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    Well is see too many excuses and lies from some honor members and ppl who hidden behind the forum accounts and blame us. And we don't want to see more. We take the picture for what ppl we talking about. All we want is to use CH factions and continue Clan work. But so much drama for that, no worth! ETE, Pipen and Pistolas we decide to give back the CH and we try to make new start from other clan or to buy new CH. Tankadin log your char send the correct amount of the CH we all help for.
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    Hello, fellow classic players. This is the 2nd installment of my adventures in the past weeks. It's mainly a mass pvp/party movie from a necromancer PoV. The movie also brings the unique perspective of a necromancer in an archer party. I usually focus on debuffs and CC, assisting with damage when possible. Alliance: wickedsick Clan: Perkunas Char:dajtovillage CP:uchihaitachi A brief description of the clips in the movie. 0.00-3.47 - 3pts vs many on a road block 3.48-7.05 - My CP vs abg 7,06-8.25 - My cp vs scheherezada cp in loa 8.25-9.43 - Party duel vs kiam 9.44-10.53 - Solo pvp vs angilineri 10.54-12.42 - Random party cleaning abg enemies 12.43-14.11 - 2 parties perkunas vs 2 partiest westworld in loa with alot of mobs ;D 14.12-19.00 - LoA mass pvp 19.00- Credits and playlist Enjoy:
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    Bye! I LOVE YOU ALL! i had a lot good time with good people here. i hope we will meet again!
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    he will be back soon. back to 2.0 hehehe btw i wait for 2.0. gm pls dont i repeat DONT give my stuff to other ppl. i play on other server but i will be back SOON
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    LF ACTIVE BP Req: English lang,FINGERS
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    each of those drop groups its for 50 Reinforced Steel Golem. on second group i got drop the life cubic book. on 17th i got drop for phantom cubic book.
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    Σ ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε μου! Όσο για τα adena να σαι καλά αλλά δε θα πάρω! Για πληροφορίες και βοήθεια αν χρειαστώ θα σου στείλω!
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    Kalhspera dn kserw ama tha breis ellhnikh clan ellhnes genika uparxoun ston server na ksesreis to chronicle einai classic kai einai ligo hardcore to xp meta apo ena shmeio parola auta ama thes voithia stile mail ingame GanjaRockzZz kai tha sou steilw merika adena gia ena boost
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    Look who is talking :D. The guy who exped untagged 95% of his onlinetime on server, rest 5% are changing clans every now and then. I remember when you started to talk on forum, i thought its another troll acc of datplays. Then I noticed you must be from vigazerg but couldnt find out which nick you use in game because i didnt have chance to see it cos you always pred 10k range away from us :D. You didnt even give me chance to read your nick even tho we had no war. 1shot sps from pt which pr before we even can render you at 10k range. Do you think you have any clue about server? Go back to untagged farm on abg and prepare pr, your opinion is worth zero here.
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    I know some of your the people prominent to rise in power for 10years in various privates servers. I do know what I am talking about. There aren't any american parties playing in EU prime ( outsid of rolan for 1.5hours ). The people you see from ES/coma/TFD/A/TT are just forming random groups of whoever is online at 3-5 pm. For example westworld had 3 parties in LoA yday, but we managed to kick them out with 1. ABG you could have easily taken out with those 3 parties + all the angilneri/pride/jungle etc. You will always have more people in EU prime, because thats your focus, while our ally is spread around for constant presence. If you are online, you can probably find a party to do something. The problem your side has atm is not properly uniting and organizing which takes sometime as every rebuilding of a structure. You are untagged clanless guy, who speaks of events on forum he hasn't participated in, when you have a clan and actually make a difference please feel free to share your opinions, because right now they are a random words mumble joke.
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    here we go again... truth or better fact is that soil did NOT break any rule or did anything banable that justify the admin to interfere and take the clanhall from him without even talking with him first. now i will use this "if blabla" crap: if admin had any dignity or sense of professionalism he would first talk with both sides before acting on his own in such an amature way
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    Truth is that no matter what ETE and Pistolas decided if Soil have even a drop of dignity left he would just give back clan and let ppl play normal...
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    If we talk about OE items, the only mistake done was giving away free enchants in events. Since last Valentine Event GMs realized that enchants re bad idea and stopped to give it for free. Good point. About adena, in 2.0 PK scrolls for example will cost 540k if it costed 54k so far. Also ppl will pay serious adena for talismans each olympiad. Anyway i hope GMs will focus on how to reduce amount of adena in 2.0.
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    Since u dont enter forum, everything is perfect.
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    Hey noob , very well, weakest players leaving us, tryharders taking break and evenings players play still and cut lead top players. Patch 2.0 will be soon. ? Perfect time for players as me and rest working people. Vigazerk breakup, exatly as i said it. Some archers pts change on mages pts, few drama about CHs with happyend. Its all, so good bye.
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    people leaving? have you checked Dion lately?
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    me and my party will take a break also, i beg admins to not give our items to other ppl... cya
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    Good fair move bro. you should just talk to tankadin ask him for clan inv rights and CH usage, but give him CL, and solve problem in good way.
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    bb, mail itemz to Lokiardy, will do good use.
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    Благодаря для сдачи мой мод в русской секции . Недавно я обновлен до версии 3.9, если вы хотите обновить свой ​​пост. Давайте посмотрим, если мне удается вставить новые карты будущее, но стоит мне много , потому что descuadra меня . Если кто-то хорошо с Photoshop , что вы связаться со мной по частным ( на английском языке , пожалуйста) . Простите мое России , я использую переводчик Google.