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    this freakin' influence doesn't let me sleep. also, i miss MoDoy times in Blazing. i really do.
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    MoDoy actually was a side himself. he was just way too strong for us mortals, hence why he has left the world of Aden and ascended into the heavens. some rumors claim that before leaving the human world, he has left behind a legendary relic, a pair of ancient dualswords with little drops of his own blood on the blade side, wich allow any worthy warrior to crit skills 1/3 of the times like in 1.5, and run faster than the wind. the legend also says that even to this day, during a full moon night, you can still see his spirit running throu Blazing Swamp, singing of the tales of a blue hedgehog.
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    warlord - nabao - china gladiator - dians - china dark avenger - erky - sm paladin - nonholy - perk HE - katsumoto - cd TH - chnpop - china Necro - ripwalker - perk Sorc - LinaHellborn - perk Warlock - lwl - sm Prophet - summiss - china bishop - xdnb - sm sws - bizqquit - perk temple knight - valeera - sm spellsinger - thisismylife - sm elemental summoner - sexpistol - clanless elven elder - Lyfa - perk silver ranger - Sonic the hedgehog.. i mean Modoy. - clanless plains walker - Pinkyska - perk shilien knight - sayomi - sm blade dancer - nomore - sm abyss walker - Jackals - perk phantom ranger - MusulmoN - perk spellhowler - sjeks - perk phantom sumoner - trashlord - sm shilien elder - cipka - sm destroyer - nikovante - sm tyrant - dankolov - sm overlord - Vegetarian - perk warcryer - parasadalos - sm spoiler - Var - china crafter - veiobebado - sm someone correct me if i went wrong somewhere.
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    7 pages.. and not a single normal hero list.
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    I gave to San0 SM Ts info previous week now i am a bit confused
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    disconnects are so they can fix some problems and make server better and more stable and enjoyable for us. Yes there are updates and fixes which improve the stability of server.
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    Hello, yesterdey week i go to nephew hause for kristmas, my nephew funy guy destroy me orfen lvl 3 on ground. Please restore to may akaunt. Thenk you!.
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    We have 3 people who play longer than the rest, rest play 3 to 5 hours a day
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    Responsible ppl didn't made it in game... So why u think they will made it on forum... lol
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    Well there was a day with 10hr farm at 12th and no tablet,but there were also days with 4-5 tablets in 4hrs. Don't know if chance is very different compared to offi. What rly differs is the amount you can drop,especially in blazing swamp. The answer i got about this 1 month ago was that official's amount of tablets per drop were ridiculous,and it's true. But still even if they had our drop rate is would be better than here,since they need more time/mobs to lvl up. Imo a small increase in % or amount would be reasonable because of x3 xp rates,but who cares SM don't go to toi anyway.
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    Oh what a bad nephew
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    So let's start. 1- Kiam said to everyone he wouldn't go to that russian offi. When the weekend came, he left us with no sh1t, by our own, many low levels alone in america prime x all, even CHN. Didn't even warned us when and if he would come back. Kiam even made a CP with wars from here, classicclub to play on the offi, we just knew it cause friends of thommy told us on TS, He didn't even took care of explaining it to TR. He told to sorvete that russian offi was better than club, would stay there and wouldn't come back. Gave the leadership to sorvete to keep the clan alive and playing. He didn't scammed anyone. Some TR joined TFD just to make cps on same clan. 2- during the last days in club he was always saying that job of leading wasn't for him anymore, as a famous slang in Brazil, "essa pica não é mais minha". Told us to fell free to leave ally and make a new one if wasn't satisfied with the situation, saying to join SM or EX, but they wouldn't acccept us. 3- we stayed at ws taking all sh1t alone, fighting against EX, SM, CHN during our prime time. 4- at the end of 1.5 just few people of TFD was playing, and all TR were motivated and lvling hard. As he said on that post of 2kkk CS, TFD were disbanded. He gave the leading to SORVETE. @Kure We actually tryed to go drama ally because of DH, to have more people on america to win against EX, but as we were refused, we joined ally with EX. WS wasn't happy when this america ally was made. 5- 2.0 came out, guess whos back? We never accepted Kiam leading again america prime, and we refused any offer to eat all the sh1t things he said to us, because of his actions we didn't recognised he our leader again. He talked to bizz he only would rejoin ally at the condition of removing EX from ally and some members of TR that he disliked. A good trade, 1 CP for a whole prime side. 6- At the CS when TFD won Giran castle, in the end of it, bizz asked to sorvete invite kiam and pass the lead to him. Kiam clan didn't even registered to CS, was already out of penalty to right after the end of it take the clan back with castle and 2k CP free, mistreating the TFD, TR and EX players who won the castle by their own hands. WS planned to take it back and fck with us, removing our best cps and players, but they didn't expected kiam would be rejected that way, Kiam don't have our respect anymore, and bizz tryed everything to make us accept him back. We don't accepted being mistreated that way. Sorvete still TFD leader, TR did nothing to take TFD. Any action of TFD is sorvete decisions. You guys, just knew one side of the history, now this is what really happened. PS: While i was writing this someone edited the post... removing all TR mentions because of a conversation. What happened?