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  1. LOL that was funny
  2. If you have access to gran kain you could try to make a test - check what the damage is here and on gran kain (in the same conditions). Because without help from anyone from official it is very hard to detect and fix bugs. I also think that daggers aren't working properly on this server. Blows landrate seems a bit too high and dmg is VERY low but then again I don't have any proofs... I base that only on watching videos where daggers really hit for 3-5k.
  3. I know it may seem funny but by making this thread you just made "fighting back" much more difficult
  4. Provide a video showing the bug because i have never experienced it and I have no idea how you did it
  5. Nice video I guess daggers really need this shadow step
  6. supports are very welcome, with sws/bd you will get party almost all the time
  7. monopoli

    Looool this dagger is like 8-10 lvls above you, cause you couldn't land a SINGLE stun, and he didnt kill you even once? hahaha poor guy
  8. Hello, pets do not exist on this server.
  9. You get top no grade weapon in the very beggining, all you have to do is to lvl up to 25 lvl and get free D armor from quest - and believe me top no grade is enough to get 25 lvl. Futhermore, how are you even forced to play with buffer on box? 2 lvl might 1 lvl shield on 20 lvl is really gonna help you so much? My suggestion: just make spoil as another character and spoil mats until 20-25 lvl and you will be able to afford D bow + free D armor + event items + Rb party = profit.
  10. I see a lot of major bugs being found recently (thank you for that Modoy), so I would like to ask admins to keep posting changes/fixes in Updates subforum, so we can actually know if something is fixed or not. Last topic is from 21.11.2016, so quite a long time. By the way I would also like to remind about hex activation delay
  11. ​It is not about pulling rb, because everybody who wants to actually kill RB does that, but about closing it inside the castle so nobody can access it - in a sense it is being cancer (no way to fight for RB or do anything, can just sit with popcorn) and you block npc - no access - violation of rule. But thats just my opinion.
  12. Wow, for me it is pretty clear, straight violation of server rules - about restricting access to NPC. I wonder if anything will be done about that.
  13. it is supposed to be event, not EWB / EAB farm fest