be much easier and faster.
  3. earth is flat
  4. Rizos #5 - Dagger Olympiad movie

    Nice vid, good skills. In this fight vs warsmith the lvl difference is clear tho. I am sure u had better fights to put there. Hope to see more in the future
  5. The Ant Queen story

    People here log out to scam even 10 runes from low lvl rb. And this is AQ lvl3 lying on the floor... You are very lucky to meet this guy. Deserves respect and reward for sure.
  6. Got stolen by CHN

    Where do you farm? I could use some adena
  7. Hunter mode

    Great video, I was entertained ^^
  8. Banned Account

    [2018-01-01 22:41:03] New year resolution hahah
  9. Stiba

    This should really be in General Discussion section. I love reading these drama topics and I might forget about it when it is posted here.
  10. 2 Year anniversary

    I don't even care about those items. The best gift for me would be to live the early days of the server again... I remember killing Portas in cruma one by one in 7 ppl random party (!!!) without shots like it was yesterday good times, good times...
  11. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    The keyword - almost. If you want to just look a little better, sure spend 20 bucks for some worse accessory. But I am against allowing the coolest accessory to be available for 20 bucks just like these other, worse accessories. I don't agree for 30 euros as well. The point I am trying to make - it is healthy for server that people have a reason to farm, they have reason to spend adena, they have reason to buy event items so newbies can catch up. You know what I am saying? and you just want to throw it all away and buy stuff for 20 dollars
  12. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    I am not flaming anyone too. When you allow to buy it for 20 euros, then basically everyone can buy it if they only want to, and that is my point - you destroy the whole point of event, and I don't think thats what the game is about. This server is alive for so long, because you can't buy everything for money, unless you want to spend A LOT.
  13. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    I can spend money if I want to, but I think it is not the point of this game. What fun do you have from buying everything for few dollars? And like I said - you can still buy it by selling cols and buying event items, but I guess you are not willing to spend that much in the end.
  14. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    If u want to spend your money, just buy shitload of CoL, sell them and buy even bigger shitload of event items - u will get this eventually. Cloak is "the ultimate" accessory to me, which means it is the coolest. So I don't want everyone to have it for few bucks because it will lose its value then. And no, I don't have it myself.
  15. Blue Wolf, IEAB & More! WTB/WTS

    And when u transfer this 1 lvl char to your account, you still have to move cloak to your main char (unless u want to play from lvl 1 just for the cloak lol). How are you going to do this?